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Nearly 60 Female Lawmakers Demand Congressional Investigation into Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Trump

Nearly 60 Female Lawmakers Demand Congressional Investigation into Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The American people deserve a full inquiry into the truth of these allegations," write House members in joint letter. "We cannot ignore the multitude of women who have come forward with accusations against Mr. Trump."

I am happy to see this happen after Trump’s infamous quote “grab them by the pussy.” Trump is way out of line. I am also happy to see the congressional Democrats pressure Democrat Al Franken to leave office for the same type of conduct. You can’t go after Trump on this issue without confronting your own party’s sexual misconduct among Democrats first.

This misconduct has already been covered in the press extensively. Women are the majority of voters. Add that together with the non White voters and you end up with the concept that Trump is completely unwilling to serve women, and non white Americans - the large majority of Americans. So Trump is basically unwilling to serve the majority of Americans and should not be in the White House.


You’ve heard of ‘peak oil’ - the recognition of a BOUNDARY LIMIT - keeping in mind that it refers to geological condition that does not speak, demand, engage in fisticuffs (proverbial or otherwise) or remove incompetents or wrong-doers from positions of power.

We have sightings of new horizons and women have been proving to be the strongest early birds. Given this, it is safe to say that worms like trump have very, very limited options. To hell with the clap trap spouted by Bannon and his mirror kin on the opposite side of the aisle - which are now due to once again become multiple ISLES.

No more Ajit Pai agitprop

DIVERSITY is the tsunami that the media is clawing to prevent from breaking up its monopolistic hegemon


Nice Job, I guess I spoke too early yesterday requesting this exact position.

Thank You

We must at all turns hold the position which forces Trump’s resignation or impeachment.

At this point, nothing less will do

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You know that Trump is mentally unstable and an inveterate, pathological liar when he claims he did know any of this plethora of women and calls it more fake news that is being used by the democrats. Even if you grant Trump the benefit of the doubt that some are lying; the fact that he could make a statement that every women is lying, is just so disingenuous that it proves that Trump has his own reality; a delusional madman that belongs in a mental institution.


When do all the “leaders” who called for Al Franken to resign now call for Trump to resign?


60 female lawmakers does not a quorum make…nice start but may be a practice in futility, like so many Senate and House 'committee hearings." Takes the focus off the passage of the draconian “tax deformed” legislation, which just may slide through. As long as the GOP is in the majority, DJT is safe.


Even the Criminals got tired of Capone

Because he was infringing on their profits and territories…not only fellow criminals but the po-po , too.

I quote direct from Donald Trump’s mouth: "I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

How reassuring is that statement for Trump’s qualifications for the job as president? He is racist to the point of White Supremacy and he is sexist. Add that together and what you see is someone that cannot serve the majority of Americans in this country.

Let me reply for the delusional, Trump: You must have me mixed up with someone else! That guy in the video, doesn’t look anything like me!

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If you mean Repug. leaders, that would be never.
They would never throw another Repug. under the bus.

Or, he will claim Hollywood special effects put his image in the video.


Isn’t Ivanka Trump heading a committee on human trafficking? Why not tell President Trump we would like to communicate with Ivanka Trump on women’s rights issues, not him? Let’s put some real meat inside the subject of abuse of women in the workplace.

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How many bets that if they have a congressional investigation that it will be packed with Republican legislators, most being veteran sexists.and gropers.