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Near-Total Meltdown of Fukushima Reactor 2 Confirmed

Near-Total Meltdown of Fukushima Reactor 2 Confirmed

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At least 70 percent of nuclear fuel inside one of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant melted down following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, bringing the total of reactors which experienced meltdowns to three, according to a Japanese research team.

We have 3 total China Syndrome cores going…no one knows where they are…a lot of #2 went sky-high but the rest is a big question mark…goto…www.enenews.com for the latest news and the news that started in the beginning, almost 5 years ago now…and they wonder why the P/Ocean is so sick???


“The findings, while expected, help move along the decommissioning process, which has been slow due to continued heavy radiation from the reactors. The project is expected to take decades to complete.”

How to decommission a hot core in the ground: A fantasy from your friends at TEPCO ("We took four years to admit there was a meltdown. Guess what we’ll be telling you in another 4 years! Hint: It involves groundwater and the ocean).


I’ll take answer number 3, thank you.


The picture shows police supposedly blocking access to road leading into Fukushima wearing paper masks and rubber gloves…what a joke!

Fukushima-area residents return home after 4½ years
Radiation levels in northeast town of Naraha deemed safe following decontamination http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/fukushima-nahara-japan-reopens-1.3217085

Naraha is only 20 KM from Fukushima. Yeah, it has been decontaminated…including the groundwater, soil, other water supplies? The smart ones will NOT return.


Bless you for your words…the P/Ocean is Toast Baby, we don’t have decades Tepco

[quote=“onedman, post:2, topic:13706, full:true”]
We have 3 total China Syndrome cores going. [/quote]

Japan is next door to China.

“no one knows where they are…”

If the cores had generated enough heat melt through the concrete, seems like there should have been a very noticeable reaction when it hit the groundwater below.

a lot of #2 went sky-high

From what I’ve heard, it sounds like reactor 2 sustained the least hydrogen explosion damage of the operating reactors.

“goto…www.enenews.com for the latest news”

Is that where you heard that “a lot of #2 went sky-high”?

“and they wonder why the P/Ocean is so sick???”

Do you know of an example of this Pacific sickness which could plausibly be related to Fukushima?

““Why are we trying to resume nuclear power?” he said.”
Indeed why are we trying to resume nuclear power!!!


Readers beware,

Matt Heins is lying when he says:

Molten salt reactors (sometimes called Thorium reactors) ALL have at their core a Uranium 235/233 reactor which certainly can melt down and cause explosions. That big deception seems to be present in most pro-nuke nonsense like his.

And Mattie sorta forgot to tell you one important detail about MSR’s: There never has been one built. It’s theoretical hogwash pumped out by the parasitical nuke mob who want to once again fleece the taxpayer with another Frankenplant boondoggle fraud. The only Molten Salt reactor tried was an Oakridge simulation which caused a massive radiation and florine gas disaster and caused the most expensive clean up in history that Bectel ever faced in the 1960’s which is why they were never built.

Then there’s the dubious claim once again trotted out that bullet-proof “containment” will magically occur, which has never happened in the history of nuke power generation. ALL nuke plants leak and shower the unfortunate downwinders with dangerous nuclear fallout (even when they are operating normally. This is because there is just no way to assure that hundreds of access ports for cables, pipes, inspection hatches, etc can remain pressure tight forever. When low pressure weather moves into the area, ALL nuke plants must equalize in pressure, which means outgassing.)

ALL nuke plants leak. (Especially during refueling since there is no containment at all during this process.)

Nuke anything is insane and financially ruinous.



Yes, the golden blob running down the outside wall of Unit Four. The CIA media says it never happened. Therefore, for most citizens, it never happened. The MIC doesn’t want their nuke gravy-train disrupted, therefore, this event caught on film just never happened.

We all will pay a terrible price for allowing such a totalitarian stranglehold on information critical for democracy to function for common citizens to inform themselves about such reckless insanity as nuclear power.



Thank you for the info. So much for concern about the people and future generations…just do what is most convenient rather than aiding the affected residents of the area in finding other domiciles, jobs, and safe surroundings. The Japanese officials have taken a page out of the hedge fund traders’ bible: “IBG, YBG” or I’ll Be Gone, You’ll Be Gone so take all you can now and never look back (prior to the financial debacle of 2008).

The call to return to the area is sent from an ivory tower hundreds of miles removed.


Classic Enenews. If you will go to the actual Marine Mammal Center website, you can find the chart listing the causes of death here:

Enenews focused on those cases where the diagnosis included Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. In humans, DIC has a number of causes, and one of them is acute promyelocytic leukemia. APL is not associated with radiation, but it is a form of leukemia, some types of which can be caused by radiation. So Enenews laid out a trail of breadcrumbs from DIC to APL, to leukemia, to radiation, and thus, by implication, to Fukushima. Nevermind that the levels of Fukushima radiation in in the area were less than a thousandth that of the natural radioactivity of seawater, and that humans might not be the best model for seal pathology, and that the seals in question were pups too young to have developed leukemia, and that there were no diagnoses of APL, or leukemia, or cancer of any sort on the entire chart of diagnoses, the big absurdity here is that the Marine Mammal Center themselves explained the cause of DIC in these seals. If you will go to the chart, notice how many diagnoses of DIC were coupled with a diagnosis of otostrongyliasis. Otostrongyliasis is an an infection of Otostrongylus circumlitus, commonly known as harbor seal lungworm. As the Marine Mammal Center says:

"In elephant seals, the parasitic worms causing the disease are usually found in the heart. There they often plug up pulmonary arteries, resulting in so many clots in the lungs that the animal exhausts its clotting mechanism. This is called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, or DIC for short. Some veterinarians refer to this as “Death Is Coming” "

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Yes, but is that because of the radiation, or the heat that’s coming out of the ocean at this time.

Or both? :frowning:

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Do you happen to remember the headline for that article? I would be very interested to see what enenews actually said.

We know from the Japanese people’s experience living through the Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs that ordinary people can enter highly radioactive areas and function normally. We also know that they don’t live long if they try.

The long-range problem with nuclear reactors is, first, that a runaway atomic pile can and will generate temperatures able to liquefy or even vaporize anything in its way, including concrete. Once the safety mechanisms melt into a puddle, little can stop the core.

Far worse is human greed, a truly unstoppable force that reduces actual safety measures taken until potential corporate profits and and potential corporate bankruptcy losses are equal. Given a known cost to shareholders of corporate bankruptcy, 100% of their investment, we can probably estimate the number of nuclear power plants per generation that will melt down.

The costs to all of society are typically on the order of 1000 times the cost of a corporate bankruptcy. Unfortunately, either the citizens in general or the victims in the way pay the uncovered 99.9% of all meltdown costs.

So, we can estimate the number of meltdowns and the costs to society. It’s always a terrible deal for society, paying out 1 tenth of one cent in benefits for every one dollar the country loses down a hole to China.

If Thorium reactors are twice as good, make that 2 tenths of one cent in payouts for every dollar spent. I’ve seen better lemonade stands.


The Fukushima catastrophe is affecting all the Earth and not a word about this in the recent UN speeches, only more war and death cheerleading from our so-called leaders.

Only 32 miles from downtown Manhattan is the aged Indian Point nuclear complex, that has leaked into groundwater, had numerous safety standards repeatedly lowered by the lapdog NRC. IP is now operating on an expired license. Now a 42 inch high-pressure gas transmission pipeline is scheduled to be built (unless something is done to stop it) about 110 feet from nuclear control infrastructure. The pipeline was approved using false, manipulated, and omitted safety data and that is now being appealed. Natural gas has 10 times more explosive power than TNT and an unpredictable burn/explosion area/direction - it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure this is a bad idea close to a nuclear plant.

We do not need another Fukushima on the Hudson! Help spread the word on this and demand the pipeline plans be stopped, as our elected officials remain silent on this as the export of gas is apparently more important than the 20 million that live within a 50 mile radius from the IP complex. Profits over people is not acceptable!


No one can say with certainty. All Biologists and Oncologists can surmise is that these massive infections, starvations and die-offs of hundreds of Pacific species were not common before 3/11 when the triple melt down and quadruple reactor building explosions threw dangerous radioactive fallout into the sky and ocean.

Classic signs of radiation exposure are hemorrhaging and high levels of radiation have been detected in the Pacific ocean. A certain pro-nuke poster here keeps perpetuating the lie that since it’s less than background radiation it must be safe.

This is a lie.

ANY level of ionizing internal radiation over background is dangerous for DNA life forms, especially large complex mammals according to the Department of Energy’s guidelines for decades. It destroys their immune systems since bone marrow transplants can’t be done to save them. Also, “Total Background Radiation” used to be quite low before the MIC nuked the hell out of the planet. Now we live with dangerous Tritium raining down from the Stratosphere (much higher in the Northern Hemisphere due to nuke bomb tests and Reactor Meltdowns of which there have been dozens over the past Century.)

The nuke industry relies on this uncertainty to claim nuke power generation is safe. But in medicine and in physics, known hazards which cause normally healthy animals to croak are now present in the Pacific Ocean in increasing Bio-accumulations.

There was enough nuclear material at Fukushima present to kill every living mammal on this planet. High levels over 400 cpms have been recorded 100 miles inland of the West Coast according to people with radiation detectors. The fallout doesn’t stay at the shoreline. The rain on car window wipe samples was hot.

Thanks a lot MIC.


TEPCO, the half-owner with the Japanese government, lies ALL THE TIME, even when they’re forced to come clean. Kinda like corrupt politicians do when they’re caught re-handed, and able to maintain those poker faces. Works everytime, especially when all news is filtered through the government with threat of imprisonment otherwise.


Hope not too many typos! lol

Good point there trog about the hot corium hitting the water table. I guess no investigation with credibility, will be able to access the site. The criminal evidence that is arguably all over the place these last 4-years and six-months is being systematically stonewalled and covered up with the complicity of more than just one country and a single multi-national corporation.

Hydrogen explosions always sounded too simple for my liking. Lying about the fuel pools being salvaged (or even salvageable!) lol - when they were already blown sky-high - gone “swoosh”! lol That was worth an entrance into “Ripley’s Believe-it-or-not Book” Yeah. Yeah. The good ol’ boys have called in the mafia squad of homeless, even or who knows. The blackout, you know.

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Translation: you were unable find any instance where Enenews reported that there was any sort of meltdown in any Fukushima equipment pool.