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Negotiating with Crazy: The Fine Art of Disconnection


Negotiating with Crazy: The Fine Art of Disconnection

Tom Valovic

As a former magazine editor, I'm a news and politics junkie. That means I scoop up anything and everything I can on the state of the world, and especially US politics given our unusual predicament as American citizens now living in “cloud cuckoo land”, to invoke the great British expression. That being the case, I surprised myself last year when I moved to a smaller place after a divorce and didn’t replace my television set.


Progressives confuse “crazy” and “insanity” with cunning and devious at our own peril.

We are not witnessing politics run amok. We ARE witnessing a well planned and executed strategy to create a neofeudal paradise for the 1% at the expense of the 99% that has been moving forward full throttle at least since Saint Ron’s revolution.


Excellent, clear headed, clear visioned article.


I’ve largely stopped watching TV news since the election but I don’t know if that matters or not. I think the main thing to do is organize. Get involved with groups such as Indivisible, Organizing for Action, People Power (ACLU), Sierra Club, or whatever. Our actions must be coordinated with large numbers of other people to have an effect. And unite. This is no time to quibble about litmus tests for being a progressive. The Trump administration isn’t that crazy but is based on a very different set of values. They are not American values but they are common in many countries and apparently accepted by many Americans on the right. We need to support American values from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


Exactly, they’d LOVE to be thought of as merely Crazy and Insane, as it would obscure their Willfulness, and Forethought.


Stay on top of it! I just got a call from someone who claimed to be from the VA (foreign accent). I took care of a friend with Hospice help over 2 yrs. ago. They asked his name (couldn’t even pronounce it), and of course wanted more info. I said, " You’re from the VA? You don’t know that he passed away? Look on the SS database!!!" Sorry I’m angry–so much misinformation out there with phone calls and the propaganda MSM.


Yes, even the Wall Street crash was well planned.


From the Murkin Revolution until the 1929 crash the elites planned what were called “panics” to occur every decade or so to crash the economy and make more middle class Murkins poor, make the poor poorer and the rich richer.

FDR’s New Deal regulations limited the ability of the elites to orchestrate crashes, so Murka had only minor business cycle downturns labeled “recessions” until 2008 when enough of the New Deal regulations had been decriminalized to enable a crash that rivaled the pre-1929 “panics”. They labeled it “the great recession” so Murkins would not rebel against the elites the way they did after the 1929 crash.

Congress’ reacting to 2008 with huge taxpayer funded corporate bailouts, more decriminalization and Dodd Frank legislation have enabled serial “panics” that will continue to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99% until we reach the neofeudal level whereby the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


That means we need to continue to stop the surprising silence that seems to occur “in these times” as well. The more we blast- the more they seem to twitch, and act like two year olds.


The elites call themselves “moral” then they plan these occurences. They are not even human, and do not earn their riches- they just take them. Let us continue to stop buying at big box, stop cable, grow gardens, and actually show that we can be happy with less. Continue also to expose them, and do not stop with occupy Wall Street ( which got us Bernie to campaign), but keep on with Our Revolution. Expose the wizards behind the curtains.


Economist Dr. Richard Wolff has stated that the Feudal System is alive and well in the US, with the terminologies "Lord and Serf " merely replaced by the terms “Employer and Employee”.


We would not be in this predicament if we’d had a mature, responsible and non-complicit mainstream news media. I watch the blather spouted in interviews by the actors on the right, totally uncontested by the media interviewer, and I want to throw my shoe thru the TV. The intended confusion of ideas and positions, the conflating, the false equivalencies, they all drive me to want to leave my country which I defended, although reluctantly, during my time in Vietnam.
When Trump or one of his apologists wantonly spew lies and innuendo, with no push-back by the interviewer, what am I left to think other than that the interviewer is IN ON IT!


Thanks for the wisdom. I never hooked up a TV since moving a few years ago and haven’t missed it.
Breaking an addiction to daily news isn’t easy and it is addiction. more than ever, it’s so important for our mental stability not to co-dependently get into Trump’s insanity–that only makes us insane. If it weren’t so deadly serious, it would be entertainment, but his Jabber-Wocky is is so toxic.