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Nearly 15,000 Counter Trump Event With El Paso Rally to Reject 'Hatred and Bigotry'


Nearly 15,000 Counter Trump Event With El Paso Rally to Reject 'Hatred and Bigotry'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than a mile away from the El Paso, Texas stadium in which President Donald Trump delivered what critics described as a bigoted and lie-filled case for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, as many as 15,000 Texans rallied and marched Monday night in a powerful display of opposition to both the wall and the broad anti-immigrant agenda it represents.


Power to the people.
Power to the Texans.


…and the truth shall set you free…


!Muy bien hecho, mi gente!


El Paso cage match, Beto O’Rourke vs Backdown Donny. O’Rourke had the largest crowd and didn’t bald face lie to his followers like Backdown Donny. Win Win winner by double KO, Beto O’Rourke.


MSM must be put on notice to cover opposing rallies protesting the hateful rhetoric Trump is spewing, or be boycotted for promoting Hate.


As I’ve said before, I’m a resident of South Texas (San Antonio after living in Corpus Christi for years) and no, there is no border problem other than the one Trump is creating. I have a friend in Hebbronville, Texas whose family owns a 43,000 acre ranch in Hebbronville. They have shacks spaced all over the ranch that they keep stocked with canned goods and water to prevent border crossers from dying of heat or starvation. The majority of people crossing the border aren’t criminals or drug dealers, they are people fleeing the violence and crime in their own country that most of the time the U.S. government has been instrumental in creating because of regime change or the war on drugs. My hat goes off to the counterprotesters in El Paso. They speak the truth while as usual Trump lies. Look, why can’t the bastard do something useful for a change and go rake the fucking forests in New York to prevent forest fires? What a dumbfuck he is.


Dumbfucks like him are blinded by their hate and greed.

His time is gonna come.

Sooner or later.


One of my Vietnam war comrades hails from San Antonio. He would be late sixty’s, early seventy’s. A somewhat common name, but perhaps you have known him. Carlos Rodriguez.
Likely saved my life once.


I know a lot of Rodríguezs but not Carlos right off hand. I’m sure he’s a damned nice guy if he’s your friend though:)


I’m trying to figure out where that piece of cake with a strawberry on top came from by my screenname??? I sure didn’t put it there and it appeared overnight???


Today, February 12th, is your anniversary here at Common Dreams Dawg.


Like you’re post, but you shouldn’t have named you’re friends with shacks supplied with water and food for border crossers. It’s a tip-off to ICE and INS, others have been arrested and now convicted for doing the same thing. I know you didn’t name them outright, but looking at land records, it wouldn’t be hard for the govt. to figure out where this ranch is. In todays world, it pays to be cautious.


Actually Pony I’ve been here since 2005. They’ve just changed comment formats several time and each time they do I get a new anniversary date :wink:


You are an old-timer, aren’t you?


That happened to me too. Also i had to get a new moniker. Do you remember kem patrick? And galen?


Although I am white and can’t perceive any border emergency here in El Paso, either now or for the last 60 years I’ve lived here, please notice how this crowd reflects the actual 80% Mexican-American population of this city rather than the mostly white Coliseum crowd, a quite large number of whom drove in from distant places.