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Needed: Gun Control at the Pentagon


Needed: Gun Control at the Pentagon

Norman Solomon

With passion and eloquence, President Barack Obama has renewed efforts to reduce gun tragedies. His proposals to strengthen safety measures and background checks for gun purchasers deserve support. But it’s disquieting to hear a president deliver heartfelt orations against “gun violence” at home while he conveys scant remorse about imposing it on innocent people abroad.


It isn't violence when the president does it...


Or when the Secretary of State does it. There is a massive disconnect between Hillary Clinton's strident call for gun control at home and her support for wars and gun sales overseas. She, like Obama, mourns the deaths of children to gun violence, here, but takes no responsibility whatsoever for the deaths of children that her participation in endless war and indiscriminate arm sales has caused elsewhere in the world. No amount of good deeds by either Obama or Clinton will ever wash all the blood off their hands.


I applaud Mr. Solomon for showing the obvious link between gun violence "at home" and institutionalized gun violence (via the War Machine) abroad.

The fact is, any U.S. president sits as symbolic Commander and Chief of the most brutal set of Armed Forces ever to have assembled. With close to 1000 bases scattered all over the world, numerous aircraft carriers, underground bunkers, and now a new initiative to build the next generation of nuclear weapons, a President that presides over this monstrosity CANNOT condemn the use of arms.

That's why a nebulous line is made that is used to castigate random gun violence inside "the homeland" while applauding it outside.

"Since then, a lot of maiming and killing has resulted from U.S. bombing in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Yet President Obama has never tearfully deplored the consequences of such mega-gun violence. Perhaps that is largely because, in political and human terms, the victims of U.S. bombing remain abstractions."

The President could only deplore the consequences of gun violence--in general--if the M.I.C. becomes decommissioned. That necessity (for all sentient life on earth) is long overdue.

Meanwhile, to justify its own existence, it will continue to manufacture enemies of all sorts and sizes.


Thanks Siouxrose for summing up my feelings and saving me the time to blog my disgust at this racist and biased hypocrisy.


Don't expect any of this to change if the much anticipated Bernie Sanders administration comes to fruition.

Sanders promises to smash ISIS and to continue the unconscionable drone assassination program, which kills far more civilians than alleged 'bad guys.' Sanders will keep the War on Terror moving steadily along, probably hiding behind the phony-baloney 'humanitarian intervention' BS like Obama & Hillary.

A drone, BTW, costs about $17 million a pop to deploy. And there is Sanders' pet project, the $1.5 trillion and as yet unflyable F-35.

As if the Pentagon DIDN'T own Sanders...


Gun control, in my opinion, at the Pentagon will never happen until there is regime change and the US military dictatorship is reigned in and its world wide Empire of terrorism is exposed for what it is. What is needed is for the American people to get their country back and the only way that will happen, in my view, is if we get rid of not having any control over the military budget.