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'Nature Is Under Siege': Scientists Sound Alarm About Insect Apocalypse


FDA and USDA, etc. budgets for “inspections” have been decimated since Reagan’s administration. Meanwhile, under NAFTA & other trade deals, foreign imports of everything you can possibly imagine have skyrocketed, mostly without benefit of inspection.

Some states purportedly do regulate transport (and seed/plant catalogs ban sale of) certain seeds/plants/produce to particular areas of the country susceptible to invasive species. Easy to get around if you have a black market.

Reprinted in yesterday’s local Aberdeen “The Daily World” from The Chronicle: “WDFW (Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife): Bird feeders blamed for deadly salmonella outbreak among wild birds.” … The spread of the disease this winter could be exacerbated by what appears to be a food-driven migration of winter-roaming finches – an anomaly where finches and other species that generally winter in the northern forests of Canada move south and are spotted in areas in larger numbers than in normal years… Members of the pubic can help to stop the spread of salmonellosis by discontinuing backyard feeding until at least February, to encourage birds to disperse and forage naturally." Strongly encouraged for those who choose NOT to discontinue wild bird feedings: Reduction in number of feeders and daily cleanings (wash feeders well w/ warm soapy water, then dunking in solution of 9 parts water & one part bleach. Finish by rinsing & drying before refilling). Keep ground below the feeder clean by raking or shoveling up feces & seed casings…"

Far too many making policy detrimentally affecting our fragile ecosystem have no damned clue, far removed and isolated from reality on the ground. And yes, I’ve personally shoveled lots of manure. Among other things.


Yes. Also “under orders” to spray the fields and meadows with chemicals for invasive - lethal to cows - tansy ragwort.

Salmonella in birds & ceasing feeding birds is actually an issue in my town (Corvallis OR).

Just read that it is also an issue in the Bay Area (CA). Insect apocalypse, climactic changes/cycles, rampant firestorms, pollution, human interference & degradation of the environment, whether intentional or unwittingly, wreak incalculable short- and long-term damage to our one and only ecosystem/planet.

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Does anyone know whether it’s a result of contaminated birdseed, a la pet food/feed recalls?

No, it’s just that gathering around the bird feeder spreads it easily among birds.


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Thanks for the info!


That’s my understanding, too.

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