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Need Money for a Green New Deal? Get It From ICE

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/26/need-money-green-new-deal-get-it-ice

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As someone trained in classical physics who ended his career in ecology I can attest to one simple concept: boundaries take energy to construct and maintain. By contrast, Nature organizes Herself intro transition zones known as ecotones. For instance in wetland systems, in deep water zones, obligate (must) wetland species thrive, in the ecotones, facultative (adaptive to wet and dry) wetland species thrive, and in the upland zones, strictly dry species are found. That is there is a fingering of facultative species in the ecotone–no harsh barrier. For humanity, the energy that goes into maintaining cultural barriers is largely wasted and has been brought about by the likes of racism, nationalism, and adherence to religious intolerance. End all now–or perish everyone.


The money also needs to be redirected from the useless DHS and the Military budgets.
We have plenty of money for this. It’s just that currently, it’s being flushed down the toilet


Great Idea, and the military also as Phred brings up above, as soon as the dems take control we can do this…oh wait, never mind.


Only if any of these ideas includes an environmental impact being contingent on funding. Otherwise you are just shuffling the deck.

I would also say part of those funds should include family planning.

Hi fern"

sigh—I am more pessimistic -------the way things are going with Congress----and with people Iosing their rentals----Soon peopIe may be too tired from scrounging around for food to even have time for sex. : (

I guess that is possible but I just watched this video that in one country the age of consent is 12 and birth control is not available. Abortion providers face six years in prison. (still a half million abortions are recorded every year with many of them 14 to 15 years old) People rent grave sites and sometimes sleep on them as refuge.

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Hi gern:
sigh—the truth of women and girls Iives. I read one story of how a family had to seII their 8 year oId daughter to survive. She died that night as the weight of the oId man who bought her—and decided to have sex with her-------murdered her by the weight of his adult body. Another horrific story of “I can’t breathe.” : (

Oh my, that is just horrid. Family planning doesn’t solve everything but it would help women and communities a great deal.

Hi fern:
and yes the Middle East could use more heIp for women—aIthough sadIy— so many religions see women as Less than the males. Of course in some situations, wives are a benefit with huge families s a workforce—aIthough that situation is not so heIpfuI to the individual women.

Yes that is true to a certain point where depravation leads to violence and forced migration. There are people all over the world in refuge camps that have been there for a long time. Things would improve if women had more choices. And men too.

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The border patrol is a clear threat to US civilian government and society, formed of different groups within a lose framework it is now deployed in Portland against American citizens exercising their constitutional rights to speak - to protest, and THAT is a threat to our republic that cannot - must not - be tolerated!
ALL the money spent on those troops in trumps secret police must be disbanded - wiped-out and outlawed as a clear and present danger to civilian rule and government
This linked piece details the use of border goons outside the law in Portland - an overview
“Border patrol has always seen itself as a militarized force, and that aspiration is now being enabled by the current administration” - the trump regime. Used to repress and silence Americans. A jobs program for the most depraved among us playing at soldiers!

"The Bush administration drastically expanded the border patrol, almost doubling the number of agents to its current 20,000 and boosting its budget from $1.5bn in 2006 towards the $5bn it is today. “there is “a culture of cruelty towards migrants and border crossers that dehumanizes and demeans them” man woman and child!
The CBP now prides itself as being what it calls “one of the world’s largest law enforcement organizations” - neo-nazi goons subverting our civilian nation and supported by administrations of both parties and politicians who have remained silent - a treasonous silence!!
Silence IS complicity!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/27/trump-border-patrol-troops-portland-bortac MUST READ!

" dubbed Bortac and Operating largely in secret, Bortac agents are trained for Swat-style raids on organized gangs smuggling immigrants or drugs across the US border. They have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in many Latin American countries".
now in Portland, brutalizing citizens and wasting billions that should be going to civilian needs! - part of the vast fascist militarization of America by traitors!

trump dispatched Bortac into the US interior to work alongside Ice immigration officers in apprehending undocumented immigrants in Democratically-controlled “sanctuary cities”

I agree. But we’re going to need a lot more progressive Democrats in the House and Senate if that’s ever going to happen. Recently, 139 Dems joined with Republicans to defeat Bernie Sanders’ amendment to the NDAA, which would have reduced the Pentagon budget by 10%. Eliminating ICE, the DHS, and (what the heck) repealing the Patriot Act are all non-starters with the current members.

or maybe Progressive 3rd Party in the House and Senate.
The 2 Party System is broken and does not represent any on the Left

  • It just represents the Extreme Right wing, Right Wing and Moderate Right wing. That’s where it stops

Not to disparage the author because I’m pretty sure they don’t choose the headline, but the current headline implies we can get a significant amount of money from existing federal spending relative to the cost of the program (here the GND). That works for small programs like free public college tuition which can easily be funded by modest scaling back of military or other counterproductive spending. That doesn’t work when you are talking GND or M4A which are in a whole other ballpark in terms of necessary spending. Headlines like the one here just reinforce bad math thinking.

Our taxes do NOT fund federal programs. A government such as the U.S., with its own currency (a fiat currency) SPENDS money into existence to fund programs, and THEN taxes us to keep hat fiat currency as the only accepted one, and to control inflation.

FDR, and John Maynard Keynes before him, knew this, which is why FDR used deficit spending to get the US out of the Great Depression and to fund the US war effort in World War Two.

Read The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People’s Economy by economics professor Stephanie Kelton.

Progressives should be DEMANDING deficit spending right now to help unemployed people, people facing eviction, people needing health care, and to create enough testing kits for Covid-19, to fund vaccine development and distribution, to end homelessness, and to establish Medicare for All and a Green New Deal.

Remember, after the Reagan tax cuts for the wealthy and his bloated military budgets created huge federal budget deficits, it was Dick Cheney, of all people, who declared, correctly, that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.

Deficits do NOT matter to a government which has its own fiat currency, such as the US. The fact that BOTH corporate political parties as well as most pundits still erroneously believe the deficit myth not only does NOT make that myth correct; it cripples any real chance we have, in the wealthiest nation in history, of beginning to solve many of our worst problems and create a truly egalitarian society and an economy that works for ALL the people, not merely the wealthiest and the corporations.

Yeah, that is kind of missing the point. We still have to pay for spending. This why for every war until Viet Nam, the government raised taxes to pay for them. We already have deficit spending and eventually it will be the end of us. The real problem is we privatized the wrong things, and socialized the cost of doing business. It is a racket now.

No, that IS the point. If we keep thinking we have to take from other programs, especially since the “national security” contractors and their greedy, loyal servants in Congress will never allow that, we will never get the funding needed for humane, social, and environmental programs.

We have been trying that tactic since the war on Vietnam, and I have been one of those who have been active in that effort since the 1960’s, to no avail, as BOTH Corporate-Imperialist Parties have continued to vote for bloated imperial budgets.

FDR proved that deficit spending is necessary in an extreme emergency, which is what we are in now. Read Stephanie Kelton’s book The Deficit Myth. We need a People’s Economy now, and we CAN afford it.

We don’t have to take from other programs, that is an obvious untruth. We have to regulate programs and socialize services,

Look at the history of deficits. The corporation was formed to pool resources to accomplish things that could not be accomplish by individuals. They were considered a limited charter, with regulation. They have been deregulated to the point they are sucking the life out of the planet, the people, and most everything else.

I fully agree with you about corporations. But, while corporations, state and local governments all must balance their budgets by law, and households must or they will be in severe trouble, the U.S. government is NOT a household and does NOT have to balance its budget. It CANNOT go broke.

PLEASE read the Deficit Myth and do some research about Modern Monetary Theory (which is not really “modern”, but known for a long time).

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