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Neocons, R2Pers and Hypocrisy


Neocons, R2Pers and Hypocrisy

Robert Parry

Sometimes I’m challenged over my linking belligerent neoconservatives with “liberal interventionists” who justify U.S. military invasions under the “humanitarian” banner of “responsibility to protect” – or R2P – meaning to intervene in war-torn countries to stop the killing of civilians, like the 1994 slaughter in Rwanda.


Definitely one of Parry’s better recent efforts. Bob covers most of the currently active theaters of genocide, at least in the Middle East.

We often see remarks to the same effect on this site but they’re virtually always in the Comments threads and, unlike Parry’s pieces, are generally the work of trolls trying to disparage legitimate Progressive journalists and columnists.



John Kerry’s incompetence, and those under him in the foreign policy establishment, is truly breathtaking. Making unverified accusations (Sarin, Malasian Flight 17) and personally insulting a head of state, even one in disagreement with U. S. policy, is an insult to the office and an embarrassment to the United States. If these leading lights of American policy think that by so doing they are making Putin vulnerable to a color Putsch, they better think again, he is more popular than ever. I suspect that to the people of Russia he isn’ t the issue, Mother Russia is.


Advocating war to end war is disingenuous at best. Peace is not derived from bombing, stabbing, shooting, kicking, punching, poisoning,maiming or otherwise inflicting suffering upon another human being. So whether labeled “conservative” or “liberal,” intervening in another group’s conflict by supplying weapons or precipitating crises through unilateral bombing is imbecilic–and another expression of the “white man’s burden” philosophy which claims a right to impose western style civilization, government and religion under the affirmation that they are somehow superior.


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I have two words for him: KHUY VOYNE!!!


+1000 on that one! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Bombing for peace is like f**king for virginity.


Indeed, so-called “humanitarian imperialism” is one of the worst oxymorons in the history of the English language, right up there with “friendly fire”. FEH.