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Neera Tanden and Antony Blinken Personify the 'Moderate' Rot at the Top of the Democratic Party

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/28/neera-tanden-and-antony-blinken-personify-moderate-rot-top-democratic-party


and this author personifies the more insidious rot of vote herders that keep them there at the top.

it’s tough to decide between principles and a check, isn’t it Norman?

We got these clowns in no small part due to the efforts of people like you who have insisted for years that this hideous party is reformable in spite of nearly a half century of evidence to the contrary.


What’s so moderate about being on the take from rich beneficiaries of corporate America while opposing proposals that would curb their profits in order to reduce income inequality and advance social justice?

Are we talking about Biden here?? ya know… that guy we should vote for?

WTF! give it up norm…


We are NEVER going to squeeze a Bernie out of a Biden.

The Good News is that we finally got rid of Trump the obnoxious Bigot and his family.

The Bad News is that we are now stuck with a Corporate Puppet who would rather take legal Bribes from the Health Care Industry than fight for Medicare For All.

Joe Biden is a Warmonger and a Greedy Bastard whose loyalty is dedicated to Big Corporate Donors and the Military Industrial Complex.

Does anyone notice any Progressives in the Cabinet that will work for We The People?

There is no doubt that Hunter and his Daddy were Peddling Influence, they are loyal to the American Dollar not the American People.


The “Rot” is neither “moderate” nor is it limited to the “top” of the democrat club.

Anyone who contributes to the belief that the democrats are an opposition party

is willfully ignorant and is part of a neoliberal/conservative predatory scam.

The worst members of this scam are the fakers who tell you they are progressive democrats

because they are, at best, masochistic enablers of the sadists “at the top.”


I get really frustrated when people refer to the Democrats like Biden as “moderates”. What is moderate about vulture capitalism, endless wars, and a lack of affordable healthcare? The US military has over 800 bases spread across the globe, but our infrastructure is crumbling. What is moderate about anything that the Democrats have been helping the Republicans do since the 1990s? It is all radical right-wing garbage, and has no relation whatsoever to the word “moderate”. A spring day can be moderate, but a forever war started on false pretenses is nothing short of psychopathic. Joe Biden pushed harder for the Iraq invasion than any other Democrat during the Bush/Chaney regime. Just because the corporate news says someone is moderate doesn’t mean you have to parrot them.


Just hold their feet to the fire Norm. You know, keep up the pressure and these “moderates” will respond by adopting progressive values.

The reality is this Norm. You knew full well Biden was way to the right. He was Corporate friendly and loves wars. He tried to cut social security many times. He pledges unwavering loyalty to Israel. He was behind the Patriot act, bankruptcy reform , welfare reform and prison reform all of which lines the pockets of the rich as they left masses of the working class destitute.

He is full on hard right and you implored people to vote for him even as you knew that. Now you want to pretend you were never really for any of this and feign outrage that a President of the far right is hiring people like Blinken and Tandeen.

That rot at the top started at the roots and Norm, you are at the roots.


the “defense” of this terminology from the few people that have taken this question is even more infuriating than the offense, I think.

I’ve sat there and listened to one pundit say the term is justified solely because the “center” of American politics is on the right, and these people are in that center. So in the context of a completely right wing establishment politics, they are moderates. Just not in absolute terms.

And of course if you talk to them privately, they know full well that this label is flat out misinformation. To me, neoliberals are more radical than even traditional nationalists. Try getting published on a ‘liberal’ site saying that. It’s a great way to end a career.


Good point - and if the DP establishment can obliterate progressives by keeping them off of the ballot and by kicking them off of platform committees and by re-allocating delegates, then these so-called moderates will become the left, and they’ll need to move to the right to remain in the “center”.

That’s what the DP establishment is all about.


Tanden is a corporate whore


Not me! As usual, too many well meaning albeit naive dems, still believe the BS of holding Biden’s feet to the fire when we do not even have a match.


Amen. What didn’t Norman understand about “nothing will fundamentally change”?
He cried for us to vote for the Nixon Republican Joe Biden. And now he’s shocked that Joe is choosing fellow Nixonians as cabinet members.
Just what the fuck did he think was going happen?


Of course he knew this would happen. It’s how he will now earn his dirty loot for the next 4 years, essentially making a living bitching about a situation he worked hard to create in the first place.

Nice work if you can get it. To be a professional hypocrite apparently pays fairly well.


Nancy P’Loser, Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass and Sneera Tandumb — now why am I reminded of MacBeth?


Don’t know much about Blinken, but Tanden is a DINO. He probably is, too.

The two parties have much more in common than they don’t. That is abundantly clear, esp. with nominations as these.


Yep. These monsters were installed by our bosses, landlord, hedge fund broker; whomever bought up out debt, middle-MEN taking their little taste as our rents, indentiture and equity’s redistributed ever upwards (trickle UP!) I’m just SURROUNDED by their pieds-à-terres, here in Manhattan, as they’ve skedaddled upstate, while Cuomo & de Blasio kill more “essentials” to feed, clothe, intubate & tote Amazon parcels; so liberal yuppies can flip newly vacant apartments and gentrify formerly red-lined neighborhoods. I’m guessing “everything’s back to NORMAL” euphemizes to: “BEAT the Socialist!” as their Asian equities opened up 1.79%, today?

~https://taibbi.substack.com/p/neoliberal-champion-larry-summers (LOTE, so our Libraltarian lizard louts can LOOT!)





Shakespeare was wrong when he said (paraphrasing) what’s in a name; a name by any other name would smell as sweet.

The name-label you get attached to some person or idea is one of the most powerful ways to influence (for good or evil). If land thieves are called settlers and Palestinians, terrorists, we immediately know who the good guys are.

How much effort over the decades has been poured by the greedy right into demonizing the label, “socialist”, so just attach the label socialists to an opponent and for the indoctrinated, it’s game over – no need to consider what a socialist has to say. (Here a little bit of logical fallacy can help out: He is a socialist; the Soviet Union was socialist, Socialism is bad, therefore he is bad – you have to look more than 10 seconds to see the flaw in the argument).

How about when we refer to the Mitch McConnell types we habitually refer to them as being on the “greedy right” and get even?

What exactly is wrong with being “radical” when radical action is actually needed? Anyone who thinks that the state we are in has no need for radical action as everything is pretty rosy, would have to be in the top 20% on the financial scale. So, as a precaution, to help preserve the status quo, the label “radical” has by the greedy right been make a descriptor of something or someone terrible, something to be avoided at all costs. The liable then can be attached to an opponent of inequality, for easy (non-thinking) victory in the minds of the indoctrinated.

More examples abound, “moderate’ is just one of many. “Estate tax” sounds OK, but “death tax” sounds terrible: maybe the label can help win the fight for the greedy right.


More “Weapons Sales” scum that profit from death and destruction.

Just what the world’s people don’t need.

WTF with Neera.

OMB Director? OMG!


Every time we answer a Republican incompetent with a Democratic neocon, we move closer and closer to tyranny or revolution.


It’s the “center” and they’re pragmatic “moderates,” who get things done, since ONLY our master’s get a say. Only a petit bourgeois, basically rich, smug-ass white folks’ view; who tell us which sneering kleptocrat we’re allowed to LOTE for. As hundreds-of-thousands of us are fed to a frigging virus, firestorms, murderous cops, usurious short-term loans, by rentier Capitalists (who tax us to oppress, rob and indenture us, send our kids overseas or into ghetto, slum or barrio to rob, enslave or murder others). This, to them, is FREEDOM! The Revolution was telivised, but some of us couldn’t afford to watch them CRUSH us? Everything’s THEIR delusional lie.