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Neo-Nazi Group Linked to Murder of British MP Has Long Been Ignored by US Media


Neo-Nazi Group Linked to Murder of British MP Has Long Been Ignored by US Media

Jim Naureckas

The suspect in the murder of British Labour MP Jo Cox had ties to a US neo-Nazi organization, the Washington Post (6/17/16) reports, citing a leading hate group monitor:


"Lack of curiosity about the influence of the violent far-right is a long tradition in US corporate media..."

I think it's more honest to call it a black-out.

How many Americans know, no less would believe, that after W.W. II hundreds if not thousands of Nazis (many of them top-level) were RECRUITED into this country to theoretically give the American War machine added advantages (under Project Paperclip).

Some of the Nazi scientists who specialized in often brutal forms of behavior modification got high level jobs at American Ivy League Universities. Others found their way from academe into the Influence Peddling field of those PR firms that knew how to put Edward Bernays' insights to life in big ways.

It's not a joke that under the yoke of 5 major corporations, some with direct ties to the War Industry, that the U.S. media is now an extension of an enormously powerful media-military industrial complex.

The mindset that makes it its life business to win wars cannot, by definition, own much in the way of compassion, humanity, or consideration for others. It is this mindset that absolutely informs and infuses the U.S. mass media; and it's not farfetched to link it to those Nazi superstars who were assimilated into it (along with the MIC).

White racists are never particularly chastised because they are a natural extension of this group.

There could be no war if there were not a marked perception of OTHER as evil, threatening, dangerous, or less than. What Nazi isn't a specialist in all of that? Small wonder that this dis-ease has developed its own all-American homegrown offshoots. They're the cognitive equivalent of not very distant cousins!

(The U.K. has its own equivalent.)


And, the ethical and somewhat pacifist center-left and left, jumps up ( how high, sir ) at rounding up and registering or the ending of guns meant for defensive purposes. The radical right owns the power points in the U.S.A. They will shoot you with impunity; protected and somewhat encouraged, by the likes of the Koch Bros. and their connection to the Police State and The Alphabets. When push comes to shove, love and The Golden Rule, will be sacrificed on the altar of White Power & White Property Rights to this country and this hemisphere. Just ask the people who signed 376 treaties with the s.o.b.s and saw 375 of them broken , sometimes with extreme prejudice. The road to hell for the 99s will be paved with seeming good intentions. Count on it.


This writer belongs to what-fairness and accuracy in reporting-----what kind of reporting is this-the guy Thomas Mair bought a book on guns in 1999-and it is "reported" that he subscribed to a South African patriot magazine." Britain first" has stated he did not belong to the group. How is this guy compared to Tim McVeigh ?
LA TIMES"-neighbors and family describe him as a loner who talked about gardening and the weather."

"One of Mair's brothers said he too was struggling to come to terms with events."My brother is not violent and is not at all that political", Scott Mair,49 told reporters."I don't even know who he votes for.He has a history of mental illness,but he has had help.""

"In 2010,the Huddersfeild Daily Examiner quoted Mair as saying he had been volunteering at a day center for adults with mental illness issues,"I can honestly say it has done me more good than all the psychotherapy and medication in the world",he told the newspaper."

Maybe the author here is friends with Jamie Diamond----Because Jamie Diamond has warned Britons not to break off with the EU or there will be repercussions!!!

Look at what the EU did to Greece!
Look at what Obama,Clinton and Ryan are about to do to Puerto Rico----protect wall street and lower the minimum wage to $4.25 for workers under 25.(Sanders is against this deal)
Look at what Obama,Clinton and republicans have done to Detroit and Flint.
Is Britain next???

Why is there so little info on Brexit except for wall street media who are against!!!!


And just to follow up-DN reported that a paid FBI informant took Thomas Mair to a white supremacist gathering in 2000. No issue raised as to why a paid FBI informant is assisting a mentally ill person to do this,or what the FBI is doing in Britain?

US stock market up 200pts on news the Britons will vote Brexit down.

And one of the issues being raised is the EU reps are hardly known to most people-they are easily manipulated- bought off by special interests. Why the bankers must love this set up.


I daresay there's been more mainstream mention of "feminazis" than the real thing.