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Needling Obama for More Wars


Needling Obama for More Wars

Robert Parry

As demonstrated by Steve Kroft of CBS’ “60 Minutes” in his contentious interview with President Barack Obama, a key role for the mainstream news media is to enforce whatever warmongering “group think” dominates Official Washington, such as today’s perceived need to escalate U.S. military involvement in Syria and hit back against Russian President Vladimir Putin.


"Weakness" is strength.


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Thank you, Mr. Parry for finally including this most noteworthy facet of the Deep State puzzle in today's article. Perhaps you scrutinized the C.D. comment threads where I called you to bat recently on this particular glaring omission:

"In that way, the mainstream media reflects the views of what some analysts call the “deep state,” i.e., the underlying assumptions of the ruling elite that are profoundly influenced by decades of massive investments in what President Dwight Eisenhower famously termed “the military-industrial complex.” Also shaping the “group think” is the pressure from well-entrenched lobbies, such as those representing Israel and Saudi Arabia."

From the article:

"The Washington Post’s Liz Sly on Monday reported that the CIA has been supplying TOWs to the Free Syrian Army, a relatively moderate Syrian rebel group whose success with the missiles may have forced Putin’s hand regarding intervention to prevent the collapse of Syria’s military. She reported that only a small number of TOWs have apparently fallen into the hands of Islamist extremists."

And how exactly is it known that a "small number of TOWS have apparently fallen into the hands of Islamist Extremists"? Was it the product of that same "actionable precision Intelligence" that regularly drones wedding parties and now a major hospital run by Doctors Without Borders?


Thank you for sharing.

Those who I believe work under cover to support the Military-Industrial-Media complex often ask: Where are all the peace makers?

They never mention the efforts made to keep any such souls OFF of all mainstream media.

There are very few publications that cater to Astrology; and recently, when I composed a piece on serial killers and included the infamous guy that went ballistic (the film, American Sniper was roughly based on him), the editor told me that the owner of the magazine company put their foot down. I edited the material out.... but am still waiting on a response.

I am still reeling from this. I have found Astrology VERY useful in pointing out and predicting resurgent cycles of repression. Now I see that--as was true in the earlier merger between church and state--that if this field of inquiry is used to critique the alleged patriotism attached to all-war, all-the-time fever, it simply will not be allowed into print.

The Dixie Chicks couldn't criticize Bush, nor could Phil Donahue or any late night commentator.

There IS no career in media for those so bold as to speak Truth to Power.

The lockdown IS just about everywhere. Total Information Control.


Thanks for that MarkJNovitsky, it's important to have a light shined on these corporations that otherwise wouldn't be, so that we can see how they operate!


That 50 tons of arms will go to groups such as Al Nusra which the US acknowledges an Al Qaeda group. Al Qaeda is the group the US claims was behind 9/11 and were described as the most dangerous people in the world. In describing its membership on being interviewed as to why they were gagged cuffed and blindfolded when suspect members transported to Gitmo , the US Government claimed the men so dangerous they could send messages to followers with eye blinks and such fanatics they would chew through the aileron cables on the aircraft they were carried in causing them to crash.

Apparently this all changed to the point where they now deemed "moderate allies" and where one ex General Patreus calls for them to be armed to use against the Syrian Government. Watching the US Government spin its tales is like an episode of John Cleese in Fawlty towers.


I am Canadian but had great respect for Wellstone. I do believe that both he and The younger Kennedy were taken out by the thugs that run the place


Obama deserves everything he's getting from these psycho's. He got on board with the Wolfowitz and co. game plan and instead of changing course (as he was elected to do) this spineless jellyfish continued the mayhem and got a lot of people killed along the way. And since he lacks any integrity, he'll probably get a lot more people killed so he can prove his manhood. He's the absolute worst person to have at the helm at this point in time.


Good point, speechless. When I watched the pre-2008 POTUS Election debates, especially on foreign policy, it was clear where Obama's POTUS Candidacy was going when he took the exact same positions as his GOP opponent, John McCain, on Foreign policy and deep, off-shore oil-drilling, his promise to "finish the job in Afghanistan", and voting for FISA.


Correct....clear to anyone willing to pay attention.


Too bad Wellstone didn't survive. He would've made an excellent U. S. President, imho.


As Ralph Nader revealed, the media belongs to the people. Its time to take it back.


“He’s moved troops into Syria,” Kroft said about Putin. “He’s got people on the ground. Two, the Russians are conducting military operations in the Middle East for the first time since World War II. [He’s] bombing the people that we are supporting. … He’s challenging your leadership, Mr. President. He’s challenging your leadership.”
Yes, Mr. Kroft is right. At the request of the legitimate government of Syria, Vladimir Putin has brought military assets to bear against people who have attacked the sovereign government of Syria, a Russian ally. Unlike the United States who has been conducting illegal airstrikes in the country of Syria under the false pretense of fighting ISIS. The US, who doesn't have a UN mandate to be in Iraq or Syria, let alone an authorization from the US Congress to conduct military missions.
And tell us Mr. Kroft, who are these people that we are supporting in Syria. Let's see, there are four or five moderate Syrian . . . well let's call them "freedom fighters", the elites on Wall St. and DC seem to like that. But the others, the ones called al-Nusra Front, and the others that call themselves ISIS, these other two are also known as al-Qaeda in Syria, and ISIS was originally known as al-Qaeda in Iraq! Affiliates of the original al-Qaeda of Osama bin-Laden fame. So these are the people that the US Government are supporting in Syria, the affiliates of the people who attacked the Pentagon and Wall St. and killed 64 people on an airliner over the state of Pennsylvania on 9/11/2001. So Mr. Kroft you are telling us that the US Government has paid, trained and armed people who would love nothing more than to see the United States destroyed, so that the political elite and the wealthy elite of amerika can have their way, have amerikan hegemony across the globe. Then it just goes to show Mr. Kroft that you are nothing more than a shill for a group of people who care nothing for amerika except the profit and wealth that they can squeeze from it and it's citizens!
BTW Mr. Kroft, about those so called freedom fighters, George Carlin use to say and I paraphrase, so, if crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fires, what do freedom fighters fight? Chew on that one for a while Mr. Kroft. Oh, great interview!


And Clinton would be the absolutely worst person to have at the helm in short notice, worse than Obama. Think of all the neocons not yet in US Admin positions that will walk behind her train.


No argument there.