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'Neal Is in Trouble': $300,000 Ad Campaign Targets Powerful Congressman Over Stonewalling of Anti-Surprise Medical Billing Proposal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/07/neal-trouble-300000-ad-campaign-targets-powerful-congressman-over-stonewalling-anti


Good. Another fake liberal gets called out. Take the rest of them with you. Unfortunately most of his district is upper middle class, complacent, anti-poor suburban monsters.


DINO sellouts for campaign-contribution bribes like this must no longer be ignored or tolerated. What good is an “opposition” that isn’t there when needed? Either stand with the people of face defeat a-hole!
As someone (apologies for forgetting who) wrote here, "its better for progressives to challenge these corrupt entrenched frauds and lose than not challenge or support them because they are “democrats” - that failure to demand better is one reason we are suffering under this most corrupt idiot regime in American history - DNC tools of the status quo are another - ignoring corruption and complicity with corporate greed will not do - accepting no accountability is another reason we see this pattern over and over - all such abuses and crimes and the people that commit them must be held fully and significantly accountable - must pay the highest damn price!!


People like him are horrible, and so are the asshole middle class subordinates that vote for him.

I have been very critical of Bernie recently, for good reason. But, he has opened up a space where people feel they can demand more than this worthless pile of nothing has been willing to offer. These people get power, do next to nothing, sell their souls and expect us to just accept them being worthless. People have had enough with these corrupt, right wing Democrats selling the store to their donors and enriching themselves in office. Bernie has had a role in that. But the well offer PMC types continue to support this hack and people like Pelosi and they are ultimately the biggest obstacles to progressive change. The PMC is largely right wing, although many of them cannot come to terms with that obvious reality.


From the article:

“…C4 is gonna drop on their heads…”

I think I might have let wishful thinking stand in the way of full comprehension.

Also from the article:

“All of a sudden taking corporate money and crafting policy to benefit monopolies can now get you in trouble back home.”

About 80 years short of about damn time, wouldn’t you say?


I have a problem with the DINO acronym. He is not a Democrat in name only, he is representative of that party. He is the norm. People that think like Bernie, AOC or those to their left that operate in that party are DINO. That rotten party isn’t theirs, it isn’t the party of working people, hasn’t been for decades.


In thinking about your argument it definitely computes - you are right - “DINO” is more a term from another era when the party might have meant something and going against the legacy or myth at least would be “in name only”… Today those serving corporate interests, wealth and power, and war-machine are right in-line with the DNC DP machine, and as such “Democrats” in word, deed, and name. I will have to realign my thinking, but reject the term applied to the progressive left as it just sticks in my craw in that application. Thanks Joan.


SURPRISE! You’ve just been diagnosed with Political Leprosy. What’s that, you feel like your having a medical emergency? Hang up and call 1-800-M0RAL-MALPRACTICE


Great and true, but ironic to rely on anonymous money loophole to fund opposition to corruption:

“… the ad by Fight Corporate Monopolies, the political nonprofit arm of the American Economic Liberties Project, will likely catch Democratic leaders in Congress off guard. As a 501©4, the group is not required to disclose its donors as long as it doesn’t coordinate with a candidate.”


I bet the 1% didn’t see this as a two-edged sword.



Ironic, yes, but we’re just playing by their rules.


The most rural district in MA with Springfield the largest city at the south east edge.
Recalling that Springfield was near bankrupt not so long ago. The eastern elite districts are twice as wealthy.

Neil’s opponent, Mayor Alex Morse of Holyoke, was elected mayor at age 22 and now mayor for nine years. He is very popular.

Morse should have only one major talking point: Stomp the living s*** out of Neal for a** kissing wall street hedge fund mangers over the citizens that need real representation.

Send him a donation today.
Would put in a link but CD does not want readers.
P.O. Box 2486
Holyoke, MA 01041


Lemme preface this by saying nobody I’ve been made aware of within the GOP or Neo-Conservative movement has offered anything to correct the Neo-Liberal E-CON GREED IS GOOD doctrines and Neo-Conservative defense of the Cold War weaponized mantra directed nominally at the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union and Mao-ist China.

Yet covertly crafted and aimed at western institutions seeking the social safety nets and stabilization policies that Post 20th Century World Wars and GREAT DEPRESSIONS persuaded the EU and nordic nation-states along with Canada and many Asian and Micronesian developing nations along with the continental sized former penal colony of Australia to choose. An existential choice to minimize the risks of relapse into Euro or Ottoman or feudal imperialism’s outcomes illustrated in their homeland or Supremacist Motherland\Fatherland ruins. Once again requiring Washington’s not-purely-altruistic yet socially enlightened Truman Marshall Plan funds for rebuilding and\or the reconstitution of Perma War E-CONomics of Daddy Warbucks to cycle back into. Ye olde Shavian MAJOR BARBARA bid-net model upon the bones of and even more mass graves dug up for the newest strip mall parking garage.

Having said that, this news report of the Democratic Party meeting a new scourge in the Public Interest use of the Pay2Play broadcast system owned by Private Interests and their clients is cause for celebration followed quickly by the bi-partisan targeting of these Duopolistic career legislative vermin who’ve taken U.S. backwards to our Feudal Lord roots. Idolatry is idolatry and I’ve never worshiped at the altar of some Public Interest champions who’ve found ways to survive in office and thrive on their more powerful constituents and campaign supporters’ largesse.

Let U.S. consider DNC ruler-makers and campaign attenuators like the heiress Pelosi to a political dynasty in Baltimore who followed the Silicon Rush to No Cal and built herself her own imperial fiefdom. Or the Sr Senator from Wall Street and occasional supporter of labor-friendly legislation Chuckie “Credit Card Disclosure Box” Schumer:

"This Article posits that lawmakers should abandon portions of disclosure reforms modeled on a mythical generic consumer and instead deploy both disclosure and financial education regimes that permit, encourage, and facilitate disclosure targeted to a particular consumer’s demographics.

"This change will increase the likelihood that issuers can craft effective disclosures that are relevant to end-users from a variety of demographic groups and will facilitate more robust consumer-behavior research by academics and interested policymakers, such as the CFPB.

"Although proponents of more recent reforms have understood the limits of one-size-fits-all disclosure, their arguments have not gone far enough in tailoring disclosure and financial education to a consumer’s socio-demographic characteristics. Instead, more recent proposed reforms focus on a model of personalized disclosure that does not directly distinguish consumers based on gender, race, or other socio-demographic characteristics.

"This failure to distinguish between groups could be why credit-card disclosures do not fully accomplish consumer advocates’ long-term goals.

"Evidence-based policymaking advocates have long focused on the nexus between science and optimal outcomes in fields such as public health. But Congressional scholars have argued that applying such approaches to the legislative process may be impractical at best and
naıve at worst. (19)

“This is possibly why legal scholars framing the disclosure debate have generally avoided applying an evidence-based policymaking framework and have instead focused on other key questions, such as the extent to which consumers read or do not read disclosures or whether disclosure regimes are economically efficient methods of modifying consumer behavior. (20)”

The Party who took as its platform purposes the defense and flourishing of the most productive labor force in recorded history doesn’t seem much troubled with the historic concentrations of wealth into the fewest personal and often un-taxed off-shore bank secrecy accounts also in recorded history that their policy prescriptions have led to. Do look up Piketty in France and the Dynamic Academic E-CON Duo of Saez and Zucman at U.C.-Berkeley.

The viral disruption, like any parasite, will leave dis-empowered hulks behind it. Nature and its Maker had a reason for creating parasites and we should better survey the long-term usefulness of each parasite before having them carry their corporate-provisioned poison back to their hive.

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readsludge . com /2020/05/05/neal-took-big-bucks-from-lobbyists-while-killing-a-surprise-medical-bills-fix/


Neal does not even ‘fake’ at being a liberal. He is the epitome of a ‘corporate whore’.


Good catch!

We’re not talking bread crumbs either! (That’s 4-C, but close enough.)


He failed, with a feeble attempt, to get trump’s tax returns for the courts and the people. That alone is enough for us to denounce him.

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Time to get rid of those in power who stand against Single-Payer Medicare For All. Study: 1 In 5 Patients Gets A Surprise Medical Bill After Surgery
npr. org/sections/health-shots/2020/02/11/804906330/study-1-in-5-patients-gets-a-surprise-medical-bill-after-surgery


Will the sleaze grease the skids?

Greed is BAD