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NC Voter ID Law 'Intentionally' Discriminates Against Minority Voters, Attorneys Charge



Oh, if only these state legislatures were as assiduously cautious about election fraud perpetuated by candidates and their cronies--the one place where it actually exists. Then one might be convinced of their intentions. But no--lying, cheating, manipulating, losing ballots, installing stooges at various polling places, those are carefully overlooked, in favor of the one in 250 million chance someone just might vote twice or something (which is punishable by law BTW). It's hard to explain this type of corruption to high school government students.


No, I STILL don't see how this is a racial issue. Clearly, the restrictions (voter ID, etc.) hit the poor the hardest. The majority of US poor are white. Those who are the least likely to obtain the mandated ID are the rural poor -- again, most of whom are white. It's worth noting that the push for voter IDs, etc., came as a result of class. The poor used to overwhelmingly vote Dem because it was Democrats who understood the need for rungs on the ladder out of poverty (can't get a job without a home address, phone, bus fare, etc.) The thinking was that if they could block the poor from voting, Republicans would win.


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Clearly, you do not live in the South.

There is a lot of overlap in race and class and the iterative interactions of the two make them inextricably intertwined. But they are not the same thing, which I think you recognize.

But race has plenty to do with denying people of color the vote that is separate from class.

Btw - there are lots of people of color who live in rural areas (e.g., my state of North Carolina).


There are far more cases of White initiated criminal manipulation of election totals than there will ever be of voter fraud - voting as 'A' but being 'B'. Voter ID laws are specifically enacted to LEGALLY VIOLATE THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT. That is a cold, had fact. But as usual, white people could care less about FACT.
A prime example of such obtuse White citizen thinking is SYRIA. OH YES. Iraq & Libya too.

As long as white people try to magically change fact into opinion or belief, this nation will careen faster
toward chaos and violence. An example could be armed citizens shooting back at police rather than submit to arrest and certain abuse up to and possibly including death.. Violence begets Violence.


Historically, NC has had a vast majority of Democrat governors. The current governor McCrory (R) and his pals stole the election through lies, distorted facts, distasteful ads and skulduggery. What can be expected of a former Duke Energy executive (28 years)? Disenfranchisement is the Repugnicant (and ALEC) way of keeping their ilk in the highest state, county, and city offices. McCrory has been instrumental in reducing corporate taxes in NC...undermine the state tax revenues, keep wages suppressed to attract business to the state, rewrite unemployment laws so the rate looks good (bump folks off the rolls and keep them at bay), and let public education twist in the wind (except for the chosen universities).

Jim Crow South in disguises of white cloth.


I am with you completely Photo ID to vote is not a racial issue. It is to do with low income. True many Black people, Hispanic people are economically disadvantaged. Conversely there are middle and upper class Blacks and Hispanics and they can produce state issued photo IDs.