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Nearly All Americans Want to Get Off Fossil Fuels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/14/nearly-all-americans-want-get-fossil-fuels

Thanks for reminding us of some of these positive numbers Basav !

But the psychology that is allowing this ridicule of democracy to continue escapes me.

What is half the population thinking ?

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“In short, almost 90% of us support transitioning off of fossil fuels - including over half of republicans, whose elected officials overwhelmingly support the industry.”

With climate change breathing down our necks, and so far, giving us a taste of what’s instore for the near future, the above statement couldn’t be a better example of how unresponsive Congress is to the will of the people.

They have been spooked by the GOP insisting on FEAR of the left. No issues needed. Fear of the left is all that is required and Fox Noise leads the charge with fear of the other.

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Seriously? In theory maybe, but almost half of all US households cannot afford a $400 emergency. How then will they afford an electric car and solar panels? I’m sorry but I do not believe that Americans are ready, or willing to give up their gas-guzzling cars, which by the way, get bigger and bigger each year. Why is there never anything about population control in any of these polls?

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The world must hear that “getting off fossil fuels” is something that
must happen immediately –

and same for ending animal-eating/dairy –

Plants are not only our foods they are our medicines/our drugs –
they are the models for all drugs – without the serious side effects.


Everyone should understand the endless uses for this plant, from rope to
paper, from food to fuel, from building small huts to putting up large buildings.
It makes everything – Clothing, plastic –

Just one war-for-oil, the war in iraq, would have paid for enough solar panels or windmills to power every household in america. Think about that when you pay your utility bills !

Its called abortion.