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NC Republicans' "Power Grab" Hits Last-Minute Roadblock


NC Republicans' "Power Grab" Hits Last-Minute Roadblock

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A North Carolina judge on Friday put a temporary block on a Republican-backed law that would have limited the power of Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper.


The situation in North Carolina shows how important the initiative, referendum and recall are. Unfortunately, these procedures for retention of power by the people are not available in most states east of the Mississippi. Citizens in states on the west coast are much more likely the have the ability to introduce legislation, disapprove of legislation created by the legislature and to recall officials who misbehave in office. North Carolina needs the initiative, referendum and power of recall from office.


But given the power of $$$ in advertising, there are far too many instances of voters being bamboozled into voting against their own interests. We need these tools but we also need a way to keep, usually corporate or Koch, money from distorting issues and disguising consequences.



If there were a recall process the first thing to expect would be a republican pushed recall of Cooper. That's how California got Schwarzenegger. Without a solid party organization referenda are dominated by big money.


Overgrown children (just like the new preznit).


This was not a "Power Grab". This was a logical extension of what the Republican controllers are doing. This was a Government Coup that is still in progress. The Republican actions are to negate Voters desires. To render votes and Voters, inconsequential .