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NC Faces Costs of Codifying Hate as DOJ Issues Warning Over Anti-LGBTQ Law



Great...now how about Mississippi?


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I can't see why it should be considered an either/or situation. There are several articles on the Flint issue and I believe CD will continue to provide coverage of this important issue but I don't understand placing the Flint issue in competition with LGBT ones. There isn't room for everything but seems there might be room enough for both of these?


You will never get anywhere with those bigots, by trying to convince them to do the right thing. They are fully convinced that prejudice and exclusion is the right thing to do,and they are to stupid to ever see anything differently. Tell them that they are going to lose Federal Funds, and bingo, they see the light.


With a sleight of the hand, the DOJ and the Trans-lobby, well funded by George Soros I might add, have changed the traditional meaning of the word "SEX" as encoded to mean a binary biological reality based on reproductive function and confused it with the term "GENDER" indicating two social structures of behavior based on those same sex differences. So now the term "GENDER" is completely free-floating and anyone, even a big hairy man with a beard and penis, can claim to be a woman making the categories of male and female, completely meaningless.
Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and can easily be seen as such with the strident claims that anyone who points out that a man with a penis is not a woman is full of hate and a bigot. Insane.

In the legal brief that several States have prepared in response to the DOJ ruling they reasonably state that changing long accepted terms such as "SEX" and "GENDER" is unprecedented. They also reasonably point out that other students have a right to feel comfortable in bathrooms and locker rooms. While a teen-age boy might consider himself a trans-female, other students, girls view him as just that- a boy - and while sympathetic are justified in claiming their rights to privacy.