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'Nature Is Unraveling': New WWF Report Reveals 'Alarming' 68% Plummet in Wildlife Populations Worldwide Since 1970

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/10/nature-unraveling-new-wwf-report-reveals-alarming-68-plummet-wildlife-populations

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Something to ponder…

What Highly Evolved Beings understand.

It’s not just ecology – which is the relationship of the planet’s natural resources to the planet’s inhabitants. It’s also the relationship of the inhabitants to themselves, to each other, and to the environment. It’s the interrelationship of all the species of life . What we’re talking about is larger than the ecosystem. It’s truly the speciesytem . The effect on the speciessytem is uppermost when considering any decision. It is understood that the speciesystem supports all life and every being, at the optimum level. Doing nothing that would harm the speciesystem is therefore a statement that each individual being is important . Not only the individual beings with status or influence or money. Not only the individual beings with power or size or the presumption of greater self-awareness. All beings, and all species, in the system.

You are moving dangerously close to the time when you will not be able to experience “life as you know it” precisely because you have insisted on subordinating the needs of most species to the desires of only one – namely, humans – and even all members of that species, but only a few. Not even the largest number (which might have some logic to it), but by far the smallest – namely, the richest and the most powerful.

Your civilization does not deserve a tirade; any more than a roomful of small children deserves one. Human beings will do what they are doing – to themselves and to each other – until they realize that it is no longer in their best interests. No amount of tirades will change that. If tirades changed things, your religions would have been far more effective long before now. If these simple observations are stinging you, look to see why. This much we both know. The truth is often uncomfortable. Yet this book has come to bring the truth. As have others which God has inspired. And movies. And television programs. For better or worse, television is now the campfire of your society. It is not the medium that is taking you in directions you say you do not wish to go, it is the messages you allow to be placed there. Do not denounce the medium. You may use it one day yourself, to send a different message…

The needs of all species in a speciesystem are treated equally, but the needs themselves are not all equal. It is a question of proportion, and of balance. HEBs deeply understand that all living things within what we have chosen here to call the speciesystem have needs which must be met if the physical forms that both create and sustain the system are to survive. They also understand that not all these needs are the same, or equal, in terms of the demands they place on the system itself. Let’s use the two living species you call “trees” and “humans.” Obviously, trees do not require as much daily “maintenance” as humans. So their needs are not equal. Yet they are interrelated. That is, one species depends on the other. You must pay as much attention to the needs of trees as to the needs of humans, but the needs themselves are not as great. Yet if you ignore the needs of one species of living thing, you do so at your peril. The book God mentioned earlier as being of critical importance – The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight – describes all of this magnificently. It says that trees take carbon dioxide out of your atmosphere, using the carbon portion of this atmospheric gas to make carbohydrates – that is, to grow . (Nearly everything of which a plant is made, including roots, stems, leaves – even the nuts and fruits which the tree bears – are carbohydrates.) Meanwhile, the oxygen portion of this gas is released by the tree. It is the tree’s “waste matter.” Human beings, on the other hand, need oxygen to survive. Without trees to convert the carbon dioxide, which is plentiful in your atmosphere, into oxygen – which is not – you as a species cannot survive. You, in turn, release (breathe out) carbon dioxide, which the tree needs to survive. Do you see the balance?

The oxygen manufacturing plant which you call the Amazon rain forest can be replaced in its capacity to balance your planet’s atmosphere in, say, two or three thousand years. Not to worry. You’re clearing thousands of acres every year, but not to worry. You clear the land so that you can raise cattle to slaughter and eat. Raising cattle is said to provide more income for the indigenous peoples of the rain forest country. So all this is proclaimed to be about making the land productive . In highly evolved civilizations, however, eroding the speciesystem is not looked at as productive , but rather, destructive . So HEBs have found a way to balance the total needs of the speciesystem. They choose to do this, rather than serve the desires of one small portion of the system, for they realize that no species within the system can survive if the system itself is destroyed .

Human beings have been trying to solve problems at the “doingness” level for a long time, without much success. That’s because true change is always made at the level of “being,” not “doing.” Oh, you’ve made certain discoveries, alright, and you’ve advanced your technologies, and so, in some ways, you’ve made your lives easier – but it’s not clear whether you’ve made them better . And on the larger issues of principle, you have made very slow progress. You are facing many of the same problems of principle that you’ve faced for centuries on your planet. Your idea that Earth exists for the exploitation of the dominant species is a good example. You clearly will not change what you are doing around that until you change how you are being . You have to change your idea about who you are in relationship to your environment and everything in it before you will ever act differently. It is a matter of consciousness. And you have to raise consciousness before you can change consciousness .

Stop being quiet about all this. Speak up. Raise a ruckus. Raise the issues. You might even raise some collective consciousness. On just one issue, for instance. Why not grow hemp and use it to make paper? Do you have any idea how many trees it takes just to supply your world with daily newspapers? To say nothing of paper cups, carry-out cartons and paper towels? Hemp can be grown inexpensively, and harvested easily, and used not only for making paper, but the strongest rope, and the longest-lasting clothing, and even some of the most effective medicines your planet can provide. In fact, cannabis can be planted so inexpensively, and harvested so easily, and has so many wonderful uses, that there is a huge lobby working against it. Too many would lose too much to allow the world to turn to this simple plant which can be grown almost anywhere. This is just one example of how greed replaces common sense in the conduct of human affairs.

It’s so obvious its frightening.


We are all now on a fast track to extinction. The train is running full speed ahead with no brakes, let alone a reverse mode.


Welcome to the Anthropocene Epoch.

Mother Nature will have her revenge on humanity. We refused to listen to her warnings and now she will take things into her own hands, to save Mother Earth. The sixth mass extinction has begun, and mankind can not buy its way out of this. It is all their fault.

The Anthropocene is a new, present day epoch, in which scientists say we have significantly altered the Earth through human activity. These changes include global warming, habitat loss, changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, oceans and soil, and animal extinctions.


There will not be a queue at the Nature Museum to gawk at our bones…


Do you believe in “compassionate conservation” where each individual member of a species is precious and matters at least–at least–as much as the species? Nonhuman animals are each unique individuals with their own lives to live, their lives matte to them.


Richard Dawkins. . . Francis Bacon spoke of putting nature on the rack and torturing her to extract her secrets. Evidently it is only nature we are supposed to examine closely, not the assumptions of mechanistic science.

Given what Bacon wrote, it shouldn’t surprise us that scientists have argued so strongly against nonhuman sentience; the last thing any slave-master wants is to consider the possibility that his slaves have lives of their own, and do not wish to be bent to his will.

HUMAN BOAST: "We are at the top of the food chain and the “Great Chain of Being,” we are the “Measure of All Things,” “the center of the universe,” the “image of God.” As if that weren’t enough to make me sick:

Hamlet: “What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—”

COVID-19: “Oh, yeah? Now you’re in lockdown for your sadistic crimes against fellow Earthlings and the planet herself!” Nature has the last laugh!

If we’re going to name this age after this culture–“the Anthropocene”-- we must be honest, and call it The Age of the Sociopath. The Sociopocene. - Derrick Jensen


I agree, but alas, I did not name this. Scientists did.

Is this post you Hemp - or is it from a book or website ?

The smart ones acknowledge that higher-order non-humans have everything humans have, just organized differently and with less room for individual development.

The merely-credentialed have other problems too.

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Nature is unraveling because those who care the least about Her control most life on Mother Earth; Gaia.

This class of destroyers poisons their own (and everyone else’s) world, killing the Natural World to make a buck - poisoning air, water, food, croplands and aquifers to keep their fossil-fuel relying monster running - most of the world has created a mechanism and construct they cannot “afford” to stop or the wheels of destruction and death they survive on will stop turning and they will not know what to do or how to eat!
That construct and the people that force the rest of the world to live lives dedicated to that deception and killing must be put to sleep - exterminated forever!

What they know - ALL they know - is how to exploit, to make obscene profit from doing nothing of real value, of glorifying and teaching greed and money accumulation - forcing billions to work for their obscene goals - worshiping Mammon, not teaching natural sciences and First People’s stewardship. We are led and ruled by the most ignorant and arrogant, corrupt and worthless class of sociopath nature rapers in human history.

“Jenny Brown, who leads Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy and Impact at the Australian Red Cross, has seen how wildfires devastated her community and others. A Wandi Wandian woman from Yuin country - a seawater First Nations in New South Wales - she spoke to Al Jazeera about how a resurgence in traditional practices is helping tackle issues such as climate change.”

“Elders know what the seasons are by changes in the landscape. So when they saw an imbalance in the landscape - because they could not hear the birds, or the fish were running late - they knew that something was going to happen.”



Say; “…if we are to have any hope of restoring nature to provide current and future generations of people with what they need, then world leaders must…”

Cacamaime bs.

I just came across a scientific paper that conducted a study of the arctic ocean at greater depths. Unlike most areas of the atlantic or pacific oceans, which show a decrease in temperature, the arctic ocean is much warmer, warm enough, in fact, to easily melt the rest of the ice. For now, because of high salt concentrations, most of the hotter water remains separated from the ice above it, but is starting to rise as weather turbulence sweeps across the region. If the arctic ice completely disappears, things will heat up dramatically. Can human beings survive without habitat?

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94% in Latin America! Obviously a big part of that is the Amazon. Bolsonaro is letting the Amazon burn at record rates. He & Trump have been catastrophic for the environment. It’s essential we get rid of both of them tout de suite!


Welcome to OUR nightmare, friends. No need for Alice Cooper to intro this. We are the prevaricators who beckon our own doom, and we gleefully ignore Nature’s warnings time and again, simply due to our own incredible hubris. We will truly reap what we sow…which is death. Pale horse optional…


Nature is not “unraveling”; she has already been methodically unraveled to the point of planetary doom by patriarchy and its serial-killer sons.

And what is patriarchy but the cosmic, fiery-wheel-propagated precursor to the smallpox-infected blankets by which our Masters murdered the First Nations peoples?

Thus in retaliation for our species’ 6,000-year countenance of the murderous misogyny that became Abrahamic religion and the apocalyptic greed that became Capitalism – the latter the most eerily deliberate ecogenocidal Evil ever unleashed against our species and our Mother Earth by our (inexplicably) suicidal Masters – we now suffer the inescapably terminal consequences.

Verily it is precisely as prophesied by Jackson Browne: what we are now experiencing is exactly what he described in 1974: “…the magnitude of her fury in the final hour.”

I have been wondering about humans since I first read Ray Bradbury. From him I learned that the Martians came to Earth-------- after ruining their planet of Mars----and why is the Earth the only rocky planet with water? Maybe once there was another planet very much like Earth----and perhaps we had already one reprieve---------but can any life form be that lucky twice? Maybe Earth is humanity’s last chance unicorn-----but then the Greeks taught us long ago with the story of Midas-----“all that glitters is not goId-”—it really seems to be death when humans do not see the real world before them. : (

this should not surprise anyone as this alarm bell on the advancing and increasing severity of this crisis has been tolled for the last 50 years–the problem lays in the sad fact that ALL our political parties–our industries-our media- have chosen to IGNORE the science for those same 50 years --for the money–the same as is happening to our population with the failure to listen to the health care experts and do the necessary in the pandemic–both leave us vulnerable and exposed by the corruption, ignorance and greed of the so called “leaders” of our societies–period- end of story

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For those who chose to live in the greed over need will come to their demise, fortunately, we that have preserved put effort by putting Mother Earth first understanding the human chain common good will be the gathering places for all that did not give up our primitive brain if you will turning the soil preserving tend taking care of our lifeline four elements of life. I smile now knowing this, in these days of wow my instinct as a very young child, my efforts are not in vain. The laughing about solar so on so on, made me wonder if I was a hopeless tree hugger. I know now my internal connection to mother earth was a mission I accepted with my head up shoulders back. You compelled to respond knowing I’m not alone in this quest that has been set for some of us. Writing is not my strong point, but I know you will get what I’m saying, I hope.

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