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Nearly One Year After 2019 'Right-Wing Coup,' Bolivians Head to the Polls for National Elections

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/18/nearly-one-year-after-2019-right-wing-coup-bolivians-head-polls-national-elections


I performed development work in Bolivia from 2008 until 2017 and watched Evo Morales work hard for the People of Bolivia. It was not a shocker to me that Big Money wanted to oust him. Those clothes you see in the pictures bring back many a good memory to my days working on the Altiplano with the Quechua people. Go with peace Bolivia and stay strong.


I wish for the Bolivian people a safe and fair election, if this happens they will overcome the coup the US supported.
Let me add, anyone here thinking about buying any Tesla products, please review the link below, a story about Musk’s tweet, “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it”, in relation to Bolivia’s coup. This along with his defiance of “stay at home” orders for his workers during the pandemic, should encourage us to put this piece of trash out of business.



Why the scare quotes around right wing coup?

If there’s no better term for it, why be reluctant to call it that?


I can’t lie: I’d be stunned if after all the hard work of smashing a newly democratic state the rightists would so easily hand over power to the very people that have every cause to toss the scum into the sea if they get it.

this can’t go smoothly, but I’m sure as hell hoping it does.

But you gotta be sure the gears are turning somewhere in there.


Be vigilant about right-wing election fraud. And don’t automatically trust anything the OAS says, given its complicity in the coup.


Parallels to our situation in the U.S.?
Seems a bit odd that a normal election follows a coup. Something of a transition must be in play. What might that look like.?

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Bolivia’s right wing coup was a simple annulment of the legally elected Bolivian president’s presidency by a rather obscure right-wing senator with the aid of the Bolivian military plus a vast amount of assistance by the United States government, courtesy of the Trump administration.

This was followed by a massive citizen blockade of all transportation routes in Brazil, which pretty much choked off the military, the local millionaires and the political plotters. Under intolerable pressure the plotters backed off step by step and finally after interminably putting off a real election, they allowed the election. In a reasonable time the leader of the illegal coup, Senator Jeanine Anez, stopped running for President because she was never going to win. On September 21 she was in fourth place. She would be nothing but a spoiler. As it is, polls indicate that Luis Arce and the Socialist Party will win, assuming that the military counts the ballots. This is a whopping big assumption, as the military announced yesterday that the preliminary vote totals will never be announced. Only the final vote will be announced.


Will the TIPNIS highway be constructed if Luis Arce Catacora is elected president? Will oil and gas extraction proceed in Bolivian national parks? Will the lithium in the Uyuni Salt Flats be extracted more intensively? Will foreign mining companies be allowed to continue poisoning every river on the Bolivian Altiplano?

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I think the actions of the CIA and other agencies of Empire continue independently of elected civilian oversight. To say this was Trump administration doing is nothing more than placing it in time, the motivation, and usurpation of the People’s power to self-govern has been growing steadily since Truman. This is just the Capitalism Beast increasing the pressure on it’s prey: humanity. It will kill us humans if we don’t kill it first.

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these are the questions to sit on now, as even Mistress Coup herself has congratulated Arce on his victory.

I can’t help but get a Lenin Moreno vibe from just how easy this was.

That’s also the sentiment on Telesur as well.

Not quite. The Trump Administration has distinguished itself from other administrations in its sheer foreign policy dementia. From the CIA’s point of view Bolivia was probably a big mismanaged loss just waiting to happen someday, and in the stress of this U.S. election season the country kind of got away from everybody’s oversight.

Mismanagement appears to be the cia’s mission.

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The Bush administration with the help of Mossad attacked America to gin up war crimes of choice in Israel’s neighborhood. If you’ve got something in competition for greater sheer dementia I’d like to hear it.

If Americans took just 6 hours to look into the attacks, and our government’s impossible explanations for the observed phenomena we’d have another American Revolution in a couple of weeks.

To believe America is free, one must believe that a jumbo airliner can completely disappear into a 20-foot hole pass through support columns without disturbing them and make a circular hole in a far wall, leaving no parts with serial numbers behind.

Trump is bad, no doubt, but it’s been all bad since the Reagan devolution, and the democrats have been no respite during that time. They’ve moved the country on the same arc when it was their turn, and they started more wars.

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it might take longer than that. i don’t know how many hours i spent reading books about the jfk assassination before i became convinced the official explanation was bs. the hardest thing to understand is how the seemingly independent and diverse media could be part of the grand conspiracy cover-up. it seems impossible at first, until one learns how concentrated ownership is, how hierarchical corporate management is, and how imbedded the deep pocketed cia has become in the industry. that’s a lot to learn. but once one sees how it works and understands that this control is continuous and covers everything, that makes it a lot easier to understand how something like 9/11 can be a false flag attack designed to fool the whole world, or at least enough of a gullible one.

read david ray griffin. watch richard gage of engineers and architects for 9/11 truth talk on youtube. understand that the crucial element in any unbelievably vast and outrageous conspiracy for it to work is an overly credulous public, trained to blindly trust and obey authority figures. history is vastly different than what’s taught in school, or widely believed. manipulation of ‘truth’ and public opinion is an old game.

watch also the zeitgeist documentaries.

finally, there’s virtually no chance americans are ever going to get educated, hip to truth. far too few are curious, open minded, or intelligent enough. there’s too much willful ignorance. too many blue pill addicts of deceit and delusion who refuse to swallow the bitter red pill of truth.