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NCAA's Bathroom Bill Boycott Prompts "Unhinged" Response from NC GOP


NCAA's Bathroom Bill Boycott Prompts "Unhinged" Response from NC GOP

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced Monday that it is pulling all championship games from North Carolina for the 2016-2017 academic year because of the state's discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ "bathroom bill," HB2.


My guess it is not so much about the bathroom, but more about the hate for the LGBT community by the GOP, and their fake Christian leaders and followers. Now it is costing them money, and now their Unhinged.


All Republicans are a clear and present danger to America.


The NCAA appears to supporting real patriotism. Imagine that.


Well okay, after we get beyond non-issue of who uses which toilets where, the NC GOP establishment has shown they are willing to lose money and business over what they consider a matter of principle.
On this non-issue they are not for sale! Not to the NCAA, or Bruce Springsteen or that half-breed mulatto president. Yet another place where Trump will triumph.


Isn't North Carolina included in the list of places where Football Players and Cheerleaders sharing showers and Hotel rooms is just "How We Run Our Football Program"?

Lord knows there have been enough places where it's an open secret that Alumni in particular do everything short of Paying the Cheerleaders to have sex with the team.
And a few places where the Alumni have been caught hiring actual Prostitutes for "Team Parties".


Why does no one talk about the slave labor that are the NCAA athletes?


Except I know of no evidence that the people of NC are behind the makers of this law. Remember that the major target (behind the bathroom smokescreen) were the nondiscrimination policies put in place in Charlotte and other cities.

I do wish you'd take out the racial epithets used about President Obama. Even mocking, it's really offensive.


Lordy. I hadn't heard the actual wording of the response, and doubted the appropriateness of the word "unhinged" quoted in the headline. But I was unable to read beyond the first, truly unhinged and mocking suggestion. I thought the passage of HB2 itself was the depths of political madness, but this beats all.

I appreciate the information about the legislature being adjourned until January. The NCAA gave them plenty of time to call an emergency session. I guess the coming years will be up to the courts.


We shall see as far as how NC goes. As for the "racial epithets", I have resided in Dixie for the past 40 years and for many in the Caucasian South population, both genders by the way, both Obama (on racial grounds) and Hillary (on grounds of gender) have been the cause of serious and prolonged teeth grinding and grievous mourning and always will be detested.
Of course there are far better reasons to despise them both than those, but a vote counts the same whether it is informed or out of ignorance--and this is the chief failure of democracy.


Why do people hate? Really! Why do people hate. I had no choice in how I look or my gender. In fact no one has. So why do people hate for something we don't have a choice over. It's senseless. And it's evil. The Devil greatest trick is to convince us there is no God. Not trying to preach or convert. All I'm saying is open your eyes. Hate is evil and it's making a comeback. Already it's embedded in the GOP. It's Trump base. Kinda like the brown shirts. Wake up people, the hater gonna hate. But now it will be more than just words. Only Love Can Defeat Hate ( paraphrase MLK). So, hate me cause I'm Black. I'll Love humanity by not judging other.


Quoting others is no excuse for spreading hate.


What is surprising is that NASCAR is likely to follow and close their sponsored races in NC.