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Neil Gorsuch Does Not Belong on the Supreme Court


Neil Gorsuch Does Not Belong on the Supreme Court

Elizabeth Warren

When Justice Antonin Scalia died last year, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions of dollars to keep the Supreme Court seat open so that Donald Trump could fill the vacancy. It was only the latest step in their campaign to tilt our courts in favor of big corporations and the wealthy. Now, the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is their reward. Anyone who believes in a neutral Supreme Court guided by equal justice for all should oppose this nomination.


"...Merrick Garland...a Consensus Nominee praised by Republicans and Democrats alike...


Praise from the Duopoly, while Ralph Nader and any other, of a number of true Progressive Left Voices, has been consistently left OUT of the mix, as if there is no conceivable reason why those Voices should ever be considered, to finally restore Balance and Sanity, to our Highest, Seated for Life, Court.


I suggest that the Ghost of Christmas Past should start off by showing Gorsuch a view of Mussolini dangling from a lamppost. The Ghost of Christmas Future can pick up right back at the scene.


My comment to a Guardian opinion piece:

Formal, written laws and rules have always been implemented within a milieu of habit and accepted practice. What we are seeing is the rapid erosion of those habits and "normal" practice. The application of raw power through purely partisan and ideological application of "the law" is always lawless.

What McConnell's Senate did with the Garland nomination was only following the process of destroying the "lubrication" that lets Law function, long desired by those who see actual democratic process and institutions as inhibiting for their desires for power. Gorsuch is a representative of that desire for centralized, and ultimately tyrannical, power.


None of that mattered for powerful right-wing groups that decided that Garland’s record did not reflect a sufficient willingness to bow down to the interests of the wealthy few. So they poured millions into a public smear campaign to stop his confirmation and leave the seat open.

Questionable. Garland had a mixed record on campaign spending decisions - he voted for unlimited contributions to Super Pacs - and it's highly doubtful he would have voted to overturn Citizens United. He was a charter member of the status quo and had support even from some Republicans. The Republicans stalled Garland's nomination to fight Obama, not out of fear of Garland's political views. Note, too, that Warren was one of the first to praise Garland as a pick, hence her bias, here.

Yes,Warren and the Democrats have a right to feel cheated, but painting Garland as a lost opportunity as a reformer and champion of the 99% is a stretch.


Neither Garland or Gorsuch are any progressive's idea of a good pick. Question is, what is Lizzy and the rest of the Senate Dems going to do about it. If they filibuster, McConnell is going to do away with the filibuster and push Gorsuch through anyway. The fix is in and the common people are pretty much screwed. Please abandon hope for the corporate Dems and join me in the Green Party, where you can be assured that the oligarchy will NEVER have a say about any appointments, because their money and influence will never be any good with us. #Demexit.


LOL! Good one...


The people's highest court? More like a corporate boardroom. And about as easy to replace.


Smartest post on this thread.

Imagine for a moment if you will, if Jill Stein had been given a fighting chance to speak to the American people, not only during the campaign season but in the debates, all of our futures would look so much different than they do now.

127 million voted on November 8th to prolong the Corporate takeover of our country. 127 million voted to prolong a MIC that kills and maims innocent men, women, and children worldwide with absolutely no accountability. I could go on and on here but what's the point.

127 million thought Jill Steins Platform of putting People, Planet, and Peace over Profit was unattainable. They chose the continued takeover of our country.

Every month we have a local Green Party meeting here in the county I live in in Maryland, and for two hours we discuss how we can make life better for the residents here and develop plans for action, and take actions to promote candidates to local political offices. As a senior citizen I am proud that I can contribute in this way.

My hope for the Youth of this country is that they organize soon and assemble all interested parties into a massive organization that refuses to accept this system of government that the Democrats and Republicans have enabled to fester here in America.

Like Gandhi said to the British, "You must leave. You are no longer wanted here." We too must say this to all those in the Congress and the White House" that give their support to this legalized Corruption.

It will not be easy, some of us will pay the price of freedom. But, in the end, freedom from tyranny will be worth the price.


Just checked, the Green Party currently has one office holder in the entire state of Maryland. Someone on the "River Hill Village" board of directors. A development with less than 7,000 residents. Not a single state legislator, or mayor, or any significant office in the whole state. Good work, pony. Got that duopoly on the run.


Stein doesn't seem all that choosy about accepting money.


Stein is going to be yesterday's news. There is a fully revamped Green Party coming, largely redone by we disgusted Bernie-crats who left the Dems for the Greens. It will have a new platform that any progressive will be proud to embrace. Please join us! #Demexit 2017!


And, uh, where were you Senator Warren when the DNC was kneecapping the most liked candidate of all, and a sure winner over Trump?


Keeping an ear on the hearing. He seems more gosh-golly condescending to the women senators and "one of the guys" (at this moment, Ted Cruz) with the men. I thought he was borderline rude to Klobuchar, and a little bit to Feinstein this morning.


Really? Not just "mutton-busting," but direct discussion of sports and urinary continence. (Sasse)

And now he's attacking the demand to be 'for the little guy' and not 'the big guy.' With a sports analogy. Ick.


She was watching from the bushes, until he was safely removed by the party bosses...then she could cheer on HRC. I've never shared the uncritical enthusiasm for Warren, thinking her focus way too narrow and seemingly unaware of what's really going on ...or else too willing to turn a blind eye.


I have been a Green member- like the platform, but have yet to see any national elections won. Also, isn't this about one in five children living in poverty in the US. Also, what about their parents? If they are living in poverty, so are the parents. This is about something much more that debating about politicians and parties. If someone only had pennies to their name- would they care about a rich pol? it's also about the environment of course.


During the election democrats said the S court was one of the reasons to support Clinton----so it will be interesting to see which democrats cave to the stealing of the seat. I hope any democrat supporting Gorsuch will automatically face a primary challenge.

Mr. Gorsuch said there are" no republican or democrat judges"---really --look at Gore vs Bush---the five republican justices stepped in to stop the vote as the whole state was under a recount.


That was also the one slip of the lip I caught from him (unfortunately, let the hearing run almost all through): He used the disparaging truncation of the name of the opposition party. You know the Senators with whom he was conversing didn't miss it.


He's going to be a hard right judge, likely without Scalia's libertarian streak when it comes to police matters. The time to stop this was the last election. Now all those folks who said talking about the Supreme Court was "fear voting" can enjoy what their tempertantrum has wrought. From what I read here, they just want more hard right rule anyway.