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Nearly 800 Quebec Doctors Demand Their Pay Raises Go To Nurses, Improving Healthcare Overall


Nearly 800 Quebec Doctors Demand Their Pay Raises Go To Nurses, Improving Healthcare Overall

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hundreds of doctors in Quebec, Canada are asking the Ministry of Health to cancel a proposed pay raise it wants to give them, imploring the government to instead redirect the funds to other healthcare workers and patient care in the province.


A sprout of organic socialism–cool. Right on docs.


Kudos to those doctors!


Can’t upset the existing medical system health scam, keep all involved happy and paid well. All doctors have to be millionaires? Dentists too?What other job pays so much to practice pushing chemical drugs or the Vegamatic chopper on anyone who breathes.


Oh no, another horrid example of socialism at work. I guess the USA will have to invade Canada if this keeps up.


Very impressive indeed.


Ase! Aho!

If only M.D’s here had the chutzpah to stand up for their patients, rather than their status and wealth! A substantial movement toward a health care system worthy of that name could quickly result.

Alas, here in my area, I see no such seeds of integrity germinating. Instead, I see physicians worrying more about defending their dominance and covering their butts than deploying their privilege on behalf of those they’re called to serve.

That’s what happens when you accept—and profit handsomely from—the oxymoron of for-profit “health care”.

It rots you from the inside out. It destroys your integrity, your heart, and eventually, your soul.

Thus, medical doctors who rape women as they’re sewing them up after birth. Who abuse children entrusted to their care. Who talk about the Super Bowl while performing Cesarean sections, and then expect gratitude from the mothers and their families for the miracle of “surgical birth.”

May allopathic medicine be thoroughly transformed, along with its dis-eased parent, mental supremacy!

May we awaken to, and support, the real doctors in our communities, regardless of their “credentials”! Because if we wait for M.D.s here to bring us real health care, we’ll wait a long time.

Haven’t we waited long enough?


It is ridiculous what dentists charge.


Thoughtful response by doctors … for the benefit of patients, themselves and the system of care there.


What civilized looks like.


Too many US physicians are not much more than drug pushers (I know this experientially) and this arrests their imagination as to solutions for patients who cannot tolerate drugs. Money corrupts everything.

An excellent post I might add, so thanks.

Consider organizing for Improved Medicare For All if you don’t already.


Sign up for the free conferences.


This is a beautiful selfless act by the doctors of Quebec.


Rather than simplistically blame - ONLY - the dastardly pharmaceutical and insurance industries It would be truly inspiring to see PNHP take a similar mensch-like tact.
In our distant past, we had Henry Ford decide to pay his workers fair wages. Today, we have Warren Buffet endorsing progressive taxation and Nick Hanauer dissing the deceit of supply side economics.
The exceptional leadership exhibited by Artie T. of Market Basket rather than enjoying widespread recognition by democratic politicians has been lost in the memory hole. Unfortunately though, most pro-worker discussion is pretty much kept on the down low. I have 1000 TV channels and (like our political parties) not one is pro-labor
We need some heroes to speak truth to power.


I Love Canada!