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'Neo-Fascist Gangster' Trump and Neoliberal Democrats Have Exposed America as 'Failed Social Experiment': Cornel West

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/30/neo-fascist-gangster-trump-and-neoliberal-democrats-have-exposed-america-failed


And it should NOT STOP until, at the VERY LEAST, the other 3 murdering pigs are also charged as accessories to murder.


Amen, I’m glad to see others coming around finally; the US has been a failed state most of it’s existence. Even with Trump, Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell, the fact is not clear to about 99% of the cattle who populate the US. The fact should be obvious based on voter participation alone. The constant war; inequality; overt racism and favoritism; voting irregularities; corporate monopoly on government legislation; cronyism; Police brutality; failure to adhere to most of the constitution; and any number of other factors would equally disqualify America as a legitimate nation all by themselves; together there is no question whatsoever - America has been destroyed from within.


Brother West’s conclusion to some musing on what MLK would say:

And what you’re seeing in America is those chickens coming home to roost.

I guess MLK would wind up saying what another brother said (about JFK’s assassination). Ward Churchill paid his tribute to X in On the Justice of Roosting Chickens:

On the morning of September 11, 2001, a few more chickens—along with some half-million dead Iraqi children—came home to roost in a very big way at the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center. Well, actually, a few of them seem to have nestled in at the Pentagon as well.

Some People Push Back
by Ward Churchill


and still most people are that indifferent and callous. I know this from personal experience as a patient fighting to get life-sustaining medication that is now socially off limits.

but i’m glad they’re out there, too, even if most of them are just the victims of this slaughter. if they ever get too jaded to be angry, then we’re really in trouble.

for the folks here tut-tutting the ferocity of the minneapolis reaction, i’d recommend reading a nice essay by tim wise on counterpunch that specifically addresses the refuge of “but…but…the looting!”


Both halves of our duopoly revert to the exact same 1968 playbook: agents provacateurs, oathkeeper death squads; media labels anybody NOT carrying a Bushmaster in camo or wearing a Chinese slave-shop pussy hat, a THUG? Must be an election year, with two racist kleptocrat nazis trying to foment race war to BURY Universal Healthcare, slow FIRE Sector’s redistribution of our homes, jobs, equity, labor to our 0.01% masters, while slumlord superdelegates flip 30K magically empty apartments & homes in Queens, Brooklyn & Bronx? We REALLY need to support blog-aggregators who give folks like Dr. West an unedited platform, as DNC & GOP donors silence astute dissent & social media censors fact. Imagine Biden or Trump, in their very first Klan or SS get-up?







Brotha West always calls everyone out every time…he is an inspirational


Cornell west is always right on. Thanks for his voice. If everyone called disadvantaged people “the precious poor,” the world would be a better place.


Right now, the Mayor ( Carter ) of St. Paul has claimed on MSNBC that all the arrests made in that city last night were people from outside of Minnesota.


Couldn’t have said it any better than what Cornel West stated!!


Cornel West speaks uncomfortable truths, but they are true.

We see many excoriate the people in the streets for their violence, for the destruction they wreak. But as Dr West so eloquently notes, a hundred and fifty years of persecution is responsible for that, thus we all share responsibility, if only for allowing such to continue for so very long.,.


And dump continues with his inflamatory tweets:


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I agree with the anger, but I don’t see any solutions from the press as what we are to do as a country to stem the culture of police brutality. Yes Chauvin is probably going to jail, and it’s a good thing, but what about the next incident, and the next and the next? Are we having a conversation about how to change the rules of engagement between cops and civilians; no. We’ve seen this scenario to many times and nothing has been done to address it.


Protest is being organised in London for 6th june. (Peaceful protest)

Bravo, Cornel West. You are so much better than ‘brother Bernie.’ Watching Gov. Walz’s news conference this AM, I continue to be amazed at how the idiot news reporters only asked about how many more troops would be deployed or what logistic support the DOD would provide, but NOT ONE asked the governor why he has not criticized the county attorney for not bringing charges against the other three cops or why first-degree murder charges were not filed. No one asked about the ridiculous Medical Examiner’s report and why that official is not being investigated for collusion with the police. There is as much a complete failure of so-called “journalists” as there has been of civic leaders.


I doubt we’ll get to see if that’s true or not for quite some time. But what irks me more about this, and it happens every time, is that this claim is used as some sort of justification. Can people from other states not show solidarity? Is it illegal to visit another state without the intention of being a tourist and spending money? Is this where Democrats also show they do care about borders, hypocritically? More propaganda. It’s ever-present in the Oligarchy.


Go to foreign news sources to get “more” information that is not being homogenized - a New Zealand news source reported at a “lock downed WH” a bandanered guy climbed the Freedman,s bank buildings next to WH and spray painted in big characters “FUCK TRUMP” - never reported here that I know of - corporate media is doing it’s part in trying to defuse the protest so that they can “correct t the issues at a Later time” (ie. never!)_


Beware of the fascists with white arm bands.



Last night I watched 8 different live feeds from around the country. 7 were from corporate media (Los Angeles, San Jose/Oakland, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and D.C.). Each corporate feed discussed endlessly the rioters and looters and how they need to be stopped, and oh yeah, they’re upset because a cop who has already been arrested killed someone. It was disgusting, at least to me. Even bringing out former Civil Rights leaders to condemn the protesters. The common consensus seemed to be, “but think of the property damage!”


Dr West sees and speaks the truth that nails it as usual. A voice of integrity and conscience hearkening back to Dr King, Malcolm and others of great education, understanding, honesty, and wisdom; a very far cry from the vapid, ignorant voices so destructive and dominant today.

"America’s failure (is) Its capitalist economy could not generate and deliver in such a way that people could live lives of decency. The nation-state, it’s criminal justice system, it’s legal system could not generate protection of rights and liberties. And now our culture, of course is so market-driven—everything for sale, everybody for sale—it can’t deliver the kind of nourishment for soul, for meaning, for purpose." - Dr Cornell West