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Nearly 500K People Urge Congress to "Take Away Trump's Nuclear Football"


Nearly 500K People Urge Congress to "Take Away Trump's Nuclear Football"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Close to 500,000 people have signed a petition, delivered to Congress on Wednesday, that urges lawmakers to take President Donald Trump's finger off the nuclear button.


One hitch. Trump himself would have to sign the legislation.


There is the power of Congress to override a presidential veto.


Conscientious parents do not let their nasty little boys play with guns who can't seem to grasp what it means when they are told NO!. And this diabolical dimwit occupying the WH that chooses to "shoot from the hip" needs stern and firm guidance from the legislative arm...the sooner, the better. He has shown no sense of conscience, intention to make plans before acting, and apparently has a "hair trigger." SHUT HIM DOWN!



You'll make America look like hypocrites......


200-400 that are on subs, missiles and in planes. They are fourth or fifth in the world and have a massive CBW stockpile. The last time I looked, these were all called "weapons of mass destruction," but I don't hear any cries to bomb the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine and "take Netanyahu out." Money talks, BS walks.


Oh for God's sake! It's time to do away with THE nuclear football! How is it that anyone thinks it's acceptable for there to be ANY use of nuclear weapons? This proposal implies that it would be completely acceptable to use nuclear weapons IF there were a declaration of war by Congress. It is truly disturbing that 500K people are so unable to think beyond the absurdity that is Donald Trump.


To attribute the crime against humanity that is the use, possession and development nuclear weapons to Trump is ridiculous. Ever since the U.S. created the nuclear arms race, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens (and hundreds of U.S. soldiers), the U.S. has been the greatest criminal nation in human history.

Exactly when has the U.S. Congress, a critical mass of U.S. citizens or any U.S. president called for total nuclear disarmament? There is a higher probability that a rogue U.S. military officer (some have the power to push the button) or a computer malfunction will launch a nuclear strike than the Idiot of Orange. Let's cut the hysteria here and get back to some semblance of reality.


Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. The problem is that those 500K actually think they did something worthwhile and that they are "activists." This is how far we have fallen in the age of social media and cyber "organizing."


Why is new legislation required? All Congress needs to do is return to the Constitution. The Constitution is clear that ONLY Congress has the authority to declare war. If Congress had not been abdicating their Constitutional authority over the last several decades this wouldn't even be an issue. They could though very easily regain that authority if they wanted to do so.


"Furthermore, the single individual currently possessing the sole power to start WWIII is Donald J. Trump. "
"yet there is no check on Trump's ability to use the thousands of nuclear weapons at his command. His power to do so is absolute, and once he hits the proverbial red button there would be no take-backs."

Ummm, no... not sure if this lady is flat out lying or is totally ignorant. Probably the former.



This would be the football that Obama raised a trillion bucks to improve. It is to insure that the USA can carry out a first strike so great, so powerful that the pukes it lands on can not even respond. We the great American people win at war again. Okay, okay okay we can not really take over the enemies country or take their resources because everything would be radioactive for a while. But hay we would be the world's king. We can rule all countries and have access to all resources. Your children will belong to us now.


So Nadia Prupis reports that 500K stupid people would take the nuclear button away from Trump and give it to Congress. Let's think about that for a minute. So Donald is not to be trusted right Nadia? So lets all get behind giving that power to congress, you know folks like John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What could go wrong? Oh this is getting good.

The other thing that just might go wrong is that, as the first link points out, there is an issue around your survival that has to do with a countries ability to detect a nuclear launch and respond. In that case, maybe in the middle of the night, congress has 30 minutes to decide to launch a response. Of course, McConnell is talking filibuster and forming a committee, Feinstein wonders about profitability for the weapons industry, Pelosi wants to debate if there is enough profit in it for corporations. Yup it will work as well as our congress does. War over we lose.


The orange fascist is insane! He Must be removed from the nuke button, asap!
It is insanity to Not remove him!


Sounds reasonable to me. It should have been the law since the damned bombs were invented.


I believe that the term first strike was part of the plan, the revenge launch could be his choice since it is unlikely to do America any good.


It they decide to do this, they had best make sure that everybody that they need to do a final sign off will be there, be fully on board, and will sign when told. If they blow it, if it appears to the country that an over ambitious "liberal conspiracy" group has bitten off more than the country can chew, then the president's position will have been strengthened considerably..He would them have the entrenchment of an attack survivor would be and able to "prove" that Anti-whatever forces were out to get him and prevent him from making "his" America Great Again,

The current set of approaches: large demonstrations supplemented with comedic put down media mockery to "send him the message" that he isn't wanted here, and if he had any decency and class he would step aside -- it's not working. Traditional impeachment is too time consuming and only worked once.

Having him declared medically unfit to remain in office would depend on the "condition" that justifies the use of the 25th Amendment be bad enough that medical assessment agrees that the condition was permanent and that a recovery was not possible. That's a high bar to set. If it turned into another Eisenhauer heart attack and he were medically cleared to resume his presidency, we'd be further up The Excrenent Creek with our last and only paddle having been tossed overboard,


As more countries' nukes are launched from subs, the time to respond becomes significantly less than 30 minutes. Plus, I believe it's always been the fact that at least two individuals have to agree to launch.

The U.S. is encircling Russia and China with missiles that can quickly be converted from conventional to nuclear (if some of them haven't been already); and, Russia is correct to view this as a legitimate first strike threat to the country's security.


Only two presidents were impeached, one was Andrew Johnson and the second was Bill Clinton. Neither was removed from office. Nixon resigned before impeachment was initiated.


" It is insanity not to remove him."

Very,very true, but here is the problem: Mostly insane people run the Republican party, so Trump does not seem insane to the Republican majority.


His failure to sign will help us focus on the drunk monkey with a live hand grenade.