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NBC News, to Claim Russia Supports Tulsi Gabbard, Relies on Firm Just Caught Fabricating Russia Data for the Democratic Party

I don’t watch Samantha Bee.

How did she trash Gabbard?

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I have watched her occasionally, and I winced at the last show when she said:

“There are several exciting women running for president, and also Tulsi Gabbard,”

To me, she is way more exciting than any other woman running save for Warren who I’m also interested in more and more (and of course I’ll consider all the men too - I just read that Julian Castro says he wants to make Medicare for All is first action as president - devil is in the details, but that sounds better than many of the others running).

I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Daily Show too - they used to make fun of Bernie in ways that were not at all helpful and then Trevor Noah would do this crying voice “Oh Bernie we miss you” crap when Trump was elected. My wife still likes the show and it has its moments but I still get pissed off often (like when Obama got huge payments for speeches and Noah defends him because the black president should get his too).

As an aside, anyone who brings up Tulsi’s history of LGBT rights as a reason not to vote for her - this piece (https://medium.com/@kathrynrosefisher/im-lgbt-here-s-where-the-media-is-wrong-on-tulsi-gabbard-bb0fde008d16) shoots that argument to hell. I wouldn’t mind hearing some of her other supposed downsides addressed (torture, Hindu nationalism), but when I hear Tulsi give very direct no-nonsense statements on Venezuela - much better than those from Sanders, I feel like I can overlook a lot of things especially if she’s evolved on other items in addition to LGBT rights.


This goes deeper than Greenwald exposes also.[https://truthdig.com/articles/a-n-y-times-story-just-accidentally-shredded-the russiagate-hysteria/]


What I found even worse, in a story about the sexist treatment of women candidates, she said “Oh, Tulsi, honey, no.” Honey? Really? Railing against sexism then dismissing a woman by calling her “honey” knowing there is no word that more represents a woman being dismissed without merit. Here you go Sam using your own words, quit being a c**t towards another woman.


Whether there is concrete evidence for Russian support for Tulsi Gabbard or not, it certainly makes sense that authoritarian neofascist gangsters like Putin and Assad would support Gabbard. She is pretty much a victim of the creepy Duganist rabbit-hole that much of the “anti-war” left, hand-in-hand with the alt-right, has gone down.

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That they would is unsurprising and completely uninteresting. She is just about the only person running who seems interested in somewhat following international law (I’d need to see details on just what she’d do with drones before I’d remove that ‘somewhat’) so obviously their positions appear more secure with her in the Whitehouse. In the long run it would be hard to say what would really happen if she become president, but I’d be willing to roll the dice with her way more than Trump or Clinton.

If only the rest of the Democratic field would spend some time in that rabbit hole talking with people like Tulsi - maybe they’d learn something.


I liked Samantha Bee back in the Stewart days. But as soon as she went Full Frontal and started mouthing back all the DNC narrative I couldn’t stand her.

That was about the same time I gave up on Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and the Daily Show with Trevor.

Thanks for cluing me in on her Centrist garbage.


She is a serious problem for the Bolton neocon chicken hawks. They have another John Kennedy on their hands and they know it. Therefore they had spent great effort to put together everything negative they could find, just in case she should run.

Got to stop her as soon as possible, using both Dems and Reps…


All this Russia-Russia stuff is very destructive to honest debate and analysis on the issues. Especially foreign policy. For example, I get the feeling that some Democrats are afraid to step forward and condemn this coup d’etat on Venezuela for the great violation of international and humanitarian law and standards that it is. Why? Because Russia is now siding with Venezuela. So, suddenly it’s o.k. to starve the People of Venezuela into submission, drive them into a bloody civil war - because Putin’s on their side? This is irrational. I’ve had enough of it. We should have another Iraq? Vietnam? Because Russia supports them? Well what about Donald Trump? Bolsonaro? Who are they siding with? Just a couple of racists and fascists? And one of whom, at least, is a pathological liar and sociopath (I wouldn’t be surprised if the other one is, too). Suddenly you believe him? Anyone with basic common sense should see that MSM has dug a deep hole for itself on this one. Not to mention that MSM - in cohorts with Clinton and the DNC - made Trump the GOP nominee. They did this knowing he was seriously compromised by interests in or with Russia - and we know this because Clinton made it an issue in her campaign against him. Does this get any more absurd? “I’m going to run for President against someone who’s an agent of Putin. So I’ll make an agent of Putin the GOP nominee. No problemo. And - BTW - I’m so patriotic, I love my country - the bottomline requirement for any POTUS” Is it me - or are the Clinton fans, in their own unique way, as dumb as the Trumpsters?


NBC News just demonstrated again that “presstitute media” is the best way to describe them.


The gift that keeps on giving.

definitely no one’s even trying to pretend anymore.

Democrats should just dissolve in a puddle of shame for falling for this ridiculous farce. Or maybe they can’t, because there’s no shame left.


“Russia’s propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard”

“Corporate Media / Democratic Party propaganda machine targets 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard”


Their problem is that she is not going to be drummed out of the race. This is a race that continues long after the sham election is over. This is a race between good and evil.


“But the whole story was a sham: the only ‘experts’ cited by NBC in support of its key claim was the firm, New Knowledge, that just got caught fabricating Russian troll accounts on behalf of the Democratic Party.”

"New Knowledge boasted of its fabrications: ‘We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the [Roy] Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.’”

“Even more hilariously, the source [was] . . . New Knowledge.” As with the First Draft Coalition, there is nothing hilarious about it. Step by step, as scripted and staged, this is the next planned point: NBC News, world stage, boldly crammed into everyone’s faces. This is no longer a “McCarthyite environment of Russia hysteria”; it is now, blatantly, beyond. “This article is of course [obscenely] absurd.” Yes, and this is where/when they know that most know what is actually taking place. It is time, their time, the very time “they” concocted. And, anyone who dares stand for or speak Truth to Power will be targeted – obviously, ruthlessly, soullessly.

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NBC “News” has become ultra-Fascist to the Nth degree. All McCarthyite smears and CIA “analysis”. You might actually get slightly more objectivity from FOX now - and that’s really saying something.


Good point! We can be sure that any time the sycophants of the Fourth Reich, the Fourth Estate accuses or demonizes a candidate that candidate is an anathema to the MSM.

Yes, but Tulsi can always go with Stein, as Sanders should have done.

What makes the corruption so easy in our political system is that it is really only a two party system. A manipulation in the nomination process means that the whole election has been manipulated.
More viable parties would go a long way in solving that. This fight is long from over.

Yay, Tucker Carlson! Yay, Fox News!

Yubzer you sound like a CIA troll creating enemies for the hungry maw of the MIC.