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'Needless and Ideologically-Driven Cruelty': Arkansas to Become First State to Implement Trump's Assault on Medicaid


'Needless and Ideologically-Driven Cruelty': Arkansas to Become First State to Implement Trump's Assault on Medicaid

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Trump administration is waging a vicious war on Medicaid—a program that provides life-saving healthcare to 74 million Americans—and its effects will soon be felt in the state of Arkansas.


This War on the Poor is disgusting. It is antiamerican. I fear the suicide rate will sky-rocket. How much one person can stand is relative to their support network. Some try and fight their way through all alone, it’s hard, now harder. And the kids don’t have a chance. This administration and the GOP are Hate Groups, plain and simple. I am ashamed to say I am an American.


Seema Verma is a singularly vicious and spiteful woman who has been on a rampage of attacks against the poor and vulnerable. There is something seriously wrong with her. She is devoid of compassion, cold, and ruthless–besides being incompetent. None of the 'programs" she has designed or had implemented by her GOP cronies have been effective. Another creep to get rid of ASAP.


Notice the smiles on their faces.


She needs to rot in hell.


I can barely take this shit anymore, so assemble the guillotines, it’s time.


The citizens of Arkansas can vote out their government in the next election!


I agree with everything but it being anti-american. With such a history as that of the US the poor were always in the crosshairs of the elites starting with those it enslaved and those not completely eradicated but corralled unto ‘reservations’ but really concentration camps.


Maybe it is time to get some caravans of us ‘outside agitators’ to do some organizing in this very poor state.


Yes but poor and dispirited folks rarely do. We need to get them interested and impassioned enough. Baska had a good idea: Get some vans turned into mobile clinics and have registration cards for the poor. Lot’s of education and organizing will be needed.


For sure, step by step we may be reaching critical mass for an uprising. Total, non cooperation. Now.


What is with all these Indian Hindu-USAns leading the right wing assault against us?


That _______ should have no peace.

Not talking violence here, but that ______ should have no peace.


Whenever I think that the Party of No has reached the depths of whale furniture I get a action like this one to prove that the greater depths of space are infinite. When I read the opinion that there is no difference between the parties something like this comes along and proves this false, ,so far.


There is little difference when it comes to Corporate State Democrats. After all, Bill Clinton helped spearhead work requirements for welfare recipients.


That right wing _____ wraps it in rhetoric of helping poor people by supposedly “providing them the dignity of work”.

This kind cruelty makes my blood boil.

This kind of cruelty, makes me pray to God that my efforts to get myself back on my feet so I don’t have to suffer such hell of work requirement reporting to get a bit of help, like food stamps, that I have been getting (after almost 40 years of steady employment) for the last couple of years.

Even more strife, even more humiliation, even more stress meted down by these cruel fucking jerks, I don’t think I could endure.


For some reason, I remembered Ray-Gun giving a big speech on the air.
He made a big point that it was time to "whip inflation now!"
By eight o’clock the next morning, the price of whips had increased by 140%!


This isn’t legislation … this is bullying, harassment of the disabled – and cruelty.

Citing provisions in the Arkansas waiver that will require those with disabilities to “prove” they are exempt from work requirements every two months and other forms of red tape, Judith Solomon, vice president for health policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), argued in a blog post on Monday that the measure is “certain” to increase “the gaps in coverage, worsen health outcomes, and possibly increase state costs.”


We need a uniting of the LEFT by organizations – get them to turn out
for causes like this.

Why wouldn’t women’s groups and NAACP and Environmental groups turn out all together
to STOP this kind of bullying and harassment of disabled?

This idea of each of these organizations sitting on their tush and NOT bothering to support
other liberal causes is BS and has to stop.

It’s NOT at all the way to get things done – we need to break down this wall of fascism.

THANK YOU for your post! :slight_smile:


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