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Nearly 60% of Americans Support Extending Boosted Unemployment Benefits as Trump and McConnell Say Let Them Expire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/nearly-60-americans-support-extending-boosted-unemployment-benefits-trump-and

The fact that so many people lost their employment over night, makes this a special animal. In this case the huge number of unemployed effect the general population in ways that a single job loss or layoff would not. Mitch, this is a crisis, not a normal unemployment swing.
We know, no steak off your plate eh Mitch.

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Dumber than a sack of hammers.
Go right ahead corporate bitch, I mean mitch … see how that effete elite-I’ve-got-mine thingie plays out given the reporting on the Fed shenanigans, the financial system so fraught with fraud, the entire country Fed (get the drift?) up with institutionalized abuses like racism, militarization of police, the ilk of killer-for-hire blackwater sis stealing from students etc… you know … the news cycle thats ‘not fit to print’; attacks on those who speak truth to power; your buds in the Flint crisis…

Yeah Mitch - sure beans buddy … go for it and see what happens.

Wakeie wakeie mitch… wake up and smell the coffee


Let’s have trump & McConnell expire instead.


I don’t think their issue is even about forced labor. They just are mad to see the permanent underclass finally get thrown s bone and are bitter.

Just be born rich like Trump or marry a billionaire like McConnell. Problem solved.

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Extend the benefits for TWO YEARS and give the unemployed a chance to survive.

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No, its not a special animal, its going to happen a lot, more and more all the time, coronavirus is totally predictable because people are traveling more as part of their employment, working on the other sie of the world will become the default, as its so much cheaper that way.; Its part of the price we have to pay for getting workers for a third of the price.

In every possible way, as we move into this century everything becomes more and more unpredictable, except that change will increase… exponentially…

This is why the rich see it as essential to transfer all that risk to the poor, and all the assets from governments or people whose skills and essential worker status is no longer essential, (there being lots others willing to do the work for less) this allows wages to plummet and allows them to transfer more wealth to… themselves. they see all promises that are desirable to break from an economic argument as being breakable and desirable to break. They also see ll value created by or in the names of the poor as being wasted on them, if it appreciates in value.

They are also the idea of the public domain on principle, beleiving that there should be noublic domain, that every good even breathing the air or drinking water should come at a price and if the person does not have it they should not have that breath or sip of water.

Really, At neoliberalism’s core lies argumants like that, maybe not spelled out but implicit in thei behavior. So basically, its capitalism, but turned into a monster thats totally unfamiliar to normal people.

Whats also in the process of being lost is the core element of the social contract in the past, that government would act in the interests of natural people its citizens. Nowhere does it say that in writing. However, FTAs do require and they are in writing, that governments fulfill some formal obligations to investors and other countries. THOSE OBLIGATIONS NULLIFY EVERYTHING THAT PEOPLE EXPECT THEM TO STILL DO BUT WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KEPT IN A STATE OF IGNORANCE INTENTIONALLY, BY POLITICIANS WHO CONSISTENTLY PRETEND THAT THEY STILL CAN AND WILL DO THEM.

This is why GATS (which we and several EU countries basically wrote) outlawed all different things that governments could previously do to cushion people from the most brutal aspects of capitalism, framing many as kinds of thefts of business opportunities (more recently, trying to frame this as a helping of the poor by trying to attach profit makingto a north vs south argument- helping the poor get healthcare then becomes a taking of/from businesses in poor countries which otherwise could provide cheaper services…

All calamities for people are spun into a transaction of one kind or another, in the favor of large corporations, or smaller ones, for the poor, who might demand higher interest rates, but are willing to take on debts with a lower probability of repayment, As they iare parts of the benefits of doing business, are they not?

How could we get foreign banks and insurance companies to invest here (the ones least accountable to our government, because they are based in other countries) were it not for protection from government interference in the most profitable moments for them. Certainly, the US population is also a particularly unsophisticated user of financial services so potentially very profitable place to involve themselves

According to president Trump, they are only getting what they deserve. people went into debt and they knew that that meant that if they missed payments they would lose their investments.

This coming as it does from a man who has used bankrutcy to discharge his own debts. So basically, we’ve created a whole new amoral system by stealth and made it into laws, which not only legalize the worst kids of extortionate business tactics, and policies, it claims they are more desirable. more ‘efficient’

Turning it into internatioal treaties and binding laws that subsume our own nations’ laws, with so called global economic governance organizations like the WTO.


Trump wants to minimize the period the government says people cant work, even if its dangerous. Not only because its expensive paying hospital bills for the sick, you know.

They are more on the side of corporations, even thretening Mexico for demanding the closure of maquiladoro plants where many people had died because it allegedly denied American investors of the benefits of using their expensive investment.

Read up on pandemics and ISDS, force majeure, etc.

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Did Mitch get that mask at the pet store? I think they have a reptile section.


They actually are only allowed to give most help during emergencies, and also they are supposed to export a lot of jobs soon so its likely lots of people wont work again. The coronavirus must seem like a gift from heaven to them because it gives them all a scapegoat - they were planning the job export for decades so thats not new. Americans are just too expensive.

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They already used up the last emergency and at a meeting of G20 in Hangzhou a few years ago pledged to end the protectionist measures. So all the things that prevent the GATS agenda, like the ACA which protected US jobs a bit longer, (to a total of 10 years) likely is expiring.

I don’t know, I just made that up right now as one of several operational theories, but just trying togive people an idea of how it works.

To understand that people have to understand there is a standstill, read it here,


that is important that freezes financial servces regulation, (limiting all kinds of things involving money which reduce the profits of banks, even foreclosures) in the case that effects us, created a ceiling on new regulation effective Feb 26, 1998.

Additional regulations in FSs including insurance are supposed to be frozen at that level and so only deregulation is permitted. Any deviation from that guideline has to be limited in scope, time, and in every possible manner in order to be “not more burdensome than necessary to ensure the quality of the service” Also, every two years they meet and put pressure on one another to eliminate them. This is the world of fact. Not the world of fiction, as far as I can tell.

Most of what we read in the media, and to an only slighly lesser extent even the frames we repeat endlessly in places like this one are wrong, often dangerously wrong, which is why nothing ever works out as expected. We’ve been deprived of the essential information we need to know to fix this. Which is the trade deals that now hold the power to determine what we do and even things like who gets to do things, like render those services. We keep wanting things to make sense in our framing, and unscruulous politicians are only too willing to tell us all will go our way if we only vote for them, but its bullshit, it wont, until we understand what they have done and assert our rights in this planet. Which is ours too. (They are so happy they have managed to convince us, the other owners that only they are the owners, when its total bullshit)

Oherwise we’ll soon be extinct.

And even when we do all the things that we used to do - which worked then, we no longer are successful because the underlying structure has changed in ways we dont understand.

We have to wise up to deals like GATS, and newer ones like TISA even if they are terrifying and alien to us. Or we’re toast, we’ll lose everything thats important to us. They are stealing the country and planet and if we let them there is only one outcome thats likely, a huge loss to all of us, even them. (because they are delusional and stupid and dont understand basic facts like that its not a zero sum game at all).

The world now, though, still is almost 100% “of by and for” its richest people.

because weve been busy living our lives while they have been busy cooking up schemes to steal the planet, Which creates an impossible situation guaranteed to end badly, which we all may not even survive.

Deals like GATS changed everything. - they just did.

And most of them dont care if our lives fall apart. They dont, its not personal, they wish us well, somewhere else.

they just care that they get the value out of their investments they paid for. They will happy fire all of us and bring in people from the cheapest countries, buying up the houses at fire sale prices if we dont want jobs, (thats how they would frame it even if they would never set fot in those factories out of fear of coronavirus)

. We’ll all have to crawl away into obsurity, maybe after living in a tipi or cardboard box for a few years.

that was their plan already. before Coronavirus.

They saw wages as having to fall simply because automation makes jobs scarcer.

The only reason that I see for the arsonist thief McConnell to wear a face mask is that he has “miles to go” in enriching himself, impoverishing his native Kentucky and finish destroying the Union.

For some irony from the looting class:


‘Appalled’— Here’s what Wall Street CEOs are saying about the killing of George Floyd and protests rocking US cities

And from those who were the original victims of capitalist looting:

“America Has Looted Black People. We Learned It from You” Says Women’s March Activist Tamika Mallory


All those tax cuts to the rich was the looting of the working class. That money must be funneled bak to the unemployed. Rescind the taxes and raise them to Eisenhower levels.

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I don’t mean we are too expensive, I meant that kind of sarcastically, US businesses already for the most part are quite profitable, its just a particular quirk of the neoliberals’ ideology that they feel that wages should be falling and they have a problem with the idea of sharing profits with all their employees, even when they are doing well. Neoliberalism is not the norm that it wants us to think it is. Its a cult like fringe grup, although one with a disproportinate amount of power, too much power. This is NOT the dominant attitude in the America I have worked in. I’ve had fairly good work experiences. I honestly think many executives of successful companies would be as horrified at whats being done in our names as most of the rest of us would be, so that puts whats happening in the GATS and similar deals if one digs a bit into them, squarely in the abberant behavior category. So maybe the government ISNT doing what the corporations want, after all, even if they think they may be.

McConnell and Trump: $adists R Us.

Meanwhile, in news from the actual opposition, Chris Hedges is running for Congress as a Green.


Aww, bummer. Chris Hedges had to withdraw from his run for Congress due to FCC rules.