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'Neglect and Bureaucracy': Six Months After Maria, Trump Condemned for Failed Response in Puerto Rico

'Neglect and Bureaucracy': Six Months After Maria, Trump Condemned for Failed Response in Puerto Rico

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

It has been exactly six months since Hurricane Maria ravaged the island of Puerto Rico, but thousands of residents of the American territory still lack electricity or are unable to return home, illustrating how the Trump administration and Congress have failed to adequately address the crisis that followed the devastating storm in September.

Though I would prefer PR’s Independence, I feel that PR will not get its rights and respect until it is granted statehood. Why won’t our government grant it if PR has voted for it?

Voter suppression writ to the max.

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I counted 7 names from Congress mentioned in the article, did I miss someone? Oh, missed everyone. Where did they go? Playing golf perhaps? Out to lunch begging for money? Why is it the same few names? The same faces? The same pairs of glasses? Oh, they are the only one’s that can see, okay, now I get it.


Trump’s vindictiveness towards an individual, Mayor Cruz, has affected an entire island.


Heard on public radio this morning that FIMA won’t help people who can’t prove they own house (or what’s left of it). People’s possessions ( proof of anything blown away in the hurricane. FIMA & the US Govt. is a joke under trump’s direction (or lack thereof).

This is disgusting and breaks my heart.
I’ve lived on the MS. Gulf Coast since 1973 (except for military time), been through every hurricane to hit this region since then, even worked through some as a firefighter. Most of the country doesn’t realize that up to that time the most intense storm (Camille, 225mph+ winds), and the largest storm (Katrina), made landfall 15 miles from each other, 40 yrs. apart. Nothing was as demoralizing as Katrina. The federal response to this disaster, under Bush jr. was appalling to say the least. Not to take anything away from New Orleans (they are our neighbors after all), but N.O. was flooded by the storm, while the MS. coast was truly battered. We watched day after day as the media spent most of their time covering them and their problems. Then came the volunteers, god bless every one of them. They kept coming month after month, if not for them this area would still be in shambles. They lifted our spirits and enabled us to rebuild. Those of us who live here owe everything to them and most of us know it. Puerto Rico needs and deserves this same response. Our govt. has failed them worse that they failed us (and I didn’t think it was possible). Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea what it’s like to feel abandoned by you’re own govt. in that situation.
We need to rally these generous organizations to provide P.R. with the help they deserve as Americans.
Clearly the govt. is not going to do it.


This isn’t something unique to Trump, rather it’s typical US behavior, as with Obama and Haiti.

I remember Trump’s initial negative comments about Puerto Rico, and it was hard to ignore his Black/Brown phobia against the Puerto Rican population. Trump is undeniably racist. Racists are unqualified to be president.

Donald Trump’s failure to provide adequate disaster relief to Puerto Rico amounts to “negligent homicide”.

Two thoughts about this came to me. (Perhaps they are snarky…)
First. Earth Hour 2018 is coming up, when all the environmentally conscious gather to turn off the lights for an hour. Keep in mind that they want to live more like some Puerto Ricans have been living for months, without (for the most part) electricity in their lives.

Second. If Puerto Rico is upset enough, they can demand their independence, and have the right to it, defended by Cuba, China and other UN nations. (In fact Cuba each year introduces a resolution at the UN demanding Puerto Rican independence.)

And once they have their independence and have kicked out the U.S. and its military, they can ask Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China for help rebuilding.