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Nearly 20 State AGs to Sue FCC for Putting 'Corporate Profits Over Consumers'


Nearly 20 State AGs to Sue FCC for Putting 'Corporate Profits Over Consumers'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

FCC's vote to rip apart net neutrality challenged as blow to consumers and "everyone who cares about a free and open internet"


In the end, we all have to understand that Elites/right wing have always understood the necessity for them to control all media.
Any bit of truth shatters the myths of their lies and propaganda … like a pebble hitting a mirror.
This is why we have Operation Mockingbird which was being written two years before the end of WWII …
and why our journalists are being treated as “terrorists.”
The reality behind all of it is the murderous nature of Elites and their fascist system of Capitalism.


It would have been nice for the writer to have listed the 20 states…


There is a link in the article which lists them.


We are citizens, not consumers!


??? Yunzer wrote wishing there were a list in the article of the twenty states whose AGs have filed suit, and my response was that there is a link in the article which lists the twenty states. Hence I am totally baffled by your comment.


Power to the people! It’s in OUR hands now. Strike! Do not spend ONE penny over the internet.


From Article…
Republican FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly vowed to be “vigilant in identifying and pursuing” states that attempt to uphold net neutrality

Who are these corporate whores and how did they nestle themselves in government?


According to Pai, the big ISPs have no intention of interfering with people’s Internet access, even though they’ve been demanding a change to the rules which, in its most basic terms, would allow them to do just that.


Boo. Hiss. lol “consumer”. There’s that, “c”- corporate, weasel word again! Perhaps, if the believers (like myself and countless millions, all “citizens” - not “c’s”) in an “open Internet”, would use reality-based words, not weasels! Try tax-paying, working citizen, etc. WEASELS WEASELS WEASELS brought to We the People through ad-nauseum corporate tv and cable. An “open Internet” is a human right, no different than: Healthcare as a right. Non-gmo food as demand. A non-radionucllde-saturated environment rather than a still preventable, post-mutated world biome. Clean potable water in abundance. A stabilized atmosphere, oxygen-rich and fit to breathe.


This is “regulatory capture” at its grandest scale. An agency set up to regulate an industry, will tend over time to be taken over by the very industry it is supposed to regulate, because the industry has the focus, incentive, and resources to move its representatives into positions of authority within the regulatory agency. So, big Pharma gets its people posted to sit on FDA panels, Monsanto gets its people posted to fill positions at the USDA (among many other agencies), etc. Pai, a Verizon lawyer, is chair of the FCC.

The corporate sector as a whole, has produced a vast class of politicians, judges, academics, whole political parties, dedicated to endlessly expanding corporate control over every aspect of society and economy. They sell it as neoliberalism, they tell us it is good for us, and they pound us with the idea that “there is no alternative” (TINA).

The Trump administration is the clearest, crystallized concentration of billionaires and corporate ideologues ever to sit atop the US political system. But the rot has been spreading for decades, via both duopoly parties. “Regulatory capture” of the entire US political system, by rampant capital.


Massive “regulatory capture” indeed !

Losing net neutrality was one of the most pressing issues when TPP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as “trade deals” were being crafted.

Trump campaigned against TPP only because Bernie Sanders made it an issue and Trump’s campaign bosses knew that being against TPP was the essential to his “outsider” campaign persona.

Since January Trump and the GOP Congress have proceeded to sneak the regulatory capture components of the “trade deals” through the back door via decriminalization (fake news calls it regulation), attached to non-related legislation (tax cuts for example) and appointing Ashitpie to run the FCC.


Bring it on O’Rielly you Idiot


Attorneys General of California, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington

I’m still missing some


I see the link listing “nearly” 20 states doesn’t work any longer, but I remember that Oregon was one of them


And a big FU to Mike O’Reilly:

Email the cretin at: mike.o’rielly@fcc.gov

My brief message: So, Republicans are only for state rights when it suits their own agenda? FU.


Aw come on, you know they gotta be the blue ones.


Washington state ain’t goin nowhere Mikey, Whataya gonna do, send in the national guard to occupy the State Capitol?


Knowing the growing police state this administration is becoming, I wouldn’t put it past them.


They are future overpaid lobbyists!