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Neocon ‘Chaos Promotion’ in the Mideast


Neocon ‘Chaos Promotion’ in the Mideast

Ray McGovern

Former Washington insider and four-star General Wesley Clark spilled the beans several years ago on how Paul Wolfowitz and his neoconservative co-conspirators implemented their sweeping plan to destabilize key Middle Eastern countries once it became clear that post-Soviet Russia “won’t stop us.”


With Putin’s recent decision to provide air-defense missiles to Iran, it seems that Russia is implementing new policies with regard to the Middle East. The reactions that I’ve seen so far (from Kerry and Netanyahu) have been predictable. I imagine that Israel’s military pilots are busy soiling their pants.

Only time will tell - and I’m afraid that it won’t be much time - whether or not this decision marks a Rubicon-crossing moment. Will this development serve to deter or advance zionist goals regarding Iran? We’re going to find out just how insane the neocons really are.

This is a pretty decent article by McGovern. In addition to naming names, it underscores the role of the vile US media in providing cover for the warmongers both here and in the Middle East.



“But, commenting two years after the Iraq invasion, Putin seemed correct at least in how the neocons exploited the absence of the Russian counterweight to over-extend American power in ways that were harmful to the world, devastating to the people at the receiving end of the neocon interventions, and even detrimental to the United States.”

It’s practically a law of nature that any two oppositional forces maintain things in (a state of suspension or) tandem; and if one gives way, the other assumes complete domination. This is why the Eastern philosophers had it right about Yin and Yang. When the masculine dominates, subsumes, demonizes, and overpowers the feminine, in a similar fashion all things aggressive take hold and the great balance is lost.

The problem of absolute power corrupting absolutely can only be corrected, which is to say held in check, when an equal power (especially the One intended) acts as counterbalancing force.


Mr. one-trick Pony again is up first to post on this site. What would compel an individual to take on this role on a daily basis? Sounds like a job description to me. Nor is he alone. There is always at least one critic stationed from early hours to tear at the site’s featured authors when not criticizing the site, itself. This group has very specific issues, enemies, and ridiculously narrow frames… also known by turns as memes or Talking Points.

There is nothing casual about this level of commitment; and it’s a wonder–or should be, to honest readers of these threads–that for all their criticisms and berating of the writers and issues presented, they have this inordinate need to be posting first to steer if not control the conversation.

This is one protocol of many in the new Control State. It doesn’t just listen in–as Snowden’s exposures made so painfully clear; and it doesn’t just own and control the public’s mainstream airwaves (and thus THE conversation), it also regards Internet blogs and conversations as part of its rubric of control. Troops stationed, as thus…


Right back at you, sweetheart. I post early because I’m up early.

As for controlling the conversation, you seem to have a very low opinion of the other patrons of this site.

I notice that you never discuss the details of my posts. You just go immediately into what appears to be a paranoid rant.



Another excellent piece of analysis from Ray McGovern. Of course, the collapse of the USSR left the worst elements of the US free to intervene at will throughout the world, and has produced chaos throughout the Islamic world.

Another effect of the USSR’s demise has been that US and European capitalists no longer feared the specter of communism and stopped attempting to appease working class demands in their home countries. True, the Soviet communists never offered anything resembling socialist democracy, but the International reach of Soviet agents and influence did make capitalists fearful that their own homegrown socialists might somehow come to power with such a powerful ally lurking in the wings. The UK was able to trash the achievements of the British Labor party and, under the guise of “austerity,” the other major European powers set about dismantling the achievements of their own socialist or social democratic movements. And of course, the USA since Reagan has pretty much destroyed the American labor movement.

This crowd may fear the rise of Putin but his regime does not present anything Ike the ideological threat posed by communist Russia. Only fascists look to Putin for inspiration, which you would think would cheer up the various neocons and reactionaries dominating the West - but they are not easily placated. They want it all.

On another facet in this issue - it is important to recall that it was Hillary Clinton who hired Vicoria Nuland and set her , Carl Gershman and other unreconstructed neocons on the path to destabilizing Ukraine. Anyone contemplating a vote for “the lesser evil” in 2016 needs to keep this in mind.


Early after the “mission accomplished” of the Iraq war, a significant event was the setting off of bombs inside of a major mosque. No one ever took credit for that bombing, but the event was a major incitement in the Sunni and Shia division. I always suspected that the bombing was carried out by one of our intelligence “services” as a method to destabilize the region. That is one of the problems when no one is brought to justice for such crimes. Imagine if unbiased forensic teams could determine who was actually responsible. That, of course, would never happen, but it exemplifies Desmond Tutu’s assertion that you cannot have peace without justice. And there is certainly no justice in the region.


Just to add to the growing malignancy of neo-con influence, Secretary of Defense (War) is one Ashton Carter, buddy of Philip Zelikow and John Deutch, all co-authors of 1998 paper “Catastrophic Terrorism”. Obama appointed his buddy “ash” - which maybe a private joke about how the world will appear if these nutters fulfill their fantasies.


Amen to what you said, especially your last paragraph.
Some days, just reading about the neo fuks makes me wanna cry…they are nightmare demons that just won’t die, thanks to the lame stream media.