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Needed: A Meter for Trump’s Lies-Per-Minute (LPM)


Needed: A Meter for Trump’s Lies-Per-Minute (LPM)

Ralph Nader

“You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.”

As Trump tries to sell the myth that he is somehow “for the little guy” and fallaciously claims the forgotten men and women of America “will never be forgotten again,” his cabinet secretaries and regulatory agency heads are working overtime to roll back health, safety and labor protections for working people. (Photo: flick/cc)


No to Perot.
No to Nader.
No to Sanders.
Yes to Trump. WTF?


Which MSM station will be the first to install an official Trump Bullshit meter?


I’m thinking a Trump Bullshit circuit breaker might be a better investment. You know, it’s that infrastructure thing that will MAGA. There are plenty of minions willing to hit the reset button 24/7.


Every standard duty Bullshit meter they have tried on trump has melted or exploded within minuets. They are now working on an extra heavy duty model. I have my doubts about whether even it will be able to stay in one piece.


I would have thought that Mr. Nader, with his long experience, would respond to the disease rather than the symptom(s).


Perhaps that’s because they so often keep dancing around the obvious fact that he is a liar, and try to make it look like his lies are just ignorance or lack of experience.


Mr, Ralph. We the People love ya. Even the Poor of us. Call Reverend Barber to lend yer support, please. Thanks Ralph.


Liars love other liars and will do anything to protect themselves/each other with ever-increasing equivocation, ambiguity, deception, and blatant fictions cobbled together extemporaneously. And all done without a hint of regret, remorse, or conscience. The louder the voice, the bigger the lie. DJT epitomizes an inveterate, soul-less prevaricator and his sycophant tribunes in his admin and Congress are of the same sickening ilk.


They were not “electable”. That is what the media told us. The media help us to decide who is electable. Fortunately the media doesn’t lie and mislead quite as much as Trump does. Can we doubt that they would tell us if there were any possible reason for concern about the integrity of our elections and the vote tallying.


Good point, though Ralph is probably capable of doing both.

to encourage Ralph to address the disease.
see also www.onedemand.org


Thanks for the links (onedemand.org appears inaccessible).


The One Demand website seems to not be working (It was working in October and Novemeber). Unfortunately, the holiday weekend had already begun for my website company before I discovered it was down. Sorry.
You can wait a week or so for it to be repaired and/or send me an email at info@onedemand.org as the email still seems to be working. If you send me a request I will send you some info by email and/or answer any questions and would appreciate any feedback on the info.
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