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Neil Gorsuch’s Own Testimony Clearly Disqualifies Him


Neil Gorsuch’s Own Testimony Clearly Disqualifies Him

John Nichols

Judge Neil Gorsuch knows full well that he is attempting to take a place on the Supreme Court that should have gone to another jurist, Judge Merrick Garland. Shortly after Donald Trump nominated him, Gorsuch called Garland “out of respect.” Later, Gorsuch described Garland to be an “outstanding judge.”


Gorsuch is the latest in a long line of Nominees, usually eventually confirmed, who don't ever answer any questions, asked during this process, that could actually reveal anything about themselves.

I still remember the worst, like Roberts, who obfuscated with a mocking grin, surrounded by the laughing support of his Politicial Backers.


"... and I think it would be very imprudent of judges to start commenting on political disputes between ... the various branches.”

One has to wonder whether Neil Gorsich could see how this principle might have applied to the decision of the Court even to hear the Bush v. Gore case.


"Stop counting the votes, Gore might win!"


Your solution what you saw as an injustice to Justice Garland perpetrated by the Republican controlled congress was to be initiated by Judge Gorsuch. You criticize the Judge for accepting the nomination by President Trump, fine, what then? Does the next nominee by President Trump now able to accept the nomination without harming his personal integrity? Or does each nominee have to reject the nomination until and unless Judge Merrick Garland get the nomination from the President? Of course then if the Democrats are satisfied then congress will forthright refuse to confirm Judge Garland because they can and will. All this because you believe the President lied and Mitch used what he believed to be his responsibility to the people he represents. I am convinced that until the democrats are elected by the people in congress to the degree that they out number the peoples elected republicans, the republicans will put on the bench of the Supreme Court who they want even if they must use the "nuclear" option that was created by Reed to get what the democrats wanted. Or do you see another reasonable way to solve the problem of the President putting who he chooses on the Supreme Court? Your reason it seems for your finding that Judge Gorsuch should be disqualified would apply to everyone but Judge Garland. Really?