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'Neither Ironic or Funny': Cell Data Reveals Right-Wing Lockdown Protesters May Be Spreading Covid-19

Oh, not so sure they will not call the diagnosis as “fake news”.

And tio Thomas’ South Carolina, Super Tuesday, etc. primary ethnic cleansing. I’m shocked MSNBC, CNN & PBS didn’t blame ensuing spikes on BernieBros, especially in Texas, Michigan and Colorado?

What actually happened:
“As the protests moved indoors from the rainy steps of the Capitol, police took the temperatures of those entering the building using forehead thermometers,”
CD on 30 Apr " ‘America In the Age of Trump’: Armed Gunmen Enter Michigan Capitol Demanding End to Covid-19 Lockdown"
CD on 18 May: “armed demonstrators stormed the Michigan State House

Se we went from protesters that had their temperature check by cops before entering, to armed gunmen that entered, to storming the state house.

Reminds me of the the telephone game we used to play as kids where by the time the last guy got the message it was nowhere close to was was said originally.

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That’s the problem. All the “minority” nurses or “immigrant” doctors or “refugee” essential workers these inbred, hate-filled, substance abusing, gleefully deluded super-spreaders will cough, puke upon, scream & spit at. Mani-pedi, clerks, bartenders, whores, strippers, delivery, uber, servers, police, first responders, cleaners, paramedics, orderlies, corpse-truck drivers, mortuary or crematorium staff… their loved-ones, coworkers & klavens. I’ve heard the GOP Convention is still ON? Are there FIRE camera drones one can disinfect?






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For every “essential worker” they infect (and their loved-ones, associates, transit riders, clerks & medical workers), how many more poor 1099, gig/ app/ contingency workers will now be forced back to slaughterhouses (so to speak), since refused adequate PPE, procedures and scrupulously enforced mitigation, many service & production jobs have become obscenely hazardous.


16,372 cases statewide, 740 deaths, so far.
NOT per day, those numbers are totals, 05/20/2020
The county in which I reside in, 1846 cases, 80 deaths so far.
Mayo Org has stepped up testing.
Our governor is not a ding dong, thank gawd.

Not true, true believers can shelter at home while healthy people reject the scare mongering media creation.

Like the EU has at least started to do with the GDPR?