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NBA Star Lebron James: Don't Let Trump Use Sports to Divide Us


NBA Star Lebron James: Don't Let Trump Use Sports to Divide Us

Common Dreams staff

Lebron James, NBA all-star and one of the nation's most high-profile athletes, released a video Saturday night to further explain why President Donald Trump must be challenged for his divisive language and behavior regarding racism, white supremacy, and his latest calls that professional athletes who do speak out on such issues should be fired or otherwised punished.


Yeah Lebron. We the People must “Fire” that Bum, and get him out of our White House that he’s trying hard to make his “White Supremacist House.”


To rephrase Trump’s tweet- “If all NFL players refused to go to games until players’ right to protest racism is respected, you will see change happen fast.”


It’s time to replace that war song anyway, especially the line about the “hireling and slave” (third verse). How about “Give Peace A Chance”. That is a worthy anthem.



To takeaknee does not mean the elite is dividing us, that’s taking things out of context purposely like a coward Lebron San. We must encourage all righteous Americans to takeaknee against the elite who ARE dividing us no demonstrating our feeling against them.


The racist slave-owners want to divide America like they divided Korea.


It’s a tough call because sports ARE used to divide us. San Francisco and LA hate each other, Ohio and Michigan hate each other, and Oakland Raider fans hate everybody! The time and resources people put into “their teams” are hours and money that won’t go toward waking up, getting out of financial slavery, or learning to communicate with those who hold different views. And lots of unhealthy food, mind-numbing alcohol and television will be consumed along the way…

I am glad the athletes are coming together- not letting just a brave few hang out to take the brunt for what so many are feeling. But these guys are paid for being “owned” by predominantly white elite men. Most players were groomed for this in the hugely corrupt NCAA division one system, which is driven by media money and gambling, not education. Big-time sports are a microcosm of the bigger problem. Until everyone rejects it, nothing will substantially change.


Why don’t we send Trump and most of the Republican party to Nambia. where he can be Dictator-King and have only Alt-Righters as citizens. They can buddy-up to each other, wage war on each other, steal from each other, beat the living tar out of each other, and not be burdened by a health-care plan.


This is amazing. Many NFL members from many teams knelt or otherwise protested Trump’s hateful statement:

Two individuals who sang the anthem also finished by kneeling, one with his fist in the air.


The global ruling class truly fears the prospect of high-profile sports figures, entertainers, actors and actresses becoming united and actively participating in championing actions for political, social and economic change that potentially threaten the status quo of the power-elite.


There are some positives to be said about NCAA division one football. With about 130 teams each having 85 scholarships that is about 11,000 full scholarships. Quit a few players would have a hard time affording college without the scholarships. In addition. the economy of some college towns depends on football. Football weekends can bring in a lot of many and they create jobs. A number of football programs take education very seriously. Schools like Virginia Tech, Stamford, Penn State, and others have such reputations and there are others. Many players take difficult majors and are excellent students. Yes there are many negatives associated with big time college football but positives should not be overlooked. It is important to keep in mind that most players who play for division one football will never play in the NFL and among those who do many have very short professional careers. This makes education of the players in most cases very important for their future careers.


The Cheeto in Chief is a disgrace to the human race. He’s the one who should be suspended, then fired, along with the rest of his ridiculous administration.

Mass kudos to those who participated in the “take a knee,” and told the crazy man in the oval office to take a hike.



You claim that NFL players are “disrespecting our Flag & Country” when they kneel or otherwise refuse to “show respect” when the Star Spangled Banner is sung or played. You are a dumbkopf. What the NFL players are doing is refusing to “respect” YOU. You are not MY president, and you don’t do a single thing in my name. Wake up, Donny. I know you cannot believe it, but most of America does not respect you. YOU.

Maybe you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – you are the age for it. The average age of onset is around 65, so maybe you are deeply affected. That would explain your demented tweets and actions.

And for God’s sake, forget about tax reform. You cannot reform anything without having a health care plan enacted – you won’t know what to set aside for health care (unless you continue the funding for Obama Care). And America demands that you not cut taxes for corporations, the military, and the wealthy. Taxes for these segments should be increased, not cut.