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Nazi-Normalizing Barf Journalism in the Trump Era

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/04/nazi-normalizing-barf-journalism-trump-era

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You’re better off getting on the SPLC’s mailing list and checking out its research than reading the NYT about the right wing.


Thank you Dorothee Benz…but…it isn’t just the NYT. The media in general are normalizing what is extremely abnormal, absurd and obscene. I come here to Commondreams because it is safe, I am not subjected to the lack of even common sense about what is being reported. The internet was once a source of reliable news, just as the print was years ago. Now? Where to go? Who to trust? When the only thing that never lies is music. I’m sick of wacko nazi’s getting a free pass. And yet another article to post to my front page about bizzzarrooooland.


Y’know, it may be well beyond contemporary understanding, but, it was not so long ago that the default position of the nation was anti-fascism.

Hey, we fought a war against fascists. But, thanks to the Dulles brothers, we let them into the government because they were anti-communists.

Now they want to run the government. An object lesson in “be careful what you wish for.”


You nailed it - in WWII it was righteous to go to battle to fight for democracy. Now, it is very bad, extremist and radical to expect democracy. The normalization of social/political corruption has been so successful that they now call it patriotism and ‘our glorious history’. This reigning tradition is nowhere near discovery and full recognition amidst its glaring and blaring, irrational conformity and domination.

The nonsensical proclamation that the American economy is stronger than ever is a good example of this psychopathology, as the national debt (a crisis of the highest nature in Republican theology), is given a free pass as it skyrockets into historic realms that should have completely torpedoed and incarcerated these political liars and extremists. Meanwhile poverty wages and near poverty wages bedevil many millions, but never mind, the economy is ‘great’. Then the recession will hit - but they will never admit it was their ideology and permission that ensured its arrival and destruction.


This is all about GREED! This is how corrupt the Republican party has become—they have thrown out everything the stood for all in the name of money. Watching a panel on Fox “news” they don’t care what Trump does so long as all the money keeps rolling in. And they don’t care who they elevate to stay in power.

And it seems Fox is more concerned about Warren than Sanders!


Now imagine how the corpress would deal with a Sanders presidency, at least in those instances when he actually does something close to what he promises.

“Normalizing” methinks would suddenly be out of vogue.


Only because Fox assumes that the corporatist establishment in the party won’t allow Bernie to become Democratic nominee (& they may be right about that), so Warren is presumed to be the more likely nominee (although many of the same people will try to prevent her nomination as well).