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NATO Reaffirms Its Bogus Russia Narrative


NATO Reaffirms Its Bogus Russia Narrative

Robert Parry

It’s unnerving to realize that the NATO alliance – bristling with an unprecedented array of weapons including a vast nuclear arsenal – has lost its collective mind. Perhaps it’s more reassuring to think that NATO simply feels compelled to publicly embrace its deceptive “strategic communications” so gullible Western citizens will be kept believing its lies are truth.


Excellent article as usual Mr. Parry. Just imagine how much better things would be if such issues were seriously addressed in electoral politics.


War = money. Big war = really big money!!! Now any questions? The theory is simple - contained never ending conflict just large enough to keep fear alive and well so the tax dollars keep flowing in an ever increasing stream to keep us safe from the big bad meanies.


Winnie the nuland plays pin the tail on the ass,er kerry,

I mean donkey...


What is surreal about all this is the apparent certainty within the foreign policy elite that Russia is so weak that it is willing to tolerate, without end, transgressions against its legitimate national self interests. That is a dangerous game. Is Zbigniew Brzezinski 's delusional thinking behind this, a Polish revenge?

Has it been completely forgotten what happened in Cuba? World War III was narrowly averted over the U. S. S. R.'s placing missels on that Island. Turn about is never fair play for our elites, apparently Russia should not be concerned with NATO's lethal weapons just across the border in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, much closer to Russia than the missels in Cuba were to the United States?

What is really extraordinary is the "why" of all this. Is it because Putin sits with his legs apart, or is it because he rides horses shirtless, what is it? Russia, for better or worse, is a capitalist country. Putin is a kind of Orthodox prude, not some fire eating atheist commie pinko. No this is all about Empire, the American Empire and the notion that history ends with the U. S. as sole exceptional power and "decider" for the world, in perpetuity.

Prof. Stephen Cohen, Robert Parry, The Saker, and a few others often posted on Information Clearing House, are the few voices of sanity out there, although never to be seen or heard on the MSM.

Add to all this the notion that Bernie supporters should hold their noses and vote for Hillary Clinton and probable Secretary of State designate, and Ukrainian coup instigator, neocon Vickie, Cookie Lady, Nuland--no way.


Absolutely--no way!


Imagine a Hillary Clinton administration with a Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.
It'll be OK because tonight Bernie is going to reassure us of the fact when he pledges his support and endorsement of the presumptive nominee, Clinton. What could go possibly wrong after that?

edit: Whoops! erred on Bernie's timing. it's now a done deal


Yes I heard it earlier and now I know who I will support. Never Hillary. Never Trump. I know the Greens got on the ballot in IL (my home state) and that's great! They're already on here in NM. I will keep my Bernie sign in my window...just because.


Heard this on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) last week (July 6th, David Greene talks to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius.):

"GREENE: This is the Russian invasion of Georgia you're talking about in 2008.

LINKEVICIUS: This is Russian invasion to Georgia, annexation of part of the sovereign country, right?

GREENE: You know, I hear you talk about Russian invading Georgia. I mean, we saw them, you know, Russian involvement in Ukraine and invading Crimea. A lot of people have watched all of that and ask the question - could the Baltics be next? Could a country like Lithuania be next?"


Sanders has not made a single demand for the Dem Platform to reject neocon regime change wars -- instead, the Platform's foreign policy section reads like it was written by Bill Kristol or Fred Kagan. NATO's aggression towards Russia is needlessly pushing us towards a world war, and, even knowing that Hillary is a warmonger, Sanders has nothing to say about it. He is a useless Democratic tool.


NATO has an inventory of 20000 Plus aircraft to 3500 for Russia.
NATO has some 100000 Armored Fighting Vehicles compared to 31000 in Russia.
NATO spends close to 1.4 trillion on its Military compared to 60 billion for Russia.
NATO has close to 4 million men and women under arms compared to 760000 for Russia.
NATO has Close to 3000 Naval vessels compared to 350 in Russia.

Yet Russia is deemed a threat to NATO and NATO calls for more spending on its Military suggesting a military outnumbered 10 to one and more , is aggressive and plans to attack.


Well Robert, how much do you make a year? Rachel Maddow makes $7 million a year to spread the word, and MSNBC claims it's because she's the best journalist in the US! As far as Paul Krugman is concerned, he is an example of something that has been happening in US colleges over the last four or five decades. Morons with Phd's.!


I think that was 500,000 Iraqi children, Mark. But, right on!
* The 500,000 Iranian children will probably be in the next four to eight years.


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Trump thinks NATO is an obsolete relic we should not be spending on. Has any progressive said that?


Nature put conservatives on earth to kill us off.


Thank you Mr. Parry, there are so few journalists who will speak truth to power. I remember the filthy language Nuland used to reference European NATO members and wondered why she wasn't immediately persona non grata everywhere on the Continent. I also wondered why the precedent that was set in Bosnia and Kosovo didn't apply here with respect to the Crimeans and the Eastern Ukrainian provinces. I really despair that Mme. Clinton will make matters much worse if she becomes president. She may have a very short administration because the US and half the World will be a pile of radioactive ashes.


I don't know but it is definitely the sanest thing he has ever said!


How about:

"We need to deal with the Israel/Palestine situation more evenhandedly".


Here's how I feel today (subject to change):
Hide & watch. It's very easy to read what is going on and what is planned if you take the past into consideration, along with what we know about the neocons / neoliberals, with their history of provoking disasters in areas that lacked them so they could go in and take over. I dont mean pillage either. I mean TAKE. OVER. The plan is to eventually have all the power. All the countries. All the resources and all the money.
In case you think I'm talking about the US govt, think again. I predict the US will cease to exist, as we know it, within the next 4-8 years. Instead there will be a 'revolution' and a true global takeover will occur, with perhaps (or perhaps not) a show of democracy, but in reality the corporate oligarchy -- finally, unmasked and honest in its ambitions.

More to come.


I hope I feel better tomorrow.