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'Neither Ironic or Funny': Cell Data Reveals Right-Wing Lockdown Protesters May Be Spreading Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/neither-ironic-or-funny-cell-data-reveals-right-wing-lockdown-protesters-may-be


Nothing new here…another example of the GOP keeping Goebbels’ legacy alive and thriving…recall Hitler called his brown shirts “great people”.


Looks like ‘suicide by protest.’ It would be interesting to see the statistics of how many protesters caught the virus and are dying from it. For them it would be ‘problem solved.’ People who are smart enough to be safe by taking precautions, know enough to stay away from those ‘think they are invincible’ protesters.


Ordinarily I am not a fan of cell data tracking which frequently is used to bolster the power of the status quo. Linking this data to increased cases in rural Michigan, for instance, however is deeply concerning.

Unfortunately those who take risks, risk many other lives as well.


The knuckle headed trumpists will not get it until the disease catches up with them. They think they’re somehow immune to covid-19. The only way for them to learn is to catch it.


The wingnuts also went to Kentucky in the same period as the other protests, nearly drowning out Governor Beshear’s daily news conference, as he read the day’s death statistics.


The anonymized location data was captured from opt-in cellphone apps, and data scientists at the firm VoteMap used it to determine the movements of devices present at protests in late April and early May in five states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida.

They then created visualizations that tracked the movements of those devices up to 48 hours after the conclusion of protests. The visualizations only show movements within states, due to the queries analysts made in creating them. But the data scientist Jeremy Fair, executive-vice president of VoteMap, says that many of the devices that are seen to reach state borders are seen to continue across them in the underlying raw data.

One visualization shows that in Lansing, Michigan, after a 30 April protest in which armed protesters stormed the capitol building and state police were forced to physically block access to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, devices which had been present at the protest site can be seen returning to all parts of the state, from Detroit to remote towns in the state’s north.

One device visible in the data traveled to and from Afton, which is over 180 miles from the capital. Others reached, and some crossed, the Indiana border.

All anonymously. That’s funny. The NSA wasn’t tracking them either.

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Hitler at the beginning was doing good by the German people pulling them out of poverty, massive inflation and unemployment. It wasn’t until later for his deadly racist supremacist imperialist ideology to reveal his true monstrosity.


It looks like Senator Mastercard’s odds are improving as these Darwin Award candidates take themselves out of the game before November.


Why are these “Patriots” spitting on their flag?

Do they think the flag will protect them from this “fake virus” ?


Yup. Planned it all while sitting in a prison cell writing Mein Kampf. Hitler was a good old boy all right enough. He was just confused and the misunderstood. He just couldn’t take the stress.


Free wheeling right-wings-nuts give trump a real world conspiracy to rant about.
But he is far too partisan to look at things with an open mind.

“I;m sick to death of hearing things from narrow minded short-sighted hypocrites,
All I want is some truth, just gimme some truth.” John Lennon


I say keep up the good work Trumpists. Not so natural selection at work.


I probably shouldn’t compare Hitler and the GOP because Germany was indeed in a world of hurt in the aftermath of WWI when Hitler rose to power…inflation so bad that it took a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, but only if you could push the wheelbarrow fast enough to get to the bakery before the money further devalued.

Compare that with Saint Ron transforming the GOP into full fascism four decades ago when Murkins had nothing to complain about except petro product prices rising to reflect what the rest of the world was already paying.

Not to mention that during the past four decades the GOP has done nothing positive for anybody other than the 1%, whereas at least Hitler killed Hitler, one of the greatest humanitarian acts of the 20th century.



i doubt the vast majority of phone users understand what they are supposedly voluntarily “opting in” for, when they click “yes” on the Terms of Service agreement, or they “Let Google access your location” to let an app function.

Apps should not be corporate profit centers, phones should not be data-mining locations. ALL our data and meta-data should belong to us forever.

We need a Constitutional amendment to declare our data belongs to us. And we need to take these internet utilities public, with strict limitations on data-mining, and manage them for public benefit, not for colonization and monetization of our data.


During the past two months Amazon’s business has increased to the extent that in addition to higher sales figures, their data mining operation that is the company’s most valuable asset has increased its reach and value exponentially.


Except like the doctor quoted in the article says, “It’s not about you.” These tools are killing other people, not just themselves.


I will definitely keep far away from those who fit the pattern for being one of the nut-wing protestors. I know it’s profiling, but I’d rather be called prejudiced than become critically ill. Confederate flag flying from pickup truck-check. Trump sticker on vehicle-check. Not wearing a mask-double check. Fox News on TV-check.

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As the experts keep telling us…gubmit can’t protect you, only you can protect you. Steer clear of the “liberty” crowd.

“May be” are they or are they not spreading the virus? It is easily quantifiable.