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Nearly 1.4 Million Puerto Ricans Facing 'Dangerous' Food Stamp Cuts as Trump and Congress Fail to Act

Nearly 1.4 Million Puerto Ricans Facing 'Dangerous' Food Stamp Cuts as Trump and Congress Fail to Act

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With hurricane relief funding stalled in Congress due to opposition from the Trump administration, Puerto Rico has reportedly started slashing food stamps in an attempt to preserve the life-saving program.

This from the crew that want to go to war with Venezuela for humanitarian reasons. You can’t make this stuff up.


Yeah, I expect the logistics of getting food to Puerto Rico or the costs of the same a lot less then trying to drive aid in across the border from Colombia to Venezuela yet these bozo’s jump up and down claiming Maduro starving his own people.

The hypocrisy of these guys is mind boggling. Maybe Billionaire Branson should host a concert to raise monies for the people of Puerto Rico? I suggest if he hosted one in Puerto Rico , more than 18000 would show up.


Another Humanitarian Crisis MANUFACTURED by the Fascists.

The Republican Party is a Clear And Present Danger to the Human Species and the Planet


Maybe kids in Washington D. C can take a some ideas from Greta Thunberg. Take a few days off from school----and go from Congressional office to office to office while shaking tin cans in the congressional hallways in asking for donation food money to go to Puerto Rico.
It would probably get some news coverage and hopefully shame some in government–if that’s possible. Although maybe they would get more attention if they shut down the congressional cafeterias to remind the elected of what hunger feels like : )


Sorry to say it but - they should have voted to become a state.

I can’t believe thousands of Puertoricans fought and died in the American Empire’s wars so draft dodging racist, cheating, conmen could flourish.


Let them eat Papaya.

There is not enough money in the Treasury after the Humongous Tax Cut Trump gave his Millionaire friends to Re-Upholster their Yachts.

Come on people get your priorities straight, what is more important getting the Yacht refurbished or feeding hungry non-white people?


The people have their priorities straight, but they are being overridden by a seemingly powerful minority. It will take pitchforks to pry needed money from these greedy assholes.
Sadly, the type of cronies and family members milling around Washington under Trump’s wing, are the thieving kind, not those that would work for the 99%.

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Let’s be clear that the crew that want to go to war with Venezuela include most of the Democrat half of the Corporate Party too, and the media that props them up with disinformation.

Thousands of

shouldn’t have done that. Being hitmen for the Empire usually isn’t something to strive for.

Yup both branches of the Empire Party the DNC and the RNC.

Trump has promised unlimited aid for Alabama.

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“Sick tyrant” latin American dictator withholding food aid to his starving people!
Nope, asshole Trump and Americans in Puerto Rico.

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Seems it would even be easier if they released their assets and stopped the sanctions. I also bet that would be cheaper on tax payers also.

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