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NBC's Matt Lauer Fired for Sexual Misconduct, But Trump Only Concerned With 'Fake News'


NBC's Matt Lauer Fired for Sexual Misconduct, But Trump Only Concerned With 'Fake News'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's almost as though the president and his supporters aren't genuinely concerned about women and view sexual harassment only as a political cudgel against their enemies."


Anybody see a pattern here? The demiurge - coined and described by Plato around 360 BC (yup… just like what goes around, comes around 360 degrees), and Trump is no Plato.
The man is all material the most ephemeral he gets is ‘the deal’. Capable of posing one set of material against another the intangible totally escapes him. It becomes increasingly clear why the Gnostics regarded the demiurge as demonic. It sees only the manifestation.

Plan? what plan? Why else can Trump spew promises that he, we now see, were never intended as anything other than ‘placement’. Take a sector of society look at what manifestations require what actions on an extremely tightly circumscribed ‘playing field/golf green’. When they are set firmly in place, flip the bird and move on to the next ‘set up’.

This is predatory capitalism. Trump does not have a ‘base’. He has what a strategist would call ‘pawns’ that are moved around what was literally referred to as the “chessboard”. But Trump/Drumph is incapable of strategy. He has $#!t the chessboard and passed GO, had his lackeys collect the bag that he assumes will have all he wants inside - be it a proverbial hostage ‘placement’ or material that gives him an, ahem (_____) fill in the blank. Weapons, nuclear and otherwise? Apply the same frame work and see if it applies.


It looks as if our Fake President is getting nervous as the Real News reports more and more maladjusted men in powerful positions being held for their sexual misconduct. Sure, it would be a miracle of the century for him to be held accountable for his actions along with all his cronies…still… let’s be optimistic about seeing that vision become reality.


I am thinking that the continuing drumbeat of accusations against other men will enhance Trump’s power among the white men who are his power base. If weak men, i.e. journalists and media types, can be brought low while Trump and those close to him like Judge Moore can get away with the same behavior, his superior form of masculinity will be affirmed for his worshippers. This is similar to the way in which Putin’s power is enhanced in Russia the more he is seen as capable of manipulating foreign political systems. The ability to get away with previously unacceptable behavior is, I believe, a major element in Trump’s appeal. Never forget that the majority of whites voted for Trump and anything that emphasizes the special privileges of the top white man will only serve to confirm their loyalty to him.


I think you might be stretching the truth a bit there. “Majority of whites?” Really? I don’t think even the majority of white men voted for Trump. Remember he got only about 26% of eligible voters and what, maybe 46% of actual voters?


Switch that o the majority of low info whites and that might be closer to being correct.


Wow, now Lauer? I’m sure the Russians were behind this!


The time is now for our news organizations anchors and journalists to all agree in real time, that everything that emanates from the Orange Oligarchs hole in his face, is lies and “Fake News.”

Time to call a spade a spade.


JHFC, the office of the presidency concerned with initiating a new pissing contest daily? Never mind the claim that these are for distractions. Anyone so obsessed with the mundanities of media recognition must be living in that world, at the expense of everything and everyone else. Distractions my ass. This is the genuine article we’re seeing playing out here. And how do you like the new Blair Witch Project holiday Christmas themed decor? Took a real sparkling optimist to come up with that excrement. This is one bunch of sick puppies.


What a surrealistic world we live in when the world’s biggest pathological liar can say others are fake news and liars and he continually gets away with doing it. And then he has way too many people believing his lies and cheering him on. Trump is nothing but a little $hithead bully that has never been taken down. He is completely deranged and dangerous and hopefully Mueller can put him away once and for all. I am not holding my breath.


All the reports on 2016 election confirm that Trump won a majority of all whites, including white women and white college graduates. Here’s one of many reports, this one from Pew Research:

Politically speaking, Trump is smart to keep appealing to that white base, and this means that his hate-filled tweets are the single most important thing he does to maintain his power.


Ok. I stand corrected.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Garrison Keillor is the latest to be man-shamed and outed as a bad person.

In other news… NO Mention Anywhere about the imminent DEATH of Net Neutrality. So it goes in TRUMP’S AMERIUCA.


Trump and Matt need to have a visit from the famous female professional wrestler Matilda the Hun. Maybe she can try that infamous wrestling move on them called the “grope of death”,which allowed her to win over all of her male opponents.


The standards of the American presidency will never recover, nor alas, will the republic.

In which case, I ask: Was it even worth saving?


If you’re stupid enough not to have gotten off your dead ass and not voted against Trump, have a great big cup of STFU. Not voting is an abdication, imo.
" What didn’t you know 13 months ago about Trump and his ilk, that you know now? " That is the only ?
52% of white women and 60% of white men who voted, voted for Trump. " Trump has been around for 4 decades spreading his lunacy and brand. And you will know them by the company they keep. " My Bartender in NE PDX in October 2016 summing up the Trump voters and the options in November.
We had a very lively series of discussions about options and I voted safely for Stein, in protest. He was a reluctant Clinton voter. But Trump was never another option. ( See Oregon election results. ) Unless, of course, it was a lunatic you were looking for. BTW- turn off the lights, the party is over for a while.


I think they are trying to take down NBC, this started with David Letterman. The same people are responsible in current court cases with Veritas type evidence… Probably the list goes back further to Dan Rather and others.


You say: “This is similar to the way in which Putin’s power is enhanced in Russia the more he is seen as capable of manipulating foreign political systems.”

FYI, Putin is “seen as capable of manipulating foreign political systems” only by the gullible and ignorant Americans (and Europeans) who need no evidence to justify their beliefs, only the endless, Goebbelsian repitition of the big lie by the major media and politicians unwilling to face the crisis of their own system

Putin’s “power in Russia” does not depend on the lies of the US political establishment, though it’s true that this sort of demonization of a foreign leader by the US almost invariably leads to a hardening of their positions (such as, for example, with the mullah regime in Iran.)

The Russians don’t believe a word of any of this wholly fabricated, classically American hysteria. “Putin’s power in Russia” depends solely on whether or not the Russians view him as a capable leader.

You need to turn off your TV and throw away your newspapers, Joe. There are quite a few excellent independent American journalists on top of this story: Robert Parry, Gareth Porter, Glenn Greenwald, to name three.

Inform yourself.


I would bet the farm on the vast majority of his cabinet secretaries and other WH staff/appointees having multiple skeletons in their closets in the realm of sexual misconduct/harassment along with myriad other less-than-savory actions in their checkered pasts. The prez-a-dunce-ial pardons can only go so far when lawsuits (beyond the long arm of the dunce) can be brought by individuals seeking recompense for being victimized. His immature, banal, inane, wholly un-presidential tweets show just how insane and unfit for office he is. Meanwhile, the GOP (Ghastly Obstreperous Prixxks) in the House and Senate have cobbled together a massive plan to throw all but the wealthiest individuals and corporations in the path of a speeding train known as tax cuts for the rich and worthless (filled with riders to ram through everything else on their cruel and malicious agenda).


How’s the weather in St. Petersburg, Clovis?


And the “Tom Bowlers” or bonkers will never be useful again!