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Nazis May Be Bad, But Tax Cuts Are Defintitely Awesome!


Nazis May Be Bad, But Tax Cuts Are Defintitely Awesome!

Mike Lofgren

In the wake of Bob Woodward’s latest bombshell book and the publication of an anonymous op-ed by a purported senior member of the Trump administration claiming to be resisting the president’s agenda, the press and the blogosphere have erupted in one of America’s periodic moral fits about civic duty.


This article is a fine reminder to the Bill Mahers and MSNBC types who have embraced establishment conservatives in their quest to unseat Trump. When he’s finally gone - through impeachment, stepping down or election - this band of welcomed neocons, surveillance-state menaces and neoliberal hardliners will be exposed to full light for what they really represent. Will Maher and Rachel have them back on their shows to ask about empire/defense spending, tax cuts which starve government, deregulation hurting the environment and workers, surveillance tactics tightening the noose on dissent, etc.?

Trump is not the central issue. Does anyone think the policies listed above will change with Pence? The problem is inequality and its many causes - which both sides of the aisle enable.


Money is worthless without taxes.


wrong place reply


I absolutely do not understand those who support some of these policies.
How can anyone not see how they are detrimental to their own well being?
How is the well being of he planet not synonymous with your own?

What kind of compartmentalization do the ideas in the brains of such people have? Is there absolutely NO LEAD from the statement of the idea to the actual repercussions of the policy, and how it reaches down to them?

How do they consume the news Do they only listen to the talking points so carefully crafted for them by the MSM/MIC? Did they really need the media to explain to them how the tax cuts passed by TruSwaMP would impact them very very badly?

The planet is truly doomed if the answer leans anywhere close to a yes.


Answer: Tribalism

Its not just Trump’s cult 45 followers that behave like tribesmen.

Like organized crime and organized religion, political parties demand faith based followers that parrot mantras and never ask questions.


Let’s see: I was talking to a fellow senior last night. She also cannot stand Dump. She said though that she knows some millionaires ( wonder how they got that dough) who love him because of tax cuts!!! So the society suffers, programs disappear but they do not want to pay taxes. I have heard those types- they do not believe teachers, firefighters and police should be paid. Not only that- they want their own private military so they do not have to support the people who are defending their wealth. Yes, folks, they are truly mad as hatters. We all need to do more than type comments. Take a stand, stop buying their products, stop needing the big house and the latest i phones , walk when possible, stop eating fast food, live simply, etc. Demand that the federal reps, state reps and local reps cater to the will of common sense and stop stooping to money.


More and more people have to get off their arses and their phones and pay attention to what is happening in their own communities. Look into the water and food sources. Did you know that the “tribe” with Dump leading wanted to stop all private gardening? Oh my- it’s the garden police! Organized cults like the “unborn” are just more of this insanity. I like this cult 45! Thankyou for your posts!


Well said, my friend. Well said.



I agree with, and appreciate, your comment – except I think that “the problem” (that is, the root cause) is the combined capitalist, authoritarian, imperialist, militarist psychology and ideology.

All kinds of inequality and injustice result from that core “greed, hate, and abuse of power” mentality. But I’d agree with you that inequality then becomes a cause of additional immoral and harmful results.