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Nearly 20 Dozen Groups Demand Biden Cancel All Federal Student Debt on Day One by Executive Order

I screwed up above, it’s called The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.


I used to be an engineer, and I can tell you about “prevailing wage”.

Corp advertised a position requiring 5 years experience in a technology that has only existed for 2. Paying $20,000. Naturally, they can turn down the few people desperate enough to apply for it because they are “unqualified”. Now they have an excuse to bring in some poor wage slave H1B1.

As a side benefit, they get to further drive down salaries for citizens trying to pay off exhoribant student loans.


Reading through both the 1965 act and its reauthorization and modification in the 2008 act, there are multiple categories of federal student loans and borrowers that are routinely eligible for federal student loan debt forgiveness and cancellation at the discretion of the office of the Secretary of Education, and a large range of conditions and circumstances (both detailed and exigent) which allow the Secretary of Education to grant student loan debt forgiveness/cancellation. On the grand scale of a general federal student loan debt amnesty the SoEd would likely need the support of (at the least) an EO declaring a general economic emergency which included (among other things) a request for the SoEd to provide economic relief through Federal student loan debt forgiveness. Ideally, however, better support would be a joint declaration of a federal economic emergency by either, or both, houses of congress and the White House, along with a slate of necessary economic remedies (which included federal student loan debt forgiveness as one such remedy). But if such a joint resolution were possible, it is unlikely we would be in such a dire economic emergency in the first place. The real questions revolve around whether or not supporters of federal student loan debt forgiveness are willing to expend the political capital to accomplish that goal, and that largely depends upon how much of the electorate are willing to reward those who risk their careers to support general federal student loan debt forgiveness coming to pass.


I couldn’t agree more - he (or she) just shouldn’t have the cost picked up by other people. It’s entirely voluntary on the part of the plumber.

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But what if it takes more than “a college degree” to get a decent job, what if it takes a PhD like level of education, plus having carved out a niche in some area, becoming one of a very few or even the go to person in the entire world for that thing.

Thats whats happening in the world of science. Which is the only profession that is likely to continue in importance into the distant future. Like it or not, most things that get done again and again CAN and will be automated, if they havent been already. Soon. And lots of the generic creation of new stuff will be too. I rem,ember sitting in the office of a friend - now it must have been more than two decades ago and her showing me the in-house software her firm, a large architecture firm used to create the plans for the buildings it designed for clients all around the world. It was incredible, I still have not seen anything like it since. It allowed you to input the site data and it generated the plans for the entire building, order in which it would be built and even the BOM for all the different building materials that went into it. At that time, and keep in mind this was in the late 1990s so it was a LONG time ago, this tool would generate realistic renderings of the building in its natural setting including walk through animations. They were working on adding virtual reality to it - then.

This is how buildings are built now. It wont be long before the actual assembly is automated so it will be able to be done much faster.

lt’s only the doing of critically important new stuff that wont be.

Our people aren’t ready for that world. The idiots in Washington are still pretending its the 1970s or 1980s, in order to spend all that money on the military, which is pure profit and no adult supervision.

Probably because they have committed to outsource the rest, and don’t want people realizing that they traded THEIR jobs away.

So then we just don’t build any infrastructure, to avoid the anger people will feel when they realize that we’ve been sold out. They happily let people mistakenly think its still the distant past, in order to avoid the day of reckoning for what they’ve done.

Its the same with healthcare. But people are dying. So what if they are determined to outsource the care of the poor, at least THEN they get care.

Something is around as broken as anything could possibly be in Washington. And both parties are totally fake and deeply guilty in the commission of this huge crime.

When will people stop being fooled by this sham farce in Washington?


Greenwich, it shows how little you should read into people’s psyche based on posts on particular topics.

  1. Everyone makes choices, although those choices may be severely limited. There are costs involved in college - at more than 2x the rate of inflation for decades due to the Higher Education Establishment. However, college remains a voluntary decision, and those who either choose to forego it, or pick lower cost establishments should not be forced to subsidize others.

  2. As I noted earlier, I agree that student loans should be dischargable in bankruptcy. But, as I also noted, that would doubtless increase the cost of such debt even further, due to the greater risk attached to the loan.

  3. Neither banks nor governments deal honestly with citizens. No disagreement. Expecting either to operate for the benefit of citizens is self-delusional. Banks operate for bankers, governments operate for the benefit of the governors.

  4. No argument on the Fed either. Created by bankers for bankers.

  5. On the personal side, I have nothing at all against the arts. One of my kids is a musician, one is a visual artist, and I dabble in writing music. What I am saying is that if you’re going to borrow money, you need to consider how you are going to pay it back. If you borrow $200,000 to go to college, and the degree that reflects your personal passion is only going to pay $30,000/year, you’re going to have a difficult time making your loan payments. Conversely, if you’re making $60,000, it’s going to be easier, and if $100,000, easier still.

  6. Finally, as far as being “in denial of all the corporate corruption/Elite corruption”, I refer you back to another comment I made in this thread:

the game being rigged since the time of Sumer

I don’t see how that constitutes being “in denial” about anything.

Thanks Trakar for the detailed information.

The biggest 3d printed building | Oct 24, 2019

GAME CHANGER. Apis Cor is happy to announce the recent huge project! Hired by Dubai Municipality we 3D printed the 2-stories administrative building. That’s the biggest building ever 3D printed on-site! The project is unique and groundbreaking and opens a new chapter both in the concrete 3D printing industry and construction industry. The main goal of the project was extensive R&D work dedicated to testing the equipment under harsh climatic conditions, developing the 3D printing material and construction technologies, and testing the equipment during a long period of time. The next project are scheduled in California and Louisiana as part of affordable housing initiatives.

They cannot do lots of things so its doubtful that it can literally be extruded in its totality. For example, what about the wiring and plumbing.

On the other hand, using huge drones to assemble the structural elements of huge buildings, even skyscrapers is probably just a very few years away.

That will be done by software, and involve pretty amazing precision, considering the scale. the key technology is a very precise kind of DGPS that’s accurate to less than 2 centimeters.

Its used by and probably familiar to many because its used to guide a lot of agricultural robotics and UAVs today.

I could have told you that would happen. Unless she was literally already the expert, just lacking the degree, I wouldn’t have done it.

Jobs in the numbers as we knew them are going away, for good, they will never come back. The default will become unemployment fairly rapidly, the jobs that are left will be traded away to other countries as parts of trade deals. This has already been going on for a long time but for various reasons, its been limited to tiny numbers so really only a few fields have been impacted. But not for long. Too much money is involved for the decent pay of US workers to last much longer. Just like slavery was a huge corrupting influence in the past, modern slavery and its indentured servitude like global temping is today.

Welcome to the future they predicted. Governments are all desperately maneuvering to do various things in this new world.

What are we doing? Do people really want to know? You might not.

It should be obvious, but people are being deprived on the info they need to know it.

Our government is trying to shed all its moral hazard. Its responsibility, Among other things. And its trading jobs for things that make our rich people lots of money, like more extreme and greedy IP policies in other countries, Starting decades ago we and many other countries put different kinds of jobs up for trade. Let me make it clearer, in exchange’ we’ve put your jobs, and my jobs, and our children’s future jobs especially - if taxpayers money is involved even just a little - once public or highly unionized jobs- especially, in dozens of areas, on the table. The negotiations have been many and lengthy. But now it finally looks like its about to begin - if only because so many different proposals and rules and processes seem to be converging on this huge job shift, and they all are aiming at the middle class. At the jobs currently making up a well paid middle class in many countries, especially the US. Thats why Macron was so mad at the US. Its why the G20 nations are so mad at us. They claim we are ‘protectionists’ for holding this process up.

If firms in other countries can do them for less, they may get a binding legal right to do them.

This is called “movement of natural persons”.

We need to appreciate education for its own sake because we’re heading into future where most ofn todays jobs will be unnecessary and 3/4 (at least) of the jobs done today will be done by computer enabled technologies and people will be few and far between in these businesses,

Huge spaces that used to be the workplaces of over a thousand people now might have maybe 25 workers. Their businesses operate all day and night. These workers never see one another while they are working. These are the factories of the near future.

Server and colocation facilities of big internet businesses are so large they boggle the imagination.

Now these buildings are so large we can see them from space, and they use up more electricity than many small countries. They are claimed to offer the solution for declining employment, the new digital economy. It creates many jobs but those jobs are occupied eliminating hundreds of times as many other jobs.

That’s a bald face lie if people actually mean that prosperity will return to the millions made redundant as brick and mortal stores close. they are missing the point, as that will neverhappen with the brain damaged burdensome ideology we have today.

technology saves people from having to do millions of jobs every year, do them at all. Its concentrating wealth at an exponentially increasing rate.

the entire point is, in most cases, to save labor.

TO free mankind from boring ‘drudge work’. That’s a gift to all, not to just a few. Don’t let them steal it, with their global grab.

Because the one thing technology don’t create lots of is lots of low skill jobs.

Profits, yes, jobs no.

The only way to go is up.

To stop worrying about dumbing down jobs that could not be dumber already, and literally to create a creative environment the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Untethered by greed. Sure it will be unpredictable and disruptive but that’s where we’re headed no matter what. Under our current system the job losses will eventually lead us to the unspeakable.

We’re staring into that abyss already, today. No, lets NOT go there.

We have to dump our fears and dive in to a world without limits and without the infantilizing stupidity of hierarchy obsessed corporations, oligarchs and politicians. Paradoxically, that approach will also generate lots of wealth, and it will be deserved wealth.

Ask any truly creative person.

BUT, the only way we do that is by making all the necessities of life free, but not in a way that encourages waste in any kind. Make our lives a holy quest for knowledge, and soon they will never end. That’s the key, then we will have to go into space, to satisfy that thirst for knowledge. and only then will we be ready for it.

That philosophy will take us to the stars, together. And we’ll be doing it together.

Staying on the path we are on today, we won’t last this century. We’ll self destruct long before then.

Elcil –

Not sure how you took my comment – PLEASE BE ASSURED I didn’t mean
it to be an insult. Far from it. What I was thinking is how difficult the world is
for younger people than it used to be. Too many things don’t work anymore.
Very little can be relied upon now. Everyone is walking around under a huge
right wing cloud. Young people can begin to blame themselves, though they
shouldn’t – they should know that difficulties have pretty much been created
for them for profit of others. My apologies, just in case.

Elcil –
I was born yesterday, Thank you for noticing.
as they say…
“out of the mouths of babes”

Hens Teeth –

They will drive down everything until we are all slaves –

Recall reading that Engineers were very definitely targeted –
and that the method they used was to educate/train more students in Engineering
than would be required – a glut on the market. Don’t know if that actually happened.
But the salary levels dropped, therefore. Many of the Engineers still working into the
80’s-90’s had been trained by the Military during WWII. Many continued on well past
age 65. We very often lose sight of the impact that has had on young people coming
into the job market.

I just also mention that – Well, look at Giuliani – the legal profession has also greatly
changed, imo. Look at Bill Barr. Primary goal, money – and look at the hours they’ve
worked. I’ve read that many gave up the profession – many seemed to have become
accountants. Don’t know where that profession is now – except for the many lawyers
we see working for the GOP to distort laws – like John Yoo and Gonzales working for
W Bush to create a demand for TORTURE. It’s also sickening. Not only am I frightened
for young people – but frightened of the world that’s being presented to them via media –
the true and the untrue.

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I was telling someone else here that I am misunderstood.
This happens in real life, all the time, so it isn’t the lack of verbal inflection and facial expression to decode my meaning. We exist at different wavelengths is all.
“I know how Andy Kaufman must have felt.” I said to Phred.

My point previously was that you made a good argument and to see it as the recipient would be awesome. I found your comment passionate. I visualize all of the commenters in my mind quite vividly and the replays are very descriptive.
Thinking I am funny and clever, I made an accurate but veiled remark,

I did not expect any response, which is normal, but you surprised me with yours.

Being young is relative to your age in this case, So I joked…

In real life we would have been laughing and (socially distanced?) high five-ing or slapping each other on the shoulder (depending on connection and/or level of intoxication?).
Another misunderstanding, I hope that clarified some.

The youth have a lot of work ahead of themselves to fix the damage done. I do not envy them the task but am optimistic because the level of knowledge they have.

I live in a place that former Soviet Union, Ukrainians especially, emigrants chose to settle.
A friend of mine was a mechanic with a degree in engineering. He took a job as a mechanic to pay for his degree. When he applied for an engineer position at his factory he was told by his boss that would be a big pay cut.
“There are not many mechanics, but everybody is engineer in Soviet Union” he said, laughing. Sounds better in Slavic accent, too. LOL.


Technology is actually making everything easier and cheaper and soon there won’t be any drudge work.

People SHOULD have LOTS more free time to spend with friends and families, after all we have earned it.

Some evil people feel very threatened by the changes, but the huge shift is actually a very good thing, long term.

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and we know how threatened animals behave…
that’s the cause of my concern.

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Don’t ask them any questions and they wont tell you any lies.

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Thank you Zed.

I happen to be buying new fishing poles for the family tomorrow.
I quess that’s OK.

I don’t follow what you are getting at, sorry.

Just like job ads in Ukraine, they likely want applicants to have no hangups, “no complexes” as they put it. That is if we want “the job” since we’ll be a country with so few of them, and baby has to eat.

“we’re nothing” to them. Just speed bumps on their highway to riches.


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OK -

Understand much better now –
and glad to see another poster who isn’t American and who can
bring us a view of ourselves as other nations see us.

Like the joke, as well –

Here’s one I like to remember – old Russian joke –

What’s the difference between Communism and Capitalism –

Answer –
Under Capitalism man exploits man –
Under Communism it is just the opposite –