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NATO Touts Increased Forces Amid Ongoing Ukraine Talks


NATO Touts Increased Forces Amid Ongoing Ukraine Talks

As heads of state gathered this week to discuss the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, signs of increased military posturing emerged from Washington and Europe, as the White House considered arming Ukrainian troops against separatist rebels and NATO signaled that it would beef up its presence on the border to aid Ukraine.


Sounds just like the Slick Oily administration. Give us everything we demand , and once you do, we will attack you anyway!


Kerry is still smarting from the egg on his face he got over his ‘red line’ in Syria. Putin came out smelling of roses having used that old maligned thing called deescalation or diplomacy. And then we have the Canadian embarrassment, Harper, who was playing impress Obama and told Putin ‘get out of Ukraine’. Putin’s reply? ‘We are not in Ukraine’. But even when a top Ukrainian military man says Russia is not in Ukraine, the Nato gang just won’t change the plan. Plan? What plan? Oh, bomb into submission. Doing the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result–insane. How about negotiate to a win/win solution? The Kiev government needs to get its act together and stop whining to Nato and Nato needs to butt out. We’ve got peacekeepers and we have an international body for conflict resolution. This rant is directed against Nato.


What a ridiculous spectacle – U.S. officials planning to spend more billions stoking yet another unnecessary war, which the U.S. provoked by staging an illegal coup in Ukraine in the first place. You can be sure that the “necessary” weapons will be purchased from the usual well-connected companies, including foreign firms in Israel and elsewhere. Keeping up with current events nowadays requires a vomit bag to keep from soiling your computer keyboard.


From the article: " Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told CNN that Kerry’s speech “just shows the unwillingness and inability of the United States to participate in settlement of the Ukrainian crisis.”’

Following this issue since last February, it think Peskov’s comment is accurate. We have done nothing but fan the flames. Our role could have been something else but targeting Russia has become an obsession and Ukraine has had to pay the price for it…


The international body for conflict resolution is effectively out of business. This was another neo-con project carried out by Billy Clinton back in 1992. The charter of NATO was changed (After collapse of Soviet Union) to allow it to forage outside of its original charter’s limitations. NATO bombed Kosovo, a state that in no way threatened the security of the NATO pack, and since that time has become a formidable global power outside of any single national oversight other than America of which it is just another proxy. The United Nations as far as I can see may inhabit a world where its sometimes humanitarian intonations get some airplay but it has no credible function in American or European peace keeping. Other than as a forum for the US Ambassador to slander and condemn opponents of its neoconservative game plans. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.