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Nearly 3,000 US Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint: Reuters


Nearly 3,000 US Communities Have Lead Levels Higher Than Flint: Reuters

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A Reuters investigation this week uncovered nearly 3,000 different communities across the U.S. with lead levels higher than those found in Flint, Michigan, which has been the center of an ongoing water contamination crisis since 2014.

The investigation found that many of the hot-spots are receiving little attention or funding. Local healthcare advocates said they hope the reporting will spur action from influential community leaders.


The contamination that all of us suffer from whether lead or myriad other substances has been known for decades. It has dramatically increased since WWII.

Of course people thought this was solved because the media doesn't follow-up to help keep us informed.


Thank god for the bottling companies that bring us all this nice, clean water so we don't have to drink the filth that runs from our taps!!


They think it more important to spend 120 million dollars on a jet aircraft that is functionally obsolete so that they can kill poor people in the Middle East.

Here an article on one of the darlings of the US Navy. Rather then fix water pipes seeping lead they want to build ships that do not work.


Murder abroad; murder at home! This is disgusting beyond belief, beyond aprehension. Stop the wars. Stop funding the wars. Stop funding the spying on US citizens. Stop arming the world. Use the money at home on infrastructure repairs and renewable energy. These are the jobs we need to survive the future and "make America great again."


Any minute now, your government (Washington/Wall Street) will say with a straight face, Putin did it.



Capitalism kills. Lining up the ruling class for the guillotine is merely self-defense.


Yep. The very nature of Military spending makes it a superior form of wealth transfer to the 1 percent than is infrastructure spending.

Many of those water pipes are close to a century old. This means that once in place there fewer prospects for building more for the forseeable future.

Withy military spending , not only are things like a million dollar bombs always needed as those in inventory rained down on the worlds poor , but the next " grave danger to our security" is always around the corner needing a "new generation of weapons to deal with the threat"

Military spending is a cancer and like the Cancer industry itself ( treat it but please do not cure it ) generates huge profits for a small group of people.

As to those children with brain damage from the lead? It another business opportunity.


Sadly, high levels of lead contamination are not a recent phenomenon. Many areas have generational levels of lead poisoning -- which explains a lot.


I have heard that 90% of the USA's drinking water is reticulated through lead pipes. If this is the case then chronic low- level led poisoning must affect 90% of USAians.Could this explain the chronic violence in the USA?

As for that USS Zumwalt. At least it an 1890s style of ram bow to attack other ships with...................that ship is a sign of chronic madness.


Looking for the money?
The Military has it.


ninetynine wrote:

'Thank god for the bottling companies that bring us all this nice, clean water so we don't have to drink the filth that runs from our taps!!'

It all depends on your locale. Here in Philadelphia, PA, the tap water tastes great; there's zero lead plpe carrying water from the several reservoirs to the city's populace. The city prvides annual reports that give water contaminant levels, testing methods, etc. I would have less confidence in the quality of bottled water.


57 percent of all schools in Philadelphia were found to have lead in drinking water well in excess of federal guidelines.

Many of those schools still have unsafe drinking water and are concentrated in poor areas of the city. Lead in water was found at concetrations as high as 16000 parts per billion.

After the EPA stepped in and large-scale testing began in 2000, officials found 57% of schools exceeded the federal lead contamination limit. Around 17% of schools had lead contamination levels more than five times the legal limit. Researchers concluded: “Drinking water from school buildings may be a significant source of lead exposure for children in their formative years of development.”

The EPA forced the citoes hand to have those pipes replaced because the ciy of Philadelphia had some of the worst drinking water in the nation when it came to lead contamination and even today many schools do not have safe sources of water from their taps.

This artcile has Philadelphia testing as oneof the 7 worst cities in the US for lead in drinking water.

According to the newspaper, Philly is also one of 20 U.S. cities (including Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Milwaukee) that used the same water-testing methods that brought about criminal charges against three government employees in Flint, Michigan, in what was one of the worst public health catastrophes in the country.

This article details a class action lawsuit against the city for using faulty tests for lead in water.

From the artcile.

And despite estimates that 50,000 homes in the city are connected to mains with high-risk lead service lines, the city’s most recent tests included only 34 with lead pipes. In the previous testing cycle, just 27 such homes were tested. In 2005, only 20 homes with lead service lines were included in tests, documents obtained under open records requests show.

lead service lines are lead service lines.

Moore on the lawsuit charging a coverup.