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Nearly 100,000 Pentagon Whistleblower Complaints Have Been Silenced

Nearly 100,000 Pentagon Whistleblower Complaints Have Been Silenced

Lee Camp

I don’t know if I’d have the nerve to be a whistleblower. I’d like to think I would. We all like to think we would, just like we all like to think we could catch the game-winning touchdown, triumph on “America’s Got Talent,” and fold a fitted sheet quickly and without cursing.





Eisenhower’s farewell address (17 January 1961) is a must see for all. To those who have not viewed it I implore you to please spare the time (approximately 16 minutes). I believe you will gain a lot of perspective for how this ball got rolling and picked up the habit of ever increasing momentum.


But we can’t have nice things because we can’t afford them.


Great article Lee.

I can imagine how people in prison for using weed feel about an oligarchy that steals trillions, kills millions and destroys the earth from their gilded castles.


Thanks Lee, your desultory humor is a salve for this soul.


It seems that every time I encounter Lee Camp he isn’t funny. He doesn’t make me laugh. I have checked into his source material and found cool clean water, pure enough to drink. It’s so cool I get a brain freeze and dammit it hurts. He doesn’t make me laugh, me makes my brain hurt. Yes, the truth hurts.


Which flows faster

The money, or the blood?

There are no words that adequately address this assault against the citizens of this country. This is not a bipartisan issue. Both parties created this mess and continue to feed it and grow rich from it. The only way to stop it is to throw as many cogs into the machinery, all at once, so as to destroy the machinery. Destroy it. The inherent madness of the thing has probably destroyed the foundation of our country. We are no longer are stable ground with a good foundation. It is rotting, breaking, consuming the citizens and innocent victims around the world everyday. Patriotism doesn’t equal killing an unknown person in a sovereign country on the other side of the world or in our hemisphere who has not harmed us. Patriotism is standing up and throwing cigs into the machine and destroying its ability to destroy our nation.


Cigs would destroy the machine if it were wood. Cigs if is is metal.*

It’s a 58 year old momentum that keeps picking up speed.

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As was the case of George Carlin, If you want to know what your government is doing, you’ll get more answers from listening to a comedian than watching the nightly news.