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Nearly 4,000 Americans Died From Covid-19 on Wednesday as Trump Incited Anti-Democratic Insurrection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/07/nearly-4000-americans-died-covid-19-wednesday-trump-incited-anti-democratic

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Many observers look at the outbreak trajectories of UK and South Africa, where new, more contagious strains have broken out, as a preview of what’s ahead for USA.


The death-rate leaders are tangled up at present. Rollover the nation-names to see trajectories one at a time. Oversimplifying purely from the steepness of its trajectory curve, South Africa’s new mutation looks even more contagious than UK’s. Also: South Africa’s outbreak occurs in their summer months, which should relatively discourage the bug, they say.

Meanwhile, USA’s rolling 7-day average death-rate has leveled off for half a week. We expect USA to assume UK’s death-rate, as there’s little doubt USA has their mutation(s) by now. Some USA official admitted yesterday that we have virtually no variant-tracking in this country. As if you couldn’t tell.


Ranking is momentum-based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” (daily cases per 100K) & “immediate mortality” (the ratio of death to case tallies, analogous to case-fatality).

>                       JH     per-capita   immed
>                   positivity  newcases  mortality
>                       %          %%         %
>  1. Alabama          44.0       76.8       0.95
>  2. Idaho            54.1       61.2       1.28
> --- --------------------- ---------- ----------
>  3. Tennessee        22.4      103.3       1.13
>  4. Pennsylvania     40.9       65.1       2.22
>  5. Arkansas         22.7       81.2       1.60
>  6. Kansas           37.6       71.2       1.89
>  7. Arizona          16.4      100.6       1.19
>  8. Utah             22.2       80.8       0.47
>  9. Georgia          17.9       67.8       0.61
> 10. Mississippi      24.8       70.1       1.71
> 11. Oklahoma         20.0       80.4       0.77
> 12. Iowa             41.8       47.5       2.84
> 13. South Carolina   14.8       67.4       1.04
> 14. California       13.0       96.4       0.74
> 15. South Dakota     39.6       55.4       2.56
> 16. Kentucky         19.6       63.7       0.86
> 17. Ohio             18.5       71.8       0.92
> 18. Texas            18.2       58.3       1.18
> 19. Louisiana        13.1       60.3       1.26
> 20. Florida          12.4       56.4       0.85
> 21. Virginia         14.5       47.9       0.83
> 22. North Carolina   12.6       59.9       0.80
> 23. Nevada           16.0       71.6       1.48
> 24. West Virginia    11.0       73.9       1.64
> 25. New Hampshire    12.3       56.9       1.14
> --- --------------------- ---------- ----------
> 26. Indiana          12.3       74.7       1.63
> 27. Delaware          9.9       72.6       0.69
> 28. Massachusetts     7.1       70.3       1.27
> 29. Rhode Island      7.0       94.8       1.49
> 30. New York          7.0       61.4       1.11
> 31. Missouri         17.4       46.9       1.89
> 32. New Mexico       11.0       62.9       2.23
> 33. New Jersey        9.1       50.3       1.67
> 34. Connecticut       6.7       60.2       1.60
> 35. Wisconsin        11.4       52.2       1.52
> 36. Illinois          8.2       52.7       2.21
> 37. Nebraska          9.9       53.8       1.48
> 38. Maryland          6.8       42.4       1.64
> 39. Maine             6.8       34.0       1.08
> 40. Colorado          8.0       48.5       1.93
> 41. Wyoming           9.1       49.8       2.19
> 42. Washington        9.8       30.6       1.05
> 43. Montana          10.8       46.1       1.85
> 44. Michigan          8.9       37.3       2.82
> --- --------------------- ---------- ----------
> 45. D.C.              4.0       34.0       1.47
> 46. Alaska            5.1       50.9       0.66
> 47. Minnesota         6.9       41.2       2.10
> 48. North Dakota      6.1       43.0       2.95
> 49. Oregon            6.2       27.2       1.42
> 50. Vermont           2.5       17.2       2.25
> --- --------------------- ---------- ----------
> 51. Hawaii            3.4        9.0       1.08

We say the words about the results of the pandemic. But we don’t seem to grasp the seriousness, just as we have become uncomfortably numb with four years of trumpism.
People seem detached from a national personal involvement of country.
Dangerously, the deplorables seem to b the most animated, and will get the attention and press coverage, not the people talking about the GND, the economy, and unemployment.
Kind of like the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” syndrome.

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Scientists are monitoring a coronavirus mutation that could affect the strength of vaccine


And we must remember this is not just about human lives---- the escalation of the murdering of all life forms---- including the complex diverse life of ecosystems ----continues to escalate due to humans which if left unabated will become (has become?) the death spiral of all life on earth.

As extinction Rebellion said recently:

"The same people destroying democracy are the same people destroying the living world and the lives of millions of people who depend on it.

Yesterday the Trump administration auctioned off oil and gas leases in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge. A crime against humanity."

Re covid----it has been shocking to me how these variants have not been taken very seriously. Once again we’ve heard “the vaccines will most likely will work”. Repeating this over and over again gives people a false sense of security, imo.

As I’ve stated numerous times here, we cannot rely on technology to save us. From covid . . or from extinction.

We have this variant that is 50%? 70%? more transmissible and Minnesota is opening up bars, restaurants, public spaces soon.


Gee, hmm, it took violence in the Capitol in the face of over 360,000 people dying at the hands of kooks to declare something needs to be done. Pure LUNACY! “All are punished!” “ALL ARE PUNISHED!”

Amen. For one thing, non-fatal consequences of COVID are becoming a huge problem for humans. I browse around a bit, and find precious little written about all the long-hauler symptoms we hear of, which are so diverse they resemble the box of surprises you get from (commonly undiagnosed) Lyme disease.

For another thing, zoonosis is a two-way street. Humans get it from a civet and pass it to caged mink. Wild mink caught in Oregon, and other states, have tested positive for COVID. Well that’s it then, isn’t it? Now USA undoubtedly has a permanent wild reservoir where SARS-CoV-2 can luxuriate and mutate beyond any conceivable control, then return to infect us (the hemisphere, the world) at regular intervals.

Whatever you do, please avoid altercations with wild mink! I shouldn’t sound flippant. If you dig into the mess our mink-farms have become, it makes China’s “wet markets” look clean by comparison.


And not that it really matters at this stage but:


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“Insurrection or protest?”
“BLM…insurrection or protest?”

Protest - “An expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid.”

Insurrection - "An act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government."

Coup d’Etat - “typically an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power conducted by a dictator, a guerrilla military force, or an opposing political faction.”

Coups are created to install a person in power.
Revolutions are created to install new ideas in power.

Using the definitions provided,
It’s easy to see the BLM situations were protests, and
Yesterdays situation was a insurrection for a coup d’Etat attempt.
Most Coups’ are successful because they have military backing, thankfully that wasn’t the case here.

Most “Trumpers” are intellectually dumber than a bag of hammers, racists, or true fascists, this makes them very easy to manipulate. That they were fooled into following and putting their faith in Trump, with his life history of failure and narcissism proves this point.

We’ve known about the corruptibility of the electronic voting machines since they were introduced, both parties use their vulnerabilities to their advantage. What “Trumpers” are wanting to believe is their dear leader was the only one cheated in any given state, many times in states where other republicans won by sound majorities.
As someone smart enough to vote for Hawkins, you should be able to see the flaw in repeating their failed logic.

How to prevent commoners from storming the capital buildings. Bullet-prof, clear turrets, with swivel 50 cal. machine guns

Do you feel lucky crazed trumpistas?

Yesterday reminds a little of the 68 Tet invasion. The rioters being the Vietcong,
and the White House being the Saigon headquarters.

Your free to believe what you want, but the facts prove you are incorrect, the definitions I provided are from an online dictionary. Claiming the media is anti-trump, depends on what “media” your talking about, left MSM, right MSM, or alternative media. Right MSM certainly can not be called anti-Trump, as they parrot every lie he tells as truth and every failed business deal as genius, and his followers believe every word of it, despite factchecking proving the lies.
As a Hawkins voter, I’m surprised in your faith of Trump, and who said anything about me voting dem or gop?

And how many Americans died due to lack of access to health care?

They don’t even get counted. They aspire to become a statistic on a government chart.


ME/CFS organizations are trying to get the word out. But no one is interested in hearing from us.

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I can’t disagree with what you have written in this post, other than you must go back much further than Obummer. Every President since Carter, has bought into the neoliberal handbook, and “Trickle Down” economics, the same economic model (with a different name) Hoover used to create the great depression. We’re almost there again, but there’s no Roosevelt to dig us out of hole were in, nor the time on the environmental clock to get it done.