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Nearly Four Eco-Defenders Killed Per Week in 2017 Amid 'Ruthless Scramble' for Resources

Nearly Four Eco-Defenders Killed Per Week in 2017 Amid 'Ruthless Scramble' for Resources

Julia Conley, staff writer

Nearly four people per week were killed in 2017 while defending their land and the environment from what environmental and human rights group Global Witness calls "the ruthless scramble for natural wealth."

A new analysis by the group counted 197 victims of the quest by miners, poachers, and agribusiness to take control of land around the world in order to sell natural resources—but believes many more deaths have likely gone unreported.

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It really is turning into a war for people wanting to preserve a modicum of the “natural” from the ravages of extraction leaving nothing but death and destruction of ecosystems in their wake. People have an inherent right to protect Earth, even with their lives if necessary. Right now it’s a race against time to save humanity from the razing of industrial capitalism, to save Earth and her current crop of amazing beings. Polar caps are melting, oceans have dead zones and millions of tons of plastic waste killing all sorts of beautiful creatures all because it’s easier to throw garbage in the water instead of dealing with the waste in an environmentally friendly way. There needs to be a shift in perspective and stop calling these defenders criminals. It’s the multi-national criminal corporations doing criminal actions with profit their only motivation. This has to change if humans are to survive. Keep fighting the good fight for Earth and her children.


“we hope that our work helps to end levels of impunity that have emboldened the perpetrators of violence and in most cases, allowed them to literally get away with murder.”

They didn’t literally get away with murder. They have actually been getting away with murder.

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Sorry, you brought out the pedant in me with that one. They mean the same thing.

Sometimes we say “she got away with murder” when we mean she got a fat divorce settlement, or “it’s raining cats and dogs”—those are figurative. “Literally”—frequently misused, so your confusion is understandable—means that the words reflect reality.

The perpetrators are literally, actually, getting away with murder. Hope that helps. :sunglasses:

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Of course, when a right wing “activist” as much as much as gets arrested for a misdemeanor charge of rioting or vandalism or the like in Venezuela, the US Govt and the media scream and scream "Human right outrage! Human rights outrage!!!

The Multi-NaZional Korporations get away with murder because more and more people are fighting over fewer and fewer resources, so the price – and the profits – keep going up.  Even if population could be stabilized at present levels, we’d still be using up renewable resources faster than Mother Earth can replace them, and we are using up non-renewable resources so fast that there are going to be critical shortages of the materials that support our so-called “civilization” by the middle of this century.  The ONLY long-term solution is to lower our birth rate per thousand well below our death rate per thousand for many, many years.  If we don’t do this hu­manely – starting quite soon – Mother Nature (or Tweetle-Dumb & Little Rocket Man) will increase the death rate rather IN-humanely, and by a very large number . . .

Are you talking about “our” previous administration or the current one, and about the corporate-controlled MSM or the billionaire-controlled faux “news”?   IMHO, publicly “caning” punks who commit vandalism isn’t all bad.