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Nearly Half of Trump Voters Still Parroting Call to Ease Libel Laws


Nearly Half of Trump Voters Still Parroting Call to Ease Libel Laws

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Almost half of the people who voted for President-elect Donald Trump say they support taking legal steps to make it easier to sue the media, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by Morning Consult for the Washington, D.C.-based public relations firm Glover Park, found that 49 percent of self-identified Trump supporters say the courts should change libel laws in a way that would allow public figures to sue news outlets for unfavorable or allegedly false coverage.


Well the media is broken, ownership in how many hands? Six? They are profit seekers, not truth tellers, not anaylsis, not working in the interest of this country and all people.
Break up the media conglomerate and turn it back to the public and local ownership.

I am sure Trump has a different plan for the media, he's a con man and they give him how many free hours of Trump all the time. The media was conned, the delirious thought of their bottom line every time Trump opened his mouth, and he is complaining?


The amazing thing is the hours and hours and hours of attention the media gave Trump before they gave Sanders a single hour.

The corporate media elected Trump for fucking christsakes!

But Trump is attacking the media? WTF!? WTF!?!?!?

But hey, I await all the imbecilic leftists who will come here and go on and on about how they are behind Trump as a veritable Chomksy or McChesney!


it seems some outlets have already started to submit. What's news?

Some? The media always rolls over and submits; It's the corporate Ho Ho's [it's Christmas season] and the reporter Ho Ho's who do as their told. The days of Walter Cronkite have been over for some time.

A compliant media, the elimination of the ACA, the KXL Pipeline, our embassy in Jerusalem, international tensions with China, Wall Street unleashed, the suppression of civil rights, a Muslim Registry...now we know what The Wall is for; it's not to keep people from getting in, it's to keep us from getting out. Democracy is about to go into cardiac arrest.


"They are profit seekers." The media was conned because of greed and Trump is not a dumb con man, he knew exactly how to play the MSM.

Trump is complaining because that is his modus operandi. Trump has played and is still playing the MSM like a fiddle!


"...we can sue them and win lots of money." I think that statement sums everything up on what Trump has in mind.


Amen. CBS CEO said about him ‘May Not be Good for America, but It’s Damn Good for CBS’


God, but was the man not reliable? trustworthy as your old grandpa?


If a president can sue a media source for a false story/statement, does that not mean in turn, logically, that citizens of the country should be able to sue the president (elected by the electors but not the people) when he has lied to all of the citizens in the USA?


Actually I believe that citizens cannot sue the president for lying as logic has little to do with it.. I believe that this is reserved for Congress who would do so if such lying rose to the legal threshold (whatever that is) and, of course if they felt like doing so. No suing the president for private citizens. See "Executive Privilege"


Yes. My statement was a tongue in cheek. But sarcasm does not translate too well in print. Only when one grossly overstates it, or is a crafty writer, unlike yours truly.


I think you need to consider that those showing a preference for increased funding was the least of the three options, while those supporting cuts got a plurality of 38 percent. So my interpretation would be add the plurality of those want it cut with half of the fence-sitting 30 percent, and you get 53 percent for cuts.


:), me too!


1/2 of 60 million voters is 30 million people at the most, which constitutes less than 10% of the American population.And since they didn't poll 30 million people probably more like 100-1000 at the most), I would say this article is meaningless overall.


Sue all except the TV cable channels that air Duck Dynasty, Alaska survival something, housewives of any city, USA, the knife and gun shopping networks, Fox faux news, and the Disney Channel. For those are the only ones that they watch regularly. Ignorance is bliss and blinds them to truth with their preference laying with fantasies.

dumb and dumber....