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Neocons Launch 2016 Manifesto


Neocons Launch 2016 Manifesto

Jim Lobe

A mostly neoconservative group of national-security analysts have published perhaps the first comprehensive outline of what they believe a Republican foreign policy should look like as of Inauguration Day 2017. It’s titled “Choosing to Lead: American Foreign Policy for a Disordered World.” Although it concedes that “there are limitations on American power,” according to the book’s “Forward” by former George W. Bush speechwriter, Peter Wehner, all of the contributors


This new, improved and dusted off copy of the PNAC reads like BAD FICTION. Imagine the sort of "reality-disconnect" necessary to assert that the U.S. (via its massive martial arsenal) acts as the preserver of World Order. A cursory look at the demolished Middle East with collateral damage abundantly spread from Libya to Afghanistan shows what this "order" consists of.

Also, while whomever is funding candidates that push WAR over diplomacy, skillful negotiation, and a more humane version of future prospects and possibilities may feather the nests of Republican macho wannabes; it's also a clear certainty that too many from the D. team play along with the mission outlined by the P.N.A.C. and its M.I.C.-Deep State collaborators: partners in crimes against humanity, both.


Choosing to Lead: American Foreign Folicy for a Disordered World.

Hats off to whoever at CD edited the opening graphic.


A Freudian slip if ever I saw one.
"Folicy" is a conjunction of fallacy and policy.


Also 'folly' and 'policy'.


How can these people not laugh at themselves when they look in a mirror? USA maintaining global order? The ROTW can do that quite well, thank you, and you are not required.


Fallacy or perhaps folly , either way = disaster if not stopped.


Obviously Bibi has dictated the terms of this policy.