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NDP Should Use Its Clout to Push Vulnerable Liberals to Take Urgent Climate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/22/ndp-should-use-its-clout-push-vulnerable-liberals-take-urgent-climate-action

My wife and I voted NDP both provincially and federally last election cycles.

I used to be a Liberal supporter - neoliberal - NOT !


This clout only came about because people in Canada were willing to vote third party. This gives a true voice to those concerned with the environment, one which they would not have if they tried this from within the Liberal party.

I like that she mentioned David Lewis. I really miss that old guard of the NDP. For some years they drifted towards the center but I am hoping that they brought back to their leftists roots.


My fantasy is that Linda McQuaig and Naomi Klein run Canada. If only it were true … sigh.


It interesting that Naomi Klein is married to Avi Lewis, the grandson of David Lewis.

David Lewis of course had his roots in the old CCF which became the NDP. He retained a lot of the CCF legacy while he headed the NDP.


Trudeau seemed Iike a good idea in the beginning—but TruDeau appears to Iike oiIy money too much and perhaps is another sad politician, How easy a Trudeau can become a FaIseDough.


Oily indeed. The Trudeau family’s wealth originated in operating gas stations. I don’t know the origin of the Sinclair fortune.


The minority government that David Lewis created was the high-water mark of the NDP, in my view. We haven’t been as influential in making policy since then.

As an aside, back in the 70s, while riding on the school bus, we’d get into lots of arguments about politics. Most of us were of solid CCF stock, but there was a rather vocal Liberal supporter among us. During one debate, this kid pointed out, as an accusation, that David Lewis was Jewish. I recall seeing how some of the others’ jaws actually dropped in disbelief when he said this. He must have taken this as a sign that we didn’t believe the “accusation,” not the antisemitism, as he actually went to the bus driver for confirmation that Lewis was Jewish.

I don’t think we ever talked politics after that.


Did you ever hear “Camp, Kierans and Lewis” on Peter Gzowski’s show? It was good, but I liked Dave Barrett much more than Steve Lewis.

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Not sure I saw that one…Gzowki was great though.

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You wouldn’t have seen it; it was on CBC radio.

Barret was a firebrand. I liked him too. The better leaders of the NDP tended to come from the West. (Albeit not all).

It strange that in the West you had the dichotomy of strong Conservative support, along side that very strong support for the left (especially early on). There was never much in the way of “centrism”.

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The trouble with the commenters above is that they are Canadians talking about ’ old times ’ while the world is burning or preparing to do so.
Problems are not solved when all concentrate on the problem and nobody on the SOLUTION.
The obstacles to solutions are financial. There is no profit to the banks in climate change.
No bank will lend without a profit and so there is no money for climate change.

The money for all the climate change measures will have to be FIAT MONEY AND TAXES WILL HAVE TO BE RAISED to keep us from inflation everywhere.

I will be back to remind you of these facts.

Your point? Do you think we are not aware of these things? The reasons we reflect on that older leadership is to show the direction forwards and that a return to the LEFT and the principles of the old CCF. This would include the nationalization of all the banks and restoring the power of the Bank of Canada to create currency to pay for these things. It would include nationalizing much of industry where it serves the Public good rather then serving the 1 percent and desire for profits.

The contrast between the old CCF/NDP leaders is to show that the current NDP has drifted to far to the center and right in its bid to garner support of the Corporations and in order to embrace capitalism. The system called Capitalism along with its extractive economy and externalized costs is something that has to end and it something those older leaders understood.


The ghost of RĂ©al Caouette will show us the way, all right.

Well said.

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The problem IS climate change, but not at the exclusion of everything else. A nuclear holocaust or establishing a functioning democracy in the U.S. are equally important because if nuclear war erupts or the current cabal of corporate sycophants remain uninterrupted, no solutions are forthcoming.
The problems Linda McQuaig discusses regarding Canada, mirrors the problems Americans face as well. For example Linda has struggled with the fact that the NDP refuses to adopt some basic progressive principles such as the total abolition of nuclear weapons, refusing to participate in illegal wars and coups and of course leading the world in reversing global warming. The NDP, like the Democrats, refuse to adopt such policies as they’re afraid of losing some corporate funding and perhaps trying to avoid pissing off some of the middle class that they believe have bought into the right wing narrative of “the stock market is the best indicator of social development”.
Linda McQuaig also offers lots of solutions in plain English to anyone who will listen (such as raising the taxes on the rich), but solutions are only possible if the masses have a government that represents the public interest. In Canada, as in the U.S., such politicians that hold office are the exception rather than the rule. Without a “Great Awakening” of sorts, no solutions are possible if we honestly expect that the current crop of easily manipulated, principal free politicians will deliver what the public yearns for, if we simply yell loud enough.

Once the NDP erased “socialist” from their party platform I lost any reason to support them. They’re now just a nicer, weaker version of the Liberal Party.

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World wide we need to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy! Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas driving global warming. Long term probably the best replacement for carbon-based fuel is renewable energy including solar panels and wind turbines and water turbines and enhanced geothermal systems and energy storage which can include water in ponds behind dams and maybe some big batteries.