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Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History


Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History

Nika Knight, staff writer

President Donald Trump continues to face dismal approval ratings, with two new polls out Sunday showing that Trump is the least popular president in modern history.


100 days and Trump is the least popular President in modern history? Not surprising!
But what is surprising to me is how this mentally, dysfunctional and immature sexual deviant ever got elected! Makes me wonder if maybe the Russians did help him!


He didn't need the Russians. Just Hillary Clinton's unlikeability, and the Electoral College nonsense.


"Despite those failures, however, Trump has managed to retain strong approval ratings among his base, both polls show." This is not surprising at all. After you subtract all those desperate people who voted for Trump out of ignorance and anger at a rigged system, you are left with the typical Trump hard-core supporter:


I trust those polls, they told me Hillary would win.


True, just being facetious!


No, those polls said Bernie would win, but the democratic party leadership sabotaged him.
Who is the most popular politician in the country at the moment according to the polls? “Bernie”.
Do you believe that? I do.


Moron in Chief! What an absolutely incompetent loser and clown!


Monopolistic Corporate Media, which suppressed the Bernie Campaign, helped Trump's Election Effort immeasurably.


Yes, Bernie was not selected for POTUS like HRC and Trump, so unfortunately, in spite of probably winning by an overwhelming landslide, never had a chance! And if by some fluke became POTUS would probably meant the same fate as JFK!


Yes. Democratic establishment were more afraid of Sanders than Trump.


Since it doesn't note it I'll assume the Truman reference was to 1948. After he was defeated by Dewey, of course. With the help of Strom Thurmond and his Southern Strategery ( the first one ).
Trump lives in a completely different world now. Truman was a continuation of Roosevelt in many ways and Trump the disrupter is a horse ( and a horse's ass ) of a completely different color. He's more George Wallace than anything. Except he's a lying phoney Populist of the worst sort. He's still just an ignorant, grifting bamboozler at the end of these 100 days. 35-40% of the country are his marks, and he's hitting them, apparently.
The Trumpster fans are living in a cognitive dissonance one can't imagine in 1948. For one, building walls without gates is really building your own prison, of sorts. And, starting wars based on fake news is a treasonous action, by most measuring sticks ( not prosecuted under continuing 2002 Authorization ). Same with cutting your own taxes and refusing to show how it isn't; by lying about it constantly. You could see a pattern here but connecting the dots isn't something our MSM would ever attempt. Hate to make the citizens start thinking about that sort of stuff. The Consumer Confidence Index might go into the tank, oh nos!
Not something that Give 'Em Hell Harry would of given much thought to. He was, after all, a hard-headed patriot and of the middle class by inclination and taste. Something not perfect or always right, but certainly earnest and truly patriotic in the sense of the American understanding of that word. And, Harry kicked that Gen. MacCarthurs' ass right out of government, for good reason. He was a Fascist and a S.O.B., to boot. Trump would of liked The General, I'm sure.


" The Democratic party leadership sabotaged him."

I agree.When Bernie said he was backing HRC because "we need to stop Trump.." when he must have known he was by far! A much stronger candidate than HRC, and was the one that could have buried Trump, I knew the fix was in and the DNC sabotaged Bernie.


Truman was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Japanese, citizens when he ordered that nuclear bombs be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, one wonders how long before Trump nukes some country like North Korea.


Not perfect, for sure. However, he was new to the office and probably took the Generals as being honest brokers or assessors. Bad assumption, usually. Colin Powell, anyone?
Truman, in 1963 after JFK's death, had different views on several policies he initially signed off on.
With so much $$$ at stake it is often hard just to wrestle the octopus to a draw, so to speak. But, Truman's motivations were not selfish, as Trumpster the Hucksters' seem so transparently appearing to be. I'll take Truman in a NY minute, anytime. " Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one ". Let's just hope the developer of the new barn uses union-trained carpenters, eh.


I've become more disappointed in Harry Truman after reading a political opinion that he passively helped to engineer the start of the Korean War. It may be that Truman rode the "anti-corruption" bandwagon in WWII with his hearings against bad military contractors. However, according to this article, Truman pivoted around when Republican gold mining interests needed to unilaterally start a war.

I point this out because Mr. Trump is currently suspected of wanting to covertly start or to intensify a number of possible wars. At this point he wouldn't mind being as popular as Harry Truman, but that's a low aspiration.


Truman was also the one that circumvented Congress and attacked Korea without their authorization by calling it not a war, but used the euphemistic phrase " police action". Not much better than Trump in many ways.


This single act did much to undo his legacy for not only vaporizing so many people he was singularly responsible for unleashing the nuclear cloud over all the world to this day. Forget B.C., A.D. vs BCE, ACE since the dropping of these two atomic bombs we have been living in the PAB, Post Atomic Bomb era or perhaps it would be more accurate to simply say the Atomic Bomb Era since we are very much in danger of nuclear annihilation.


Trump dropped MOAB just weeks ago. Truman inherited a " nuclear program " well established, already. Also, invading Japan would have been a political and economic domestic disaster. ( The big picture argument, in retrospect, now ) Resulting in huge casualties, etc. ( My family had someone on the islands of the Mariannas during this time ) Tough call any way you go.
The Korean War ( police action ) is the forgotten war that we'll be discussing with the Chinese gov't for a while longer, I guess. Same with the Vietnam War rehash. Seems that $54 Billion will be gone pretty quickly, as well. Thank your lucky stars the printing presses aren't broken, right?:wink:


Please read the Democratic Party Platform & Planks of 1948. Think Truman didn't have to deal with a tough election campaign? Coalition governance is a work in progress in America. The Republicans are finding that out with Trumpster right now. " If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog ". Obama got two, btw.