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Nearly 60 Lawmakers Boycott Netanyahu Speech


Nearly 60 Lawmakers Boycott Netanyahu Speech

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enjoyed no less than 28 standing ovations during his 47-minute speech before the United States Congress on Tuesday morning, the resounding applause did not include the clapping hands of nearly sixty lawmakers who did not attend the controversial address.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders (Vt.) joined 56 Democratic lawmakers in the boycott, which was seen by many as snub to the powerful Jewish-American lobby group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).


While waiting for an article to appear here discussing this sorry chapter of American politics I read the reporting at the NY Times. There were 64 comments as of then and only about 5 were supportive of Netanyahu or the hardline policies of the Zionist faction of Israeli politics. I found that very surprising. And encouraging.

When I messaged my Senator, Sherrod Brown, urging him to boycott (which he apparently did not) I expressed my opinion that this stunt would likely hurt US/Israeli relations, and imo that could only be a good thing for everyone. Time will tell.


It feels significant to me both that fewer than half the Jews in Congress boycotted the appearance, but also that some felt sufficiently courageous to do it. It’ll be interesting to see whether the “refusniki” will be made to pay a price.


I was also saddened to see Alan Grayson’s name missing from the list.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Al Franken’s name.



The link clearly states that the 28 standing ovations were for his previous address to congress and not the current one that first paragraph implies.


Very sloppy amateurish journalism unfortunately shows itself all too frequently on CD. Do any of the staff’s article get fact-checked and proofread?


I am pleased to see that at least three House members from my state boycotted Net’s noisome rant. Have to check on my Senators. Wonder how Nettie would react to the Knesset inviting Biden, Kerry or the President to speak without consulting him or Rivlin (pres. of Israel)? Never happen. How loud and brash would this mouse that roars, ruts, struts and rattles sabres be without the massive amounts of foreign aid (#1 recipient), armaments, manufacturing/trade gratuities, and million$$$ from private donors (to build kibbutz in Gaza and West Bank while expelling/enslaving Palestinians in the process) be without the infusions from the U S? The Zionist voices would be silenced for the most part. And Nettie would certainly be deflated. With Nettie and other Zionists attempting to direct US policies in the Middle East (war/force without diplomacy) in concert with the AIPAC lobbyists exerting undue influence on members of the House and Senate (and acting with unbridled hubris by addressing Congress and bypassing international diplomatic protocol), they serve to foment anti-Semitism worldwide.

This from Meturei Karta (Guardians of the City): “The Zionists have deceived many well-meaning Jewish people via terror, trickery and false propaganda. They have at their disposal the use of a nearly universally subservient media. Whoever attempts to criticize them puts his livelihood and, at times, his very life in danger.” Speaks volumes.


Given the degree of secrecy, I am reminded that public opinion generally forms with the use of a rear-view mirror.
The time being bought with secrecy to implement actions to which we as a people are denied knowledge introduces, in my mind, a question as to what the actual, real circumstances are within which this stunt is exercised.
The lurid narrative of such a stunt by Netanyahu to boost his positioning / posing for Israeli elections equally calls for having the mirror turned domestically in yet another scornful bashing of protocols, which are in part a form of linkage intended in better times to serve as coherence between people and what are supposed to be a representative body.
When a ‘government’ treats what it ostensibly identifies as homo sapiens sapiens (self aware humans) with practices of homo dementis dementis (humans unaware that they are demented) there is a problem - and this seems to be going hand in hand with ‘globalization’ of extractive capitalism.


Hopefully this event will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the “special relationship” between the two fascist powers, the US and Israel.

One aspect of this entire drama I have yet to see mentioned is that Netanyahu’s belligerent attitude toward Iran, just like the American govt’s belligerent attitude toward Russia and so-called “terrorists”, is first and foremost his way of avoiding very real domestic issues. The Israeli “middle class” is being squeezed by skyrocketing housing costs.

Just like in the US, where crumbling infrastructure, excessively expensive education, and the general breakdown of social services threaten us all, our “leaders” are intent on focussing our discontent outward rather than facing the music here at home.


Israel’s attack on the USS LIberty in the Six Day War in 1967 did it for me. To this day there has been a cover-up.

Add to this the U.S. allowing Israel to steal U.S. nuclear technology and to build hundreds of nuclear weapons and to play their little “wink, wink” games with the world as to whether or not they have them.

The on-going occupation of Palestine, the continuous “mowing of the lawn”, building of illegal settlements, the secrecy and spying.

Honestly, I do not understand what one single American citizen would have the cause to support this “state”.

I am disgusted with Obama and every member of Congress who continue to play nice with Israel. I see through the war-mongering and hate, why don’t they?


Every one of “my” Reps (I did not vote for any of them)) showed up and after getting one of those talking points letters from the Congressman of my area I decided to write another one to him–sending it out to local papers this time and directly to him-- using most of his points and the fact he completely bypassed my concern over the derailment of the Iranian nuclear talks. I included a number of links from Israeli sites including the recently leaked Mossad report. So, yeah, I hope this is the end of a beautiful friendship but the pressure must come from us. If we can get 4 million people to save the internet surely we must need get many more to save our home planet.


He wants the US to take out his strategic rival. And the americans are such dumb asses they let him talk them into it.

Imagine that! in the 21st century another country has made the US fight its local wars.


I know for certain that Iran does not have the Bomb, nor will it have one in the foreseeable future. How do i know? Because BIbi hasn’t nuked them yet.
We here in the USA find ourselves between a rock and a very hard place. We have armed Isreal to the teeth, including nuclear weapons and state of the art ICBMs. We used them as our watchdog, always looming over the oily emirates.
But what happens when the oil is gone, and the only purpose we have for Israel disappears? Israel’s govenrment grows more radical and paranoid every year. As they collapse they just might fire them all off at everybody they always held as the least bit antisemetic.
Look at their actions of the last fifty years. Yes, the isrealis are that petty.


Yeah…I called my congressional delegation, too, both before and after nutenyahoo’s appearance. There’s an expression in Spanish that I told the receptionists: don’t go putting wings on scorpions…that’s exactly what our esteemed Congress (minus 60?) did by going to listen to that “man.” I don’t know whether I’m more repulsed or scared…


I’ve said this many times; Netanyahu and most of the Likud belong in rubber rooms playing with soft toys, not strutting about on the world stage fomenting hatred and warfare.


Don’t worry sheldons,morgans, rotschilds own in full senators and congressmen. The so called democracy is is their hands.Dog won’t bait the dog



Did Bibi the Ripper forget to bring his cartoon bomb cartoon? No Congressman today will fall for the WMD lie without a big poster showing a bomb with a short fuse!

Come to think of it, Nut-and-Yahoo IS a cartoon!


Pakistan, India, Israel and China all have nuclear weapons. None of these countries has used them. Why is Iran any more likely to use nuclear weapons than any of these countries. And - who gave the US the authority to decide who may have nuclear weapons? Since when are we the ultimate arbiter of international disputes?


If any of my fellow CD readers happen to hold a US law degree, please take the time to explain to me why no one has called for John Boner to be arrested and charged with subversion. The US Constitution charges the president with forming the country’s foreign policy, the Secretary of State with implementing foreign policy and the Congress with advise and consent for treaties. PM Nutsandyahoos made it quite clear in an interview in Israel before he traveled to Washington DC that it was his intent to stop the US and Iran from forming a treaty concerning Iran’s so called Nuclear weapons program. Knowing this should have been enough of a warning to Boner that it was Bibi’s intent to interfere with amerikan foreign policy thus giving him enough fore warning to cancel the speech. As far as I’m concerned you could take all of the other representatives and senators in the House chambers yesterday and charge all of them with collusion! (I would also question the loyalty of any elected amerikan official who attended that speech) Forgive me, but it pisses me off when I end up having to defend Slick Oily!
Another thing that angers me is how easily the amerikan people forget that the last several National Intelligence Estimates (NIE) have said that all 16 amerikan government intelligence agencies agree that Iran discontinued it’s nuclear weapons program back in 2003. Everything they are doing today as far as nuclear research and enrichment is concerned is all allowed under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. So why are we forcing them into this treaty?
Last, but not least let us remember that on September 12, 2002 Nutsandyahoo’s testified before congress as an expert witness on Iraq’s nuclear weapons program and how accurate that testimony turned out to be! Nuff said!


I guess Alan Grayson doesn’t really have the balls he’d like us to think he has! No different than the rest of them, mostly; blowing smoke oha.